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  1. Yeah I'm glad you guys do think the same. Will have to invest in one. Cheers mateys!
  2. Every pair i've owned has come with this tiny thin strap which is super uncomfortable and I don't think brands put much thought into peoples necks when they throw a neck strap in the bundle last minute. Do you guys buy a camera neck strap to replace yours? If you do replace yours, do you have any recommendations for some based mainly on comfort?
  3. This is a similar thing I was concerned about. I'm now on the lookout for my first house and I always wanted to have my own observatory. One main requirement is some dark sky out in the sticks so I was just wondering if it's even going to be possible to get long exposure shots at low iso's in the near future. Was shooting the M81 and M82 at 1600ISO for 600s recently and didn't have a single problem with satellites for a good 4 hours. I assume this will all change soon.
  4. So I haven't delved much into the issue but I was curious. Does anyone have any idea of exposure times we'd realistically get when they put up all the 12,000 SpaceX Starlink satellites up in the sky before one was within a single light frame? Cheers!
  5. So I take photos using BYEOS with my Canon DSLR. I have a Altair Astro guide camera hooked up to PHD2 which is plugged into the HEQ5 mount to correct for guiding. I have read about plate solving and I was curious. Does plate solving ONLY gives you the ability to get into the same place as a previous night by giving your EQMOD the right data to allow for easier multiple night data stacking and is not for guiding or part of the guiding mechanism itself. Say I want to start trying this plate solving malarky. Would I: Setup my scope, Polar align, 3 star align, Plate solve using a photo f
  6. Does this also have the box? Curious if it's still hanging around!
  7. I think I need to get myself one of these... It looks great!
  8. Hi there gang, I've been asked as part of a committee member of my local astronomy group to see if we can purchase some large scale educational posters to hang on our walls for showing guests and the public a more in depth look into some of the constructs of our solar system. Does anyone have any experience with also purchasing similar posters for their own group or maybe even yourself? We're mainly looking into firstly a large educational poster of The Moon, The Sun and maybe the structure of the Solar system. I have seen a few online but not with the ability to be laminated when pu
  9. I've just re-uploaded my first astrophotography YouTube video. Thanks to people pointing out the issues and now we've got a more refined video for you all. Please let me know on what to improve if you could :)



    1. Sunshine


      Nice video! I have to say my total fav part was the part about your Kick butt power supply you made. It’s huge i have to say, but it gets the job done, and making it out of a toolbox, so darn neatly, was BRILLIANT!!.

       love that power supply!

  10. It's time to start a YouTube channel. I've been running a YouTube channel about video gaming for a few years now and I have always had the urge to start making videos about my adventures with my astrophotography hobby. So I've finally bitten the bullet and given it a go and uploaded my first video, lets see how this goes. 


    1. emadmoussa
    2. Lockie


      Very nice Pesky! Subbed :) 

  11. How about a CLS filter as a clip in, then an actual filter such as H-alpha or Oiii as a 2inch ringed one? Or would you not need a CLS when using a H-alpha?
  12. This looks incredible... Was this the one with the 12nm Oii clip in filter? Iam super impressed with this. Thank you so much for the help
  13. Is there a limit to how many filter you can use at once? Or generally it's not best to use them in combination? I am new to the filter techniques
  14. Do you have anymore examples of photos taken with a that filter with this setup mate? Looks like a great picture! Thanks for the advice!
  15. I have been doing AP for nearly 2 years now and I've not purchased any filters. I've situated within the dark skies of Suffolk and I'm curious, if I was to purchase a filter for my optical train, which one would you guys recommend? I mainly capture DSO's so that's a bonus. I have an IR modded Canon 1000D but it has some dust on the sensor and so I've not been using that one recently, but instead I've been using my unmodded Canon 1000D. Any thoughts? I don't really want to break the bank but I'm curious what would improve my results best? Cheers!
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