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  1. I get stars that look like bad coma in my OAG
  2. The DSLR coolers mentioned are well worth using and fairly made as long as you can use a drill and soldering iron.
  3. never had this problem with mine which i have had since they first came out. One thing i have noticed though is that if you tighten the clutches too much on this mount it has a detrimental effect on the guiding so i tend to only tighten mine the minimum required to stop any slippage on the axis.
  4. Wow fabulous image you must be thrilled. Mike
  5. Worm gear bearings are SKF608 2RSH or you can use SKF 608 2Z which has metal dust covers, If you are in the UK you can order these from Simply Bearings. Simply Bearings Ltd Halton House Greenfold Way Leigh Greater Manchester WN7 3XJ 01942 269837
  6. Setting off in about an hour see you all about 2
  7. Be joining you guys on wednesday still no idea what kit I am bringing! Hope you get some clear skies and the wind drops.
  8. So that 22inch scope is really a giant pie canon.
  9. That indian meal looks like my breakfast lunch and tea while I am at galloway!
  10. Practice is for wimps! All you need is a good appetite and hollow legs and I have both!
  11. See you up there will prob bring a big dob this time as I have been offered the use of an 18" dobber. Its just too much hassle taking the imaging scope out of the obs and then setting it u p a gain a t home. Pie eating competition why didnt I know about this ill give you a run for your money! Image is the double quasar in Ursa Major two images of the same quasar aparently due to gravitational lensing, the light from one arrives 3 days before the other and the distance from us a very slight 8billion light years!
  12. Mike thanks for another unforgettable star party Damien and Steve thanks for your help to put my tent up complete with ultimate chair and 42000 guide line! Many thanks jo for the butter. I am looking forward to the next one already and will post pics when I get round to processing them. Mike
  13. Just in middle of removing scope from obs and making it all portable again. New portable power supply made and tested. Coming up on Wednesday really looking forward to seeing everyone and looking at loads of astro kit! Will anyone be available to help pitching my tent as dave who's sharing it can't come up until Thursday my only other option is to bring a small tent for the first night and put the big one up the next day. Mind you it will take ages to sort all the kit out so I will be really busy. Mike
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