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  1. Thank you so much! Would it annoy you if I ask you any more questions I might have?
  2. Thanks Dave. I'm still trying to find a tutorial for IMPPG that I understand! Can you help?
  3. I've seen IMPPG but it all looks very complicated and written in quite high techie speak - for me anyway! Is there anyone who can help me create a GIF animation with this software?
  4. Thank you. I can't see solar disk mode in AS2. I used Surface only.
  5. I want to do a GIF movie of a succession of solar prominences captures. I've done this before but it's extremely arduous lining up all the stills to get as seamless a movie as possible, but there's always flicker etc. I process the images beforehand. Is there a GIF movie maker that lines up the images and creates a seamless movie? Alexxx
  6. What about the Heart or Pacman nebulae?
  7. Please can you recommend good OIII targets? Alexxx
  8. Thank you! I have an OIII filter but have not yet used it.
  9. EDIT: no longer wanted as I've bought one. Hi all, Does anyone have one of these they’re selling? Alex
  10. Sounds great. This? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simeis_147 EDIT: hmmm, too low on the horizon at the mo.
  11. I've imaged quite a number of Ha nebulae and am running out of choices! Can anyone suggest something a bit odd? Alexxx
  12. Thanks all. I am using a 2x Barlow as the camera won't come to focus without it. I never have this problem with my 120 though.
  13. This is a screenshot of my new ASI224MC via my Coronado PST. I've never had this problem with my 120MC. In fact, I ended up having to use it. Same problem in FireCapture. Any ideas? Alexxx
  14. I can't use PHD2, I think, because my camera is old and I have enough problems with what I've got! I don't want to upgrade just yet. I did find that Dec had automatically been turned off. Thanks for your replies, all.
  15. I'm using PHD1. Why is my Dec a flat line? Alexxx
  16. It worked! A slight bit of jiggling about but very good nonetheless. Many thanks.
  17. Very many thanks. I don't know why but ImPPG didn't stack the images properly. Is there anything I can do to ensure they align? I've attached one of the images so you can see what I'm working on.
  18. Hi Dave, that Great Attractor link doesn't work. Do you have another?
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