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  1. Hello Loki1978, welcome to the lounge.
  2. Hello Steve, welcome to the lounge.
  3. Hello Cosmic Monk, welcome to the lounge.
  4. JRM

    Hi everyone!

    Hello Wout, welcome to the lounge.
  5. JRM

    Saying Hello

    Hello Tony, welcome to the lounge...
  6. JRM

    Hello all. I'm new

    Welcome to the lounge ugo76
  7. Like I tell the folks that ask about the landing equipment when looking through my scope, Hubble space telescope, 96" mirror, what 100 or so miles up there and it can not resolve them with no atmosphere to go through, It is going to take a mighty big telescope on the ground to resolve them, maybe in 50 years but hey I wont be around to see it lol.
  8. JRM

    Hi everyone!

    Hello Derek, welcome to the lounge, nice to hear from you
  9. Hi Steven, Welcome to the lounge, love the story about M42, exactly what hooked me in, found it by accident, did not know what I was doing and just free roaming with my 4.5" eq mount, it was the trapezium that puzzled me at the time, if I remember right I described it as a nest of eggs then everyone told me what it was, a totally awesome site, looked even better in the 10" once I got it done, a treasure for sure, I can't wait to see it in the 20".
  10. JRM

    Hello :)

    Hello Wojtek, welcome to the lounge
  11. JRM

    IC 1318

    Brendan, Totally awesome, beautiful imaging work, mind if I us it for my pc background? Thanks
  12. Getting ever so close to completion of this mirror, I hope to have it finished this weekend. It is now a 20" F-4.6 after 175 hours work decided it would be to high at F-5.125 so reground the focal down to make it shorter.

    1. sloz1664


      That has been some battle. I hope you have now finished this epic challenge and I have been following this from the beginning.

      Photos of the telescope build please :)


  13. Hello Richard, welcome to the lounge. RICK
  14. JRM

    The Weather

    Tis the new scope and the wanting of first light curse of course, never fails, welcome to the lounge. Rick M
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