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  1. Hi Slingshot and a warm welcome to the forum. The Sky Watcher 130P is ceretainly a good place to start. I have been to your part of the country (Co. Cork), a lovely area I have to say, you are so lucky. Good luck & clear skies!
  2. Hi Joe and welcome to the forum, one of the best guidebooks around is 'Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas' by Roger W. Sinnott, this is the one I use and is a good guide to DSO's (deep sky objects), through this you will learn to navigate the sky, found here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Telescopes-Pocket-Sinnott-30-Mar-2006-Spiral-bound/dp/B011T83TX6/ref=sr_1_4?crid=201ZXLWVM8LPI&keywords=sky+%26+telescope's+pocket+sky+atlas&qid=1597395824&sprefix=sky+%26+%2Caps%2C144&sr=8-4 Highly recommended!
  3. Hi Hutch and a warm welcome to SGL. I am not so far away from the Cotswolds here in Swindon. You have a club in your area found here: https://cotswoldas.org.uk/ At our club in Swindon for observing sites we use anything from a lay-by to a nature reserve (never go out alone BTW!), here is a list of our main sites with photos to give you ideas, however, the best thing you could do is to join a local club: http://www.swindonstargazers.com/noticeboard/noticeboard04.htm Also, note that new telescopes come packed with clouds, so open the box carefully! Good luck and clear skies!
  4. Hi Phil and a warm welcome to SGL. My wife sketches the Moon a lot and she just sits at the telescope with a small (white) torch and then keeps a diary. The following is also a good resource where you can print out sketch observation sheets: http://www.perezmedia.net/beltofvenus/templates.html Good luck and clear skies!
  5. Hi Chris, I agree with John above, get the 7mm, it will give you just over 200x which is perfect for planets and the Moon (and what more would you want besides this as the seeing will not always be perfect!)
  6. I have found this, in fact, I have just sold my only two 100° eyepieces (Omegons) in favour of my trusted 82° eyepieces.
  7. Hi there and a warm welcome to the forum. My wife and I love the Pyrenees, we have often holidayed in the western Pyrenees and we once climbed La Rhune, a great achievement for me. Haven't been there recently, but last year we took a trip to Saint-Jean-de-Luz, our favourite beach in the area, from a trip to northern Spain, so we have had some great times there. On the subject of astrophotography, the first thing you need to do is get a copy of Steve Richard's 'Making Every Photon Count', it's the 'bible' of astrophotography, found here: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/making-every-photon-count-steve-richards.html Good luck & clear skies!
  8. Hi Sparkles63, well, you will find lots of new friends here. Good luck & clear skies!
  9. Hi Robert, a very warm welcome from me, also in Swindon (Northern Road). That looks like some pretty good kit you have picked up there and for such a good price too. Swindon has its own astronomy club that you may not be aware of, found here: http://www.swindonstargazers.com/ Good luck and clear skies!
  10. ***NOW SOLD*** Due to upgrading, I have the Celestron Axiom LX 23mm for sale, bought from First Light Optics a few years ago, this ep is in perfect optical condition, and is a heavy beast (16.9 oz (479 g))! Delivers an ultra-wide 82 degree field of view with high-end features including twist-up eyecup. Premium quality fit and finish and a hard anodized surface for durability. Comes with original box and end-caps. This ep has been renamed as the Celestron 'Luminos'. I am looking for £150 including P & P, though I will consider reasonable offers from the UK - PayPal (fees paid) or bank transfer only
  11. BOTH ITEMS NOW SOLD! Hi there, I have two 100° eyepieces for sale, the 15mm & 21mm Omegons, I bought them last year direct from astroshop.de for £200 each. Alas, I have decided they are not for me so I offer them for sale here at half price - £100 each, I will consider reasonable offers, esp if someone wants both, bag yourself a bargain! They come in their original boxes with both original end caps, along with a micro-fibre cleaning cloth. PayPal (fees paid) or bank transfer only. P & P free. From the website: · wide-angle eyepiece with 100° field of view · good edge definition - also suitable for fast telescopes (f/4) · high contrast - FMC coatings · large eye lenses - comfortable viewing · waterproof - for lasting good performance · anodised aluminium housing I give here pictures of the 15mm which are representative of both, but if you want further images please let me know. Reviewed by Steve Richards here for Sky at Night magazine: https://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/reviews/eyepieces/omegon-panorama-ii-eyepieces/
  12. Hi Chris, a warm welcome from me too. Clear skies!
  13. Hi Tony, I haven't measured mine either, I just judge it on good results I get where I know the exit pupil size. It's all about light loss I believe; I am lucky enough to have some decent 82º eyepieces and have never experienced light loss or reduced contrast.
  14. Hi Tony, I find my eye copes with around 7mm or more quite easily, so for a 70 yo person that's pretty good, though I do not use very long eyepieces, my longest preferred focal length is the same as John's above, around the 31mm mark.
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