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  1. Depends on the grease. I think a lot of members here who do their own servicing/upgrades/regreasing, use a white lithium based grease, or PTFE (Teflon) grease. You need enough that it isn't going to dry out in hot weather or under prolonged use. The last thing you want is metal grinding against metal. Take it from someone suffering with arthritis in their knuckles!
  2. What about a large plastic Doric/Roman column? It would just look like a rather pretentious garden ornament!
  3. Imagine what it looked like shortly after it coalesced, glowing orange hot! Then when the outer surface cooled, the volcanic activity - would molten rock have been thrown kilometres high? Finally, the size and brightness of the much nearer Moon. Not to mention the rotation before it became tidally locked.
  4. I can't really tell from the video, but there doesn't appear to be a lot of grease on those gear wheels. Especially for somewhere like Lebanon.
  5. Ahh, the black boxy thing from 2001!
  6. A slight adjustment to the dec worm gear mesh might solve your problems?
  7. Do you still have the link to your EL panel? I can't find it searching the Aliexpress site.
  8. What do you think of S@Ns 'New Look', which to me just appears to be eight pages less than the 'old look' but at the same price (point)!
  9. It's always good to step away from a problem and think about something else. It's amazing how often an answer or idea just pops into your mind! I used to scuba dive and I remember from my training that objects cool 25 times quicker in water than air, for any given temperature.
  10. Oh if my little foray into imaging is anything to go by, you will be WELL distracted by understanding digital imaging, let alone mastering it Kev!
  11. Welcome to SGL. Interesting composite!
  12. It could be the negative header you have on the reservoir. Is there any way you can mount the reservoir at the same height as the pump?
  13. Striking detail Alan! Some very nice looking background galaxies in there too.
  14. I have those on my new power distribution hub. They're nice plugs, but I don't think they are waterproof.
  15. Truly outstanding! I especially love the oblique craters. Absolutely stunning.
  16. Nice image. ☺ I thought narrow band imaging wasn't affected by Moonlight?
  17. What a great start to your season Avani! Looking forward to whats coming under ideal conditions.
  18. Hi and welcome to SGL! The 200pds is a good 'scope for both observational and photographic astronomy (1). (2) I am not sure about the SW 200pds, but I believe you can screw the T adapter straight onto the focus tube. (3) A good quality barlow (tele-extender) are useful. A 2x lens would turn your 40mm into a 20mm and your 28mm into a 14mm.
  19. Hi Alex, I found this after a quick search: https://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/create-animated-gifs-images-using-photoshop-cs6/ HTH
  20. Camolapardilis perhaps!
  21. Looks like it could be a Wren. Cute little birds. ☺
  22. I'll be lucky to get to 10 I reckon!
  23. Just seen this new course on the Future Learn site about planetary atmospheres, how they form and what is required for life. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/atmospheric-chemistry-planets-and-life-beyond-earth?utm_campaign=fl_january_2019&utm_source=newsletter_broadcast&utm_content=course_05&utm_medium=futurelearn_organic_email&utm_term=NL_JAN_CAMPAIGN_310119_B
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