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  1. A pod has become available for the spring 2017 star camp weekend. Now available from Friday 24th March onwards. I had it pre booked but unfortunately i have to travel home on the Friday. Anyone interested please get in touch with Steve. Many Thanks Adam Campsite Tel No: 01434 250291 kieldercampsite@btconnect.com
  2. I've just packed the car setting off by 7am so should be there around 10 ish. I have got my heater packed and my -20 sleeping bag and plenty of thermals. I think I will be leaving my kit locked in the car until there's a few of us about. I'm in the pod over the bridge closest to the office. See you tomorrow adam
  3. Hi derek That surprises me I never thought there would be any issues with theft at Kielder. I am getting there tomorrow morning and staying in the same pod I have had the last few times. Adam
  4. No its APS-C size chip. I am going to keep looking on ebay for something to come up at a reasonable price secon hand.
  5. Ok thanks for that, I think I get it now. Shorter the lens wider the field faster the f ratio more chance of coma. I have seen a good review of the Rokinon 16mm f2. I think I will try to pick one up second hand off flea bay.
  6. I have done a bit of reading up on the interweb but I am still confused. For wide field astro images with a canon 60D on an equatorial mount, which lens is going to be better (give a wider angle image)? For example 100mm f2, 100mm f2.8 50mm f1.4 or 24mm f2.8? I always thought the longer the lens and the lower the f ratio the better
  7. Your not wrong it looks identical but with an adaptor stuck on the end. I knew i should have found time to try and make one, i even have access to rapid prototyping machines. I just hope it does what i want it to do. Next Time !!!
  8. Yes mainly just visual although i do sometime try taking images with a DSLR in the focuser. I have an spc900 webcam that i have had for ages and never used and a laptop with sharpcap on it. My intention is to try the webcam at kielder.
  9. That looks very professional. I had been considering trying to make something myself out of a cheap 1.25" diagonal I have lying around. But I have never seemed to have the time. I am hoping it can be loosened and kept vertical while I rotate the polar scope then tightened back up. I shall be trying it out at kielder in 3 weeks.
  10. H I have just ordered one of these. Has anyone used one? I guess I should have asked this question before I pressed buy! http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5950_90--comfortable-View-for-your-Polar-Finder.html Hopefully this will save my back, neck and knees from anymore torture.
  11. Ok thanks for that everyone. At 240x I cannot see me being able to use it on anything other than doubles and the moon anyway. Maybe Jupiter on a really good night. I also have the SLV 6mm.
  12. I have recently bought a vixen SLV 5mm EP to use in my 152 f7.9 frac. I was having a mess around with an exit pupil calculator on the internet and it worked out the exit pupil would be .63mm it also said the image may be dimmed. Does anyone know if this will be a problem or if the Ep is not suitable for my scope? Hopefully I am worrying about nothing but I have not had chance to try it yet. Adam
  13. That's a shame although i could only make the saturday night. You can gaurantee clear skies over malham now This is a nice little site walking disctance fron the village but i cannot remember what the lighting is like. http://www.miresfield-farm.com/
  14. Ok thanks for that, hopefully they are just on holiday. Yes it is a cambridge dialling code.
  15. Has anyone had or is having problems contacting The Astronomy Centre based in London with respect to any outstanding orders. I am awaiting delivery of a Vixen LVW EP and I don’t seem to be able to get in touch with them.
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