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So, thinking now about the daytime activities.....

Lucksall, unfortunately, doesn't really have an inside hall or room that work for presentation-type talks. They have the cafe, but experience shows that this is a) busy and B) not dark enough. Therefore, I am planning along the lines of small workshops & groups, 1:1 sessions, etc.

What sort of topics would you be interested in?


Basic DSLR Astro Imaging?

Basic DSLR Daytime Imaging?

Basic Web Cam Imaging?

Image Processing?

Find your way round the night sky?

Setting up an EQ Mount?

Fly fishing skills and practical uses?

Polar Aligning?


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Sadly, I agree that the cafe is not really good enough for a conventional talk with slides so your suggestions of workshops including 1:1 sessions makes a lot of sense and much can be achieved like this. 1:1 sessions are a natural part of a star party as I discovered at SGL7.5 and I think a more organised system of them would work well.

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I'd be happy to present the 'Fly-fishing Skills' - do you want to include Spey Casting and Dapping? :grin: :grin: :grin:

Seriously though, this sounds like an excellent idea and I'm sure the subject list will grow as more people tune in. Good call.

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I'm happy to sit down with individuals to discuss DSLR photography, mainly daylight, but I can cover the astro side of capturing images, camera settings etc.

I would definitely like a bit of DSLR photography daylight and astro.

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There must be loads of people going to SGL8 that have some/a lot of knowledge on various different things.

Even if someone isn't an expert in, for example, Photoshop they may know considerably more than the person in the next tent, also a number of people (like myself) may not be happy about talking to a group but would be happy with a one to one.

So in addition to Daz's request for suggestions for talks, how about a list of people that would be willing to give up an hour or two of their time to give someone a run down on a given subject.

For example I auto guide my scope, so know enough to get phd up and running - I'm no expert and I wouldn't know enough to give an advanced talk, but I know more than someone just starting out. I could give a one to one session to someone while sitting in the tea tent, site cafe or outside my tent.

so maybe I should start a new thread, does anyone think that there is some mileage in just sharing a little one on one knowledge, nothing too official... What's the worst that could happen, you chat astronomy with someone over a coffee :)


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+1 for collimation

How about a group therapy session for those of us addicted to expensive eyepieces we don't actually 'need' but buy anyway?

I need medication for this one!!!

I'd be up for someone schooling me on polar aligning there's deffo room for me to improve there.

I'd be interested in leaning more about P.E.C./Anti-Backlash & the more techy parts of my mount i haven't quite grasped, if anyone is willing

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I'm quite happy to talk/assist in setting up for imaging and helping them out all the way to a finished picture including the flats/stacking & finally processing the subs.

I did this succesfully with a couple of people at SGL 7 and again at PSP :)

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