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  1. Hi Claire, a warm welcome from me too. Good luck and clear skies!
  2. Hi Slaine, have you thought about coming along to Swindon Stargazers? We have a meeting this coming Friday with a talk on 'Deep Sky Observing' by Mark Radice, more details and directions can be found here: http://www.swindonstargazers.com/clubdiary/clubdiary.htm
  3. What a lovely area you live in! I live in Northern Road so a little closer to the town, my son takes me for walks in Mouldon Hill.
  4. Hi Tommy, a warm welcome from me too. On the guide to the night sky, my wife and I always use the Philips one, which is very good, we have used it for years, found here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-Stargazing-Month-Britain-Ireland/dp/1849075875/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2LXA1YNPGN8B5&dchild=1&keywords=stargazing+2022&qid=1635151747&qsid=257-9814014-7315010&sprefix=stargazing%2Caps%2C65&sr=8-1&sres=1849075875%2CB09JVH8HVB%2CB099TQ6FH4%2CB09JVFNWHH%2CB0973M6WDX%2CB09GD2Y4YQ%2CB09HJ3CT5S%2CB0962N5HMV%2CB09HVGB7YX%2CB09HPXXH46%2CB09HPX681W%2CB09H8Z774F%2CB09HPRPNTW%2CB09HPCBNM8%2CB09HZMW3GM%2C0008393532&srpt=ABIS_BOOK Good luck and clear skies!
  5. Marlborough Dark Skies Fest High Street, Marlborough, SN8 The Marlborough Dark Skies Fest 2021 takes place between 25th October 31st October. There are a wide variety of events and activities on offer, and the festival includes an exciting programme of talks, workshops, children’s activities, and stargazing sessions. In addition, this year Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon will be free to visit in St Michael and All Angels Chapel at Marlborough College. There is also practical 'Stargazing On The Common' and at Manton, just outside Marlborough on the last weekend. The Town Hall will also be open on the weekend with displays from various local societies and other astronomy related things, Most events are either free or cost only a small fee; some require prior booking; others you can just turn up. For a full list of events, check out the following link: https://thelittleboxoffice.com/mdsf/ The festival is organised in collaboration between Marlborough Town Council, North Wessex Downs AONB and Marlborough College.
  6. Hi Slaine, welcome to the forum from another person in Wiltshire, whereabouts are you as there are a number of members from Wiltshire on this forum? Good luck and clear skies!
  7. Hi Heather, I absolutely agree, he's always looked out for me and I have appreciated that over the years
  8. I have all BST's bought when they first came out after trying an s/h Astro Tech Paradigm, they were only £29 each when I bought them! Alan is a top man, I met him once in London and he actually recognised me first when I started talking to him!
  9. I have the Sky-Tee II mount for my 8" and it is absolutely solid, I believe it would easily support a 10".......
  10. Hi there, you will need a low power at some point for extended deep sky objects (DSO's), say a 30 or 32mm, this would also help you with star hopping etc.
  11. Hi there Bob, a warm welcolme to SGL. Good luck & clear skies!
  12. Hi Tim, a warm welcolme to SGL. Good luck & clear skies!
  13. Hi Dave, the ep will certainly work well at f/4.9. What makes you think you need more travel in the focuser?
  14. Hi Martin, welcome to SGL from me too. Good luck and clear skies!
  15. I too have the predecessors, the Radians and have to say I am absolutely 'DeLited' with them
  16. Hi Dave, a warm welcome from me too. Good luck and clear skies!
  17. Hi Giles, I started using 2" for high magnification but found myself going back to 1.25" each time, in my opinion you don't need wide field for planets or Moon, if the 1.25" does the job well enough why bother with the extra expense (along with filters, of course, which are double). I have never found using a 2" Barlow very satisfactory and sold mine, as you say, weight considerations is another factor and overkill on a 130mm reflector. Do not think of 2" as an upgrade, I found that this was a mistake, buy for what your target is, don't generalise too much if you can afford it.
  18. I paid £350 off someone on this forum about a year ago, so pretty chuffed with that. If it's not near half price I don't bother. Excellent ep!
  19. Titan is nearly always visible in any scope, after that Rhea, the second largest moon can be seen with apertures 100mm and upwards, a 200mm will reveal another three/four moons.
  20. Hi there, I prefer not to use a filter on Jupiter, but if you prefer, an ND96 0.9 (13% transmission) would do the job, or the more expensive Baader neodymium filter, which I rate very highly.
  21. Love it! Yes, my wife is also into astronomy and she has her own telescope.
  22. Have you ever wondered whether you should buy a telescope? Well, here's something to help you :
  23. Hi and welcome to SGL. One of our first telescopes was a Meade 90mm and I recall getting much enjoyment out of it, it also had decent accessories - a set of five MA eyepieces in a decent custom made case, which we still have somewhere! Good luck and clear skies!
  24. Impressive, well done, I saw it noted on my app, 'Sky Map' yesterday, but thought it was just below the horizon.
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