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  1. The 1100d is a very nice camera. I use it mostly for daylight shooting but the few times I've used it, even with only a lens, it give good results but I must admit I've only had it about 18 months and I already want an upgrade.
  2. mark993

    Talks / Workshops

    I would definitely like a bit of DSLR photography daylight and astro.
  3. mark993

    SGL 8 - Mugshots

    cant wait till march.
  4. does anyone know what it was yet?
  5. Hi all, i am moving to Innsworth near Gloucester in a few weeks and was just wondering if anyone knows of clubs nearby or are there many other people from the area. Thanks for any help.
  6. I went with the motor and the few times i have actually got to use it i think it was well worth the money. I even used it to get a few decent pics of the moon. It is hard to decide and it does feel like a lot of money but I truely think it is well worth it. Good Luck buddy.
  7. so it takes a while to get hubble quality images lol?
  8. Hi all i am sure there are tutorials here but i cant find them. I have absolutly no idea about photography astro or regular and things like taking darks and stuff means nothing to me but seem to be quite important. Could some one please point me in the direction of some of the very helpful tutorials done by the obviously very cleaver (and handsome/pretty) people here.
  9. Hi there i live in England now but im orginally from Ards. Its nice to see there are some stargazers in Northern Ireland.
  10. Can i just ask at what point did i say i wasn't eager? I find it a little difficult to get out a lot since i have just come back from Afgan. Plus the camera can also be used in day light as well!!!
  11. that sounds like a very good idea indeed i like it and it could also work as a nice little slush fund for when i 'go away' with work.
  12. I am starting to wonder if my wife has snuck on here. I'm scared now
  13. I am thinking that might just be what i will have to do. This Astro stuff is not that cheap lol
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