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  1. With the replacement decking nearing completion and the new flower boarders in and planted up, I've accumulated enough Brownie points to at least start thinking about an observatory! Our garden faces West, but our back boundary neighbours have mature beech, sycamore and Ash trees at the bottom of their gardens so our sky views are severely restricted. This combined with our southern neighbour having a large magnolia close to the boundary fence means this view is also largely restricted. We therefore have a limited amount of sunshine in our garden and being that the observatory needs to go near to the southern boundary, I don't want it to be too big and block out even more sun. Because of other things we want to do in the garden, I didn't want outriggers for a roll off roof. The large draw sliders were an option but they seemed a little expensive for the sizes required. Looking on-line at various types of shed, I thought that the pent design would give the most amount of sunlight if the highest part of the roof faces south. I wanted the roof to be as waterproof as possible so decided on an overlap with a lip to prevent water from being blown under and into the observatory. I made a model from balsa wood and have animated its opening and closing to show what my thoughts are. In the model there is one prop leg but in the full size build there would be two, one at each corner. In the model I have a slim bifold door between the warm room and the 'scope room. This may change to a sash window type of access depending on findings during the build. The size of the observatory is intended to be 8 x 4 with a 4 x 4 warm room and a 4 x 4 'scope room; due to space available for the build. This probably means building from scratch rather than adapting a pre-made shed. So the build my be delayed until timber prices come back to more sensible levels!
  2. That is absolutely stunning Neil. The level of detail is so fine. I love the rilles in Sinus Medii. Rima Hyginus shows up really well.
  3. Lovely image Neil and great control of the exposure! Very nice.
  4. That's very nice Geof! Really clear colour banding on the planet.
  5. Have you enabled 'HighSpeed' transfer and what is your 'USB Traffic' setting?
  6. Nice! Andromeda looks a bit magenta to me. You've controlled the core well in your processing. Nice placement in the frame too. A 0.7x or 0.8x reducer would give you a nice amount of space (do you see what I did there ) around the galaxy.
  7. Nice dust Lanes and a good size in the frame. I would have probably tried to rotate the frame to get Andromeda more across the diagonal. I think it would also benefit from lightening a little too. Very nice image all the same.
  8. That file is apt_thumbs. You're still looking at the thumbnail file and not the main image.
  9. Before she died my grate aunt and her family lived in Burley in The New Forest. They had people from London move in next to them. Because the new people didn't like the dark they had a number of streetlights installed in their garden and had them on all night, every night!
  10. Lovely image Bryan! It really 'pops'. It feels like you could hold that bubble in your hand. P.S. Don't knock things just because they're 'old'!
  11. Amazing albedo showing on Ganymede's surface. Nice animation too.
  12. When you say it was working some months ago, was this before daylight saving time? Have you adjusted for Summertime? Sorry I don't know what BST is called in Bulgaria!
  13. I made my own which incorporates a USB hub and an auto focuser:
  14. As of today, it looks like this project has been removed from the Sourceforge site. All search attempts for AAF2 or Tekkydave return '0 Results'.
  15. Ah! The familiar events of an evenings astro photography! At least you managed to capture something. Well done for persevering!
  16. The only thing I would say is be aware of galvanic corrosion between the brass wheels and the steel runner. The steel will corrode a lot faster as an electrolytic effect will happen when both metals are in contact with each other and with water. If the brass has a high zinc content, then you can also get 'denzification', where the zinc leeches out of the brass, leaving a porous mass of copper with virtually no strength, but keeping the shape of the original article.
  17. Not that they will, but if they ever find the scum, they should hang them by their dangley bits!
  18. Ow! Wish we lived near Exeter. Have the skills and looking to change positions at the moment. Not sure my wife would appreciate me taking my wages in stock though!
  19. I obviously should have put a smilie or a 'lol' at the end of my post! I also never said anything about a forecast! I just said that as I had booked the day off work, it was probably going to rain; in a similar vain to FLOs 'May contain clouds' stickers on their parcels. 🌧 I never trust the weather forecast, unless its been raining for 33 days and nights and they forecast another 7 days and nights of rain. All my equipment is itching to go! My last eclipse capture in 1999:
  20. I've booked the day off work to image the partial eclipse. I'm also planning on continuing with building the new decking, before and after the event. So it's going to be pouring with rain!
  21. I built one of these after reading this post some years ago now. It keeps the dew off at night too. If it's ever clear and dark enough to do any imaging that is!
  22. It might be helpful if you could post an image rather than a link. PNG is a good lossless format. Also, what equipment are you using?
  23. +1 for GX12 aviation connectors. I used them on my distribution hub. Different pin configurations for different voltages.
  24. +1 for FireCapture. It is highly recommended for Luna & planetary imaging. As Craig said above, there are lots of videos on the website/YouTube about features. With all of these capture programs it is a bit of a 'suck it and see', as there are so many variables in imaging set-ups, not to mention seeing conditions. Good luck with your new camera, whichever software you decide to use.
  25. Lovely detail and the exposure has been controlled really well.
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