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Hello from Dayton Ohio


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Hello, I recently picked up a Celestron CGEM 800 EdgeHD 8inch Telescope.  This is my first telescope and last week I saw the moon for the first time up close with a 5mm eye piece.  WOW.  I was amazed, it was better than i had imagined.  Tonight the sky cleared up and i got the scope out and laid my eyes on Jupiter for the first time.  It was very bright so i am sure that I will have to pick up some kind of filter to knock the light down a stop or two so i can make out the details.

Does anyone recommend a good filter or set of filters for planetary viewing?

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Greetings and welcome to SGL - it's nice to have you aboad! You certainly jumped in with both feet - considering your choice of a first telescope. Filters, and what they do and don't do is a rather complex subject for a 'welcome' post! But I'm sure we can get you up to running-speed on these bits of glass soon enough! A 5mm eyepiece on the Moon?! That's 406.4X! You must have had excellent 'seeing' that night to pull that off! I am duly impressed!

Clear & dark skies -


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Hi and welcome to SGL - Can't help with the visual bit I'm afraid as I looked through a scope less than 5 times!! Someone will be along soon who will know the answer!!

Look forward to seeing you around :)

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Hi Kkennardis and welcome to SGL, you must have been well pleased with your first light with the scope. If you have a look at the web site of a filter manufacture such as "LUMICON" they provide explanations for all types of filters and what they can be best used for in Astronomy. Enjoy the forum and your new scope :)

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