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  1. As there is a large defraction spike in the 4 O'clock/10 O'clock position, I would try taking an image, then rotate something and see if the large dif spike moves. If not try something else until it does move. If nothing makes it move then it must be the ota. Is the 'scope new?
  2. Well done. That's a nice capture; good colour and detail showing. Your poor seeing could be down to the fact that you were imaging through an open window. Thermals from the building would have been rising right in front of the window. An ADC (atmospheric dispersion corrector) would help with the colour fringing. It is better to do this during image capture rather than doing an RGB align in processing.
  3. Just popped outside after doing the washing up to have a quick look at a lovely clear sky and caught a very bright long lasting meteor drawing a straight line under Leo. The tail was yellow/orange in colour and very sparkling. Happy boy!
  4. Hi, not sure how many members have seen this on UKAB&S but thought it might be useful to post here too. I have no connection to either person, I just thought I would try and help out some like minded people. Status: Active Advert Category: Telescope-Refractor Advert # 149397 STOLEN!!! A friend of mine in Belgium has had Astronomical equipment stolen from his house Details attached STOLEN EQUIPMENT William Optics FLT110 (110mm f/6,5 TEC triplet): serial number '05058' William Optics 80mm f/6 Megrez: serial number on the tube '048007' and on the lens (TMB/Lomo) 'XE0143' Lunt 50mm h-alpha front filter: serial number '2009500' Can anyone in an Astronomical society / club please make sure their members are aware of this post! Anyone who has access to Astronomical social media bring this post to their attention! and any Dealer please be aware in case someone tries to sell to them? If anyone is offered any of this equipment or has any information on its whereabouts, I would appreciate it if you would contact me Thanks for any help! Price: £0 Posted on: 2019-05-01 20:07:52 Last Updated on: 2019-05-02 11:32:29 New or Repeat ad: New Contact: Peter Bowers (user details & view my other adverts) Phone Number (optional): Location: Peasedown St. John, England (view map of area)
  5. No, never. Just like humans living permanently on Mars; and don't get me started on interstellar travel!!! ?
  6. That's only a problem if you're a Knights Templar.
  7. Back in 1975, 1999 seemed a lifetime away!
  8. There's some nice detail around the dark limb in your full disc pictures. Well done!
  9. Hi, this question has probably been done to death here, but can I ask the community to help me decide on a new camera? After struggling with my very glitchy QHY5LIIc camera for a while, as well as having a forced break from astronomy, I have decided to get a new camera. After all the problems I've been having with the QHY, I really don't want to use this manufacturer again. I know lots of people use them quite happily, but once bitten ... I have been looking at the ZWO cameras - OSC, as I haven't the time, clear skies, or patients to do LRGB imaging! I have about £250 to spend, which I may be able to push to £300 if I wait a bit. ? So I've been looking at the ASI224MC, ASI290MC and the ASI178MC cameras. I mainly do planetary/Luna imaging, but I have also dabbled in a bit of DSO and would like to continue with both. I have a C9.25 and a ST80 guide scope. I know these aren't ideal for DSOs but please humour me! I think from the specs/information that the 224 is probably the best option. Although the resolution and QE are the worst of the three, the well depth and read noise are the best and the fps is pretty good too. I don't know if there are better/cheaper cameras using the same chips, such as Altair's range. I just don't want to make the same mistake that I did with the QHY!n Any help/advice you can give will be much appreciated.?
  10. Can you post your video file? Perhaps someone can try stacking it to see if any more detail can be found.
  11. Lovely image and amazing animation!
  12. It's still a very nice image you've produced. Processing is not a dark art it just takes time and practice. Have you had a look on YouTube for astrophotography Photoshop tutorials? It's surprising what you can pick up. Personally I haven't been able to get out for some time now, let alone imaging & therefore equally, processing! All I'm saying to my wife when she asks how the stargazing went if I do manage to get out is: "waste of time... couldn't get XYZ to work!" I may go back and do a bit of visual for a while. I miss those 'Wow!' moments. Trouble is my kit is so electronic based now it takes an absolute age to set up! Probably why I don't get out much.?
  13. Nice grab! You've got a good level of detail there. What equipment were you using and how many frames did you stack; as there seems to be a lot of noise coming through. Still a great image even so. ?
  14. Also used quite a bit in aviation.
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