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  1. Stargazer33

    Starting the season!

    What a great start to your season Avani! Looking forward to whats coming under ideal conditions.
  2. Stargazer33

    Complete telescope beginner

    Hi and welcome to SGL! The 200pds is a good 'scope for both observational and photographic astronomy (1). (2) I am not sure about the SW 200pds, but I believe you can screw the T adapter straight onto the focus tube. (3) A good quality barlow (tele-extender) are useful. A 2x lens would turn your 40mm into a 20mm and your 28mm into a 14mm.
  3. Stargazer33

    Align and create GIF?

    Hi Alex, I found this after a quick search: https://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/create-animated-gifs-images-using-photoshop-cs6/ HTH
  4. Stargazer33


    Camolapardilis perhaps!
  5. Looks like it could be a Wren. Cute little birds. ☺
  6. Stargazer33

    Heads up ! Starcount !

    I'll be lucky to get to 10 I reckon!
  7. Just seen this new course on the Future Learn site about planetary atmospheres, how they form and what is required for life. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/atmospheric-chemistry-planets-and-life-beyond-earth?utm_campaign=fl_january_2019&utm_source=newsletter_broadcast&utm_content=course_05&utm_medium=futurelearn_organic_email&utm_term=NL_JAN_CAMPAIGN_310119_B
  8. Stargazer33


    It sounds like only 2 frames of your video were useable and so the program rounded 65% of 2 frames as a single frame.
  9. Stargazer33

    Best DSLR for astrophotography?

    I'm probably wrong, but I don't think DSLRs are recommended for high frame rate planetary imaging!
  10. Oops! Good advice. That's a real shame as the rest looks very good.
  11. Stargazer33

    has it had it

    I would contact ZWO and see what they say. Doesn't sound too good for the camera though!
  12. Stargazer33

    Region of Interest

    I was really surprised at how much my frame rate increased when I selected a smaller ROI.
  13. Stargazer33

    Small Mars, 9 Jan

    Definitely some albedo detail showing in the smaller images. As far as post processing out AD; Damian Peach says in his article that although you can improve the effects of AD in post processing it does not remove everything that a good ADC will remove at the time of imaging - if correctly set up.
  14. Stargazer33

    New Power Distribution Box

    After having got over a very silly cold that didn't seem to want to fully come or just go away, I finally got out and made a short video of my new power distribution hub. I still need to tidy up the wiring, but I haven't quite decided yet how I'm going to do that. Anyway, here's the video: Sorry for the dodgy camera work & editing! With the mount slewing in both axis, two dew heaters, usb hub, guide camera, DSLR and DSLR coolbox with fan & Chinese peltier cooler. My set-up is still only drawing just over 4 amps.
  15. The two lighter images which seem to show light pollution are both pointing SE. The other one is pointing SW. and is after 2am. The lights in our road are turned off after 1am. If this is similar in your area the sky would be darker at 2am than at 7pm. Also I would imagine that you have a more built up area to your SE.

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