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  1. I remember Robbie Ince did a study of the Hubble Deep Field area from a Kielder Star Party, a number of years back, to find out how deep he could see with his astrophotography setup. I can't seem to find much online about it though.
  2. These could equally be evidence for an incorrect theory where dark matter doesn't exist
  3. The site is always posted up as fully booked during the Star Parties. This is done on purpose to stop non astronomers trying to book pitches for tents or caravans. All bookings are by email or telephone calls to Lesley at Drumroamin. http://www.drumroamin.co.uk/
  4. Hi Guys Hope you're all ok, and that you got some decent sky last night. BBC shows partial cloud tonight with an hour clear at 1, but then what do they know. Wishing you clear skies for the rest of the week, you lucky b's. Have a good one. See you at the next .
  5. https://starburstfound.org/sqkblog/?p=138 The position of the quasar doesn't look like a thin part of the galaxy NGC7319 to me. It's pretty central. I just think Arp's ideas have been binned, without due examination, because of the implications for the red shift & big bang theories.
  6. Another of Arp's discoveries, which is even more interesting, is NGC7319, with a red shift of 0.0225, that has a quasar in front of it but with a red shift of 2.114 which puts it billions of LY further away. The Tooth fairy must have poked a hole in the galaxy for the quasar to shine through.
  7. Hi Bomberbaz I think the website usually shows as fully booked during the starcamp, to reserve it for us. You should ring Lesley at the site to check.
  8. Don't put yourself down David. I think you've got considerable astro knowlege.
  9. Hi A warm welcome to SGL. Learn and Enjoy
  10. The Dark(er) side of the Moon is the side that does not get any Earthshine. Simple
  11. Don't get your head in a tizz. This is just a theory, developed by humans with 1 point of reference in a vast universe. Like most other theories it will crash and burn, in time.
  12. My first DSO taken at the Spring Galloway Starcamp 27/02/2019. 60 x 60sec exp, ISO 800, Canon 1100d, SW ED80 DS Pro
  13. Arrived home at 3:45 today, after another excellent Galloway Star camp. Saturday night was stunning. Thanks to Mike, Leslie and Ralf for putting this together, and to the other attendees who make the event what it is. Can't wait for February for the next installment.
  14. Yes, We often get well oiled, when it's cloudy. ?
  15. That is your opinion, fair enough. I think that we don't know enough about the physics of the universe to make that judgement.
  16. His physics, that prevailed at that time, bound him to the island, it was too far to swim to the nearest island and there were sharks,until somebody came up with the theory that a dugout canoe would allow them to cross.
  17. The big bang theory has more holes in it than Baldrick's socks
  18. If you believe in the scientific theories that hold sway at present. A caveman living on an island would have thought the same
  19. Maybe we can't find Dark Matter because it doesn't exist? How can we use gravity to show its existence, when we don't understand how gravity works, and therefore don't know if our mathematical equations describing gravity are correct.
  20. I've got my pass out sorted, so I will be there Monday - Monday. Can't wait. See you all there
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