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CPC 1100 on wedge for astrophotography

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I just setup my CPC 1100 Edge HD scope with the Celestron heavy duty wedge and I want to do AP.  The tripod is on a JMI wheeler bar and I put vibration pads under the wheels.  The setup is on my deck on top of the main bean as I do not have a good spot on solid ground.  The scope is a little shakier than without the wedge but not horrible.  So, based on others experience:


1.  Will this work for both short and long exposure AP or do I need a eq mount?  Or, does that not matter since I can only use it on my deck and not solid ground?


2.  By chance, has anyone used this setup with Starsense to align?


Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.



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All sorts of issues with this. Putting a scope on a deck is a real no no - you will get movement no matter how firm you think it is. You say the scope is shakier - I rest my case.

Your scope will be good for planetary imaging - in fact it will be great providing you put it on a firm base and use a high frame rate planetary camera.

For DSOs it will not be good due to it's long focal length. For DSO imaging you would be better with a short focal length refractor or reflector. Something like an ED80 would be good.


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I have tried using my scopes on decking for visual. It was most unsatisfactory. The slightest movement even when seated caused massive amounts of shake and I gave up the idea. Perhaps you could use a remote set up, but as I do not do imaging and do not know if this would work.

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For DSO with an 1100, ideally a permanent mount and good PA.

Fork mount with wedge, and EQ mount, fairly similar setups.

You might get away with stacking lots of 30 second exposures, so long as you remote operate to avoid bouncing the deck.

As already mentioned, should be good for planetary.


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