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  1. Hi All Got back home about 4:30 pm after another magic Galloway Star Camp. Sunday night does it again. Thanks to all attendees for making the event, what it is, and especially to Mike for organising. Roll on February. See you there.
  2. Are you certain the Pi & driver board grounds are connected properly? I had the same problem with a nano and a L298 driver board. No joy until I checked the ground between the boards was common.
  3. Hi David Game on for the 3 nights. I am looking forward to meeting up with you and Martyn again, on the 30th September (my birthday so I expect we might just have a wee dram or 2). All the Best Phil
  4. signed at 2429
  5. Damian Is there any chance of you smuggling in some proper stuff, from Yorkshire’s “Rhubarb Triangle”, then we can persuade the Custard Juggler ( aka Mike) to make us a real crumble?
  6. Try Astro Events -> Star Parties -> Galloway Spring Gathering 2016
  7. Really looking forward to it already. You won't regret it Shane
  8. Sky clearing over Drumroaming Campsite Sunset Wednesday night.
  9. Hi All Back home after another excellent Galloway starcamp. 3 nights out of 4 ain't bad. Many thanks Mike for arranging it. Just looking at the widefield pics I took Friday night Milky Way/Summer Triangle Cassiopeia/M31/Double Cluster
  10. Hi Mike I'm up for that, Wednesday - Sunday. Regards Phil
  11. Count me in, Jules
  12. Thanks Nina, I will arrive on the thursday afternoon. I have a bottle of Japanese Malt I might bring, but that might be deemed sacrilegious by our Scottish bretheren. On the other hand a Dalwhinney always goes down a treat. Really looking forward to it. See you all in September
  13. Count me in please, Nina. Can't wait. See you all in September. P.S. Did I leave my whisky glasses there, again?
  14. Count me in, please. Really looking forward to it. See you all there.
  15. starparty

    Booked See you all there Can't wait