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  1. If you have the right kind of phone and tablet cases you could consider getting a sheet or two of Rubylith - available on Ebay. This will not "cling" to your phone and tablet screen but cut to size and slipped into a suitable case it will give good filtering but will still allow your touch screen to work. I used this solution for a couple of years before Apple introduced colour filtering in iOS10. Unfortunately android haven't got the same facility. One other though is to try Rubylith with a spray-on repositionable adhesive - same stuff they use on post-it notes although I've n
  2. Just been out after this one with the 18" and bagged it after a bit of a search. The nearby mag 6 star was the key to locating the galaxies and the SN was definitely there. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Hi There If the finder is still available I would like to buy it. Kind regards Rob
  4. It's also worth considering exit pupil when looking at competing widefield eyepieces. This for me is where the 31 Nagler and 35 panoptic lose out to the 21 Ethos. It's not really a problem for the 120 ED but as soon as you start ramping up the aperture and dropping your focal ratio you very quickly get to the point where you need to have very young eyes to accommodate the exit pupil on the Nagler and Panoptic. As these eyepieces tend to be a "forever" purchase it is worth considering the future (or in my case the present)
  5. I'm up on Friday - Pitch 398 Red Not convinced there's going to be much viewing so packing plenty of beers and a good book or two. Rob
  6. I do leave my Dob and EQ mounted Newtonian outside overnight - sometimes for several days but not permanently. I suspect that unless you regularly (i.e. daily) uncover the scope to let any collected condensation to evaporate your mirror coatings are going to suffer. Thanks to air pollution the dew that will collect on your mirror is mildly acidic so unless you keep the scope angled to ensure run off your mirror is going to suffer. If you are set on keeping it outdoors I would recommend a cover from Cygnus Astro http://neilross758.wixsite.com/cygnus-astro-covers. I purchased one at the Kel
  7. I use a focusing headtorch https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/sensor-head-torch-a78kf with 2, 3 or 4 circles of rubylith layered over the lens. The number of layers depends on where I am. In my garden -2 layers Astro Society Observing session - 3 layers Star Party - 4 Layers The focusing helps as I can concentrate the beam when I need to read something and diffuse it when I'm walking around.
  8. Well I must admit we do have a lot of felines in Surrey
  9. Have you thought of using a Powerline Networking Plug to get data down to your Obsy? http://www.alphr.com/realworld/388024/how-to-get-broadband-to-a-garden-office
  10. HI Gina Have you got mains power run to your Obsy?
  11. A recent campaign by a Surrey resident backed by the "usual suspects" who seem to jump on any "it's an outrage" bandwagon has resulted in the streetlights staying until 01:00 instead of 00:00. He cited elevated crime rates in selected areas of Surrey as his justification despite the figures showing no overall correlation between crime rates and the switch off. https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/surrey-street-lights-switch-off-13852866 It seems that Joe Public is scared of the dark - probably watched too many Horror Movies!
  12. Apologies WonderStar I should have marked this as sold
  13. Spotted it in the 18" Dob using a 21mm Ethos at the Breklands AS Star Party in Suffolk on the Sunday night but it's wasn't an easy spot. It was really dark but the seeing wasn't the best, faint fuzzies were not at their most prominent.
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