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  1. Hi Alexandros, I hope you are having good weather in Greece, it is horrible here. Anyway, one of my favourite sky atlases is this one and I highly recommend it: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sky-Telescopes-Pocket-Atlas/dp/1931559317/ref=sr_1_16?crid=303XILAINBH7K&keywords=sky+atlas+book&qid=1582387411&sprefix=sky+atlas%2Caps%2C143&sr=8-16
  2. Hi there, a warm welcome from me too. Clear skies!
  3. Hi Craig, a very warm welcome from me too. Clear skies!
  4. That's right Raph, you get seagulling at the edges, but on-axis it is brilliant.
  5. Hi Dave and welcome to the forum, this is the place to ask questions if you need any help, lots of knowledgeable people here. New telescopes come packed with clouds BTW
  6. Hi Rob, most ep's will perform well in your scope (f/8) and 2" ep's will be no exception
  7. Hi Rob, that just about sums it up, what scope do you have and does it have a 2" focuser? Yes, they get more expensive and a 2" would get you more of the sky. If your telescope focal ratio is slower than f/6 then the 32mm Panaview 70° would be a good choice as John suggested above. On-axis this is a stunning ep and was my first upgrade, never looked back!
  8. Hi Rob, and welcome to the Lounge. Alan is a great guy to deal with, when I first started buying from him he used to send me a little pack of sweets with my order. I have also met him a couple of times in London. On your question, I am not sure why the StarGuiders are not made in longer focal lengths except to say they would need better glass and be better corrected. As an alternative I would recommend the Explore Scientific 52° LER Series 30mm, a bit more expensive but you can guarantee well-corrected and comfortable to use (long eye relief). Found here: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/explore-scientific-eyepieces/explore-scientific-52-ler-series-eyepieces.html
  9. Hi there, your images are superb! Welcome from me way down south. Clear Skies!
  10. Hi David, I am not a photographer but a web designer so use PS quite a bit, but I have had a little go at your picture, the first is Image>Adjust>Curves, and the second is >Colour Balance as follows on top of the >Curves: You would do well to separate the two subjects and treat them individually. BTW, I was using an older version of PS: 5.5
  11. Hi there, I use Baader Fine Tuning Rings (FTRs) for this purpose as I found the standard extensions took it too far out. I always have the 14mm and the 28mm close at hand, fits snugly in the diagonal. But as others have said, the telescope was built for observing objects much further away (2 billion miles?), so try it out on Orion or the Moon. The 14mm ExSc 82º is a classic and very useful ep to have in your armoury, so stick with it. Clear skies!
  12. I agree with Louis D above, the Baader Morpheus would be more suitable for both of you, eye-relief is around 20mm which would suit both of you. They are quite expensive but do meet your criteria, better to spend a bit more now as they will serve you well in the future.
  13. rwilkey


    Hi Orion17 and welcome, I am also in the South West, but in a light polluted town, you must be near Exmoor perhaps?
  14. rwilkey

    New member

    Hi Chris, some great shots there, welcome to the Lounge from across the pond!
  15. Hi Paul, I have had quite a bit of experience using the 32mm Skywatcher SWA in my 200P and I loved it, it was also my first upgrade so some sentimental value there. On axis it is brilliant, well defined stars etc, it is stunning. However, the stars to the edges do 'seagull', but with its on-axis performance I was very happy. As others have said, there is better out there, it depends on how much you want to pay.
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