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  1. JRM

    Hi From Ellesmere Port New to Forum

    Welcome to the lounge. Rick M
  2. JRM


    Hi there M16, welcome to the lounge from the great white north Rick M
  3. JRM


    Hi Andy, welcome to the lounge.
  4. Hello Rainer, welcome to the lounge and welcome back to the night sky hobby so to speak. very nice equipment to view with to if I must say, I envy the humidity levels too, do you need some snow, we got tons of it here Rick M
  5. JRM

    New to the forum

    Hello Sean, welcome to the lounge Rick M
  6. JRM

    Horse head nebula

    Have never seen it visually, looked with my 12" but nothing, hope to get a peek at it with my 20 if I ever get it done, good luck though, and post a report to let us know what you thought of the experience once you do get the chance. Rick M
  7. JRM

    Boo.. (waving)

    Welcome back
  8. JRM

    Hello from North East US

    Welcome to the lounge Bentley, eastern Canada here, do you have a size and type of telescope you plan to build, are you going to grind your own mirror or purchase? Please do start a thread in the diy forum once you start. Rick M
  9. JRM

    Helo from North Wales

    Hello Andy, Welcome to the lounge, tons of fine reading here for you too. rick M
  10. JRM

    Hello from north of France (Lille suburb)

    Welcome to the lounge, nice setup, I need to make me one of those for my 15 x 70 binos. Rick M
  11. JRM

    New member from Norway

    Hello GKA, welcome to the lounge. Rick
  12. JRM


    Welcome to the lounge.
  13. JRM


    Warm welcome to the lounge Dan. Rick M
  14. JRM

    Greetings from istanbul

    Hello Deniz and welcome to the lounge. Rick
  15. JRM

    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome to the lounge Candieman, lots of people with experience in astrophotography here to help, (I am not one of them lol), lots of awesome photos have been posted on this site. Rick M

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