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  1. Dave, Welcome back to the lounge
  2. Hi Bob Welcome to the lounge where Astronomy rules ;)
  3. JRM

    Good morning all!

    Hi there Richard, welcome to the lounge
  4. Hello Rob, welcome to the lounge, M57 looks the same over here in my 10", sketches and Imaging look great...
  5. Hello Mr Blue Sky, welcome to the lounge.
  6. Hello Kinan, welcome to the lounge.
  7. JRM

    Old newbie

    Hello J, welcome to the lounge
  8. Hi Ian, welcome to the lounge, those images are amazing, great work.
  9. Hello ONIKKINEN, welcome to the lounge, tons of good reading on here .
  10. Hello Osvaldo, welcome to the lounge
  11. JRM

    Hello from Italy

    Hello Alessandro, welcome to the lounge from Canada
  12. Hello Vegas111 ,Welcome to the lounge.
  13. Hello Someblokius, Welcome to the lounge.
  14. Hello Marfa, welcome to the lounge, east coast of Canada here
  15. JRM

    Introducing myself.

    Hello Jin, welcome to the lounge.
  16. Hello Broadymike, welcome to the lounge
  17. JRM


    Hello James and welcome to the lounge.
  18. JRM

    Morning all

    Hello Adrian, welcome to the lounge
  19. Hello Tintinite, welcome to the lounge.
  20. Hello Gonariu, Welcome to the lounge.
  21. JRM

    Howdy from NC

    Hello Virtus, welcome to the lounge.
  22. Robin, welcome back to the lounge
  23. JRM

    Hello from Suffolk

    Hello John, welcome to the lounge.
  24. Hello TazzyD, welcome to the lounge
  25. JRM


    Hello there Chris, welcome to the lounge
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