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  1. If any of you are interested in a star party in East Suffolk, we have been hosting a Star Party every March and October at Hinton, near Saxmundham, Suffolk at a newly developed Caravan and campsite, Haw Wood Farm, for the last 5 years. It is £12 per pitch per night with electricity hook up (adapter needed) call Dan or Georgina (see link below). Some of you here may know about it; on good nights we have had a SQM reading of 21.75 - it can get dark enough to see the Zodiacal Light! Many local society members meet up: Norwich, Castle Point, North Essex, OASI (Orwell), DASH (local) and Breckland a
  2. Thanks Steve - I'm slow to check SGL (not my usual method of communicating). I went with the ASI 130 (USB 3) and it's great. Now I'm starting to wish I'd gone for Monochrome though! a 60mm is so much better than a 40mm for resolution on the sun. Dan
  3. Apologies Steve - I see you have a Point Grey Blackfly. Is it value for money? Easy to use? Good software? USB3? I was looking at a ZWO ASI 130. Dan
  4. Hi Steve, Lovely pics indeed. I really hope those sunspots bring us a beautiful aurora in the next few days! Our club has a 40mm double stacked Coronado and I need a good planetary cam to go with it - any recommendations? Which of your extensive selection did you use? I'm looking for a versatile one for planets, etc. on my 8" - so colour chip might be a good compromise, despite loss of resolution with Ha. Dan @ Breckland AS.
  5. breckland_astro

    Les Granges

    Just seen this - I've wanted to go to Les Granges for ages and want to go even more now! One of our society's members has been and thoroughly recommends it. Hawskmoor - we're actually quite close to you in SW Norfolk.
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