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  1. Ow! Wish we lived near Exeter. Have the skills and looking to change positions at the moment. Not sure my wife would appreciate me taking my wages in stock though!
  2. I obviously should have put a smilie or a 'lol' at the end of my post! I also never said anything about a forecast! I just said that as I had booked the day off work, it was probably going to rain; in a similar vain to FLOs 'May contain clouds' stickers on their parcels. 🌧 I never trust the weather forecast, unless its been raining for 33 days and nights and they forecast another 7 days and nights of rain. All my equipment is itching to go! My last eclipse capture in 1999:
  3. I've booked the day off work to image the partial eclipse. I'm also planning on continuing with building the new decking, before and after the event. So it's going to be pouring with rain!
  4. I built one of these after reading this post some years ago now. It keeps the dew off at night too. If it's ever clear and dark enough to do any imaging that is!
  5. It might be helpful if you could post an image rather than a link. PNG is a good lossless format. Also, what equipment are you using?
  6. +1 for GX12 aviation connectors. I used them on my distribution hub. Different pin configurations for different voltages.
  7. +1 for FireCapture. It is highly recommended for Luna & planetary imaging. As Craig said above, there are lots of videos on the website/YouTube about features. With all of these capture programs it is a bit of a 'suck it and see', as there are so many variables in imaging set-ups, not to mention seeing conditions. Good luck with your new camera, whichever software you decide to use.
  8. Lovely detail and the exposure has been controlled really well.
  9. That's really nice Paul, especially for a single frame. There's even some colour coming through in the maria.
  10. Careful the Time Team don't see this post, or they'll be in digging up your whole garden to try and find the rest of the Roman villa that used to be on that site! 🗡⛏
  11. Yes, a little magenta on my tablet too; but hey, who cares! It's a great image and you've controlled the core really well.
  12. I'd trim the tail of that white wire on the top right hand side. You don't want the insulation on those red wires being pierced and shorting out!
  13. That's nice. It's got a real 3D feel to it.
  14. Have you got a minus (-) before your latitude - putting you in the southern hemisphere?
  15. Always be safe when you go out to a remote site; especially if you're on your own. If you feel at all uneasy, then pack up and go home. It's just not worth it!
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