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  1. JRM

    Hello from England

    Hello Dave and welcome to the lounge.
  2. JRM

    Hi from a total newbie :)

    Hi and welcome to the lounge.
  3. JRM


    Hello Gregory and welcome to the lounge.
  4. JRM

    Finally got back to the fold.

    Welcome back John
  5. JRM

    Hello from Spain

    Sergio, welcome to the lounge. Rick M
  6. JRM

    Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome to the lounge. Rick M
  7. JRM

    Good evening from Sweden!

    Hello Peter, welcome to the lounge Rick M
  8. JRM

    hello from Bicester Oxfordshire UK

    Hi Jason, welcome to the lounge Rick M
  9. JRM

    New to the hobby and Stargazerslounge

    Hello and welcome to the lounge Rick M
  10. JRM

    Almost 50 years ago...

    Went to the Kennedy space center twice, your right, it was huge, was impressed by most everything they had there and will go again if I get the chance Rick M
  11. JRM

    Returning to SGL

    Welcome back Tony.
  12. JRM

    Hello everyone

    Welcome back Al Rick
  13. JRM

    Hi from Spain

    welcome to the lounge Jose. Rick M
  14. JRM

    Hi from Quebec

    Welcome to the lounge Gregory from New Brunswick. If you do decide to upgrade remember one thing, a nice big telescope (10-12" or more) is great, they do give nicer and brighter views the bigger you get, but a big telescope sitting in the corner gathering dust because you don't have the time or energy to hall it out and set it up is a waste really. The perfect telescope is an easy grab and go telescope like the 8" dob, it is a nice size, not heavy and easy to move around, and bound to get a lot of use, sure maybe later when you have seen everything the is to see in the 8 and you know the sky more, and really feel like you need bigger, jump to the 16" truss telescope,the 16 will give you four times the light gathering and you will see a ton of more things then with the 8". something to think about Rick M p.s. I have a 12" dob that has gathered dust for well over a year now, bigger dobs get heavy to move around.
  15. JRM

    Hi from East Anglia

    Welcome to the lounge, nice to have you aboard Rick M

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