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hi Jules

if we have indicated yes so far have you saved us a spot or do I need to book quickly!!??

Hi Shane, i am working on basis of people that have indicated yes to this, so far we have an indicated 13 attendees, would like to keep it to about 20 max

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I plan to arrive about mid day on the friday, and i think Marki will be getting there about same sort of time, if he can make this event. Not sure what time other people will arrive

Hi Guys, it seems a small mistake has been made on setting this up, when i first looked at this date i thought we would have a small moon present through most of the night, but having checked again on

Im not promising no light pollution, have already said there will be some, but should be better than most of our backyards and is just a social gathering

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Just been having a word with a very helpful chap called Moonshane, and he will be happy to help out with any collimation issues at this camp, so if your coming to this star party and need help with newtonians feel free to ask for assistance, if you have not met Shane you will find him very helpful and amenable, but if we have good clear skies give the man time to get some sleep 

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I took a little detour in the wagon today, so i could drive past this campsite in the daytime, to get a better idea of how the light pollution will be, there is very little around the area, i really think it will be pretty good for us.

Remember when booking, state "saddleworth star camp/party"

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Hi Jules

Can you please add me to the list, i have just booked with them. :smiley:


Adam, your in and glad to have your support on this gathering

Just booked my pitch, hope to see you all there, are there any visual observers attending as my brother in law would like to come if its not all focused on imaging.


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Mike will be a good mix of imaging and visual, probab;y slightly more for visual work, thanks for booking

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      If any of you are interested in a star party in East Suffolk, we have been hosting a Star Party every March and October at Hinton, near Saxmundham, Suffolk at a newly developed Caravan and campsite, Haw Wood Farm, for the last 5 years. It is £12 per pitch per night with electricity hook up (adapter needed) call Dan or Georgina (see link below). Some of you here may know about it; on good nights we have had a SQM reading of 21.75 - it can get dark enough to see the Zodiacal Light! Many local society members meet up: Norwich, Castle Point, North Essex, OASI (Orwell), DASH (local) and Breckland among others and it is generally friendly and welcoming (if we can see you in the dark!). Saturday 14th we run an event: a skytour or talks in the cafe, dependent on weather. Unfortunately, timing clashes with the SGL star party but we're a long way from it.
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      Although not organised by SGL, it's usual for us to have a thread for SGLers attending - so you can easily find each other and say 'hi'!
      So, I'll be on Red 354 Mon-Thur and then I think Blue 267 Fri and Sat (yes, that *will* be a pain!!)
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