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  1. I did something very similar some time ago, so you may be interested in this http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/162657-a-low-cost-ra-stepper-for-small-telescopes/ . Hope this helps, Alan
  2. Unfortunately none from April 30th to August 14th - that's why we fish in Summer and observe in Winter . Alan
  3. Got back to Shindig in one hit, arriving about 00:20 this morning. Just twelve hours from Lucksall - is this a record !! And the first rain/snow we'd seen in six days was encountered as we crossed Rannoch Moor - as well as a large number of deer in the dark . Many thanks to all those who took part in the organisation of SGLX and especially to Daz as the stand-in Grant. Well done all. SGLX will go down as a one-off. How many star-parties have you been to in the UK when it never rained in five days and we had observing sessions every night? And they even laid on a solar eclipse for us!! The on
  4. +1 for the Rigel QuickFinder, but I've also fitted a SkyWatcher 9x50 finder 'scope. The Rigel allows quick location of an object and the finder 'scope is extremely useful for its magnified view and the ability to find fainter objects. The finder 'scope is not too difficult to fit once you've got over the fact that you have to drill two holes in the OTA. The seat for the finder 'scope is designed so that it sits parallel with the OTA, so simply place it on the tube, mark the holes and drill carefully ( with the OTA horizontal of course, so that you don't drop swarf all over your mirror ). Hope
  5. Hi Labman and welcome to SGL. The RDF of the AstroMaster 130 is easily removed. Just unscrew the two screws nearest the OTA ( tube ) at the back and then slide it backwards. I fitted a Rigel QuickFinder and a finding 'scope instead, which makes it much more useable. Hope this helps, Alan
  6. Hi Jim, and welcome from the dark stuff even further North. Alan
  7. Yup!!! :grin: As you can see from my signature, we now live in Shieldaig, Wester Ross. Our back garden has a Bortle Factor around 3, and a NELM of around 5.75/6 - so not bad !! It's a long drive from here to Lucksall, but we'll see you there, all the best, Alan
  8. Booked Wed - Sun, but it'll be a much longer drive this year than last.......... :grin: . Let's hope no-one has to shout "I see a shiny" ( memories of SGL 9 ) See you all there, Alan
  9. I'm not sure ( as I don't know the field of view ), but I would suggest that what you've captured is Perseus to the bottom left and a bit of Andromeda and Triangulum to the right. It would appear to me that you've missed both M31 and M33, so what it is you've captured I'm afraid don't know. Hope this helps, Alan
  10. And here's me just thinking Laniakea was a make of ukulele!! When it turns out the name comes from the University of Hawaii, it's not surprising that it's very similar to Lanikai. This would tend to indicate that the music of the heavens must be played on a uke!!! :evil: :grin: Alan ( with tongue pressed hard into cheek ) :grin:
  11. Not sure yet, if we'll be able to come this year as we're in the process of moving to the NW Highlands of Scotland, and may not have everything sorted by then . Still, if Linda has her way a 1200 mile round trip will be on the cards :grin: .......... If we can't make it, clear skies to everyone, and make sure you've got your dew-shields to hand!!! all the best, Alan
  12. So that's what they mean when they say it's the 'Glorious Twelfth'..................
  13. But don't you need to be remote to get dark skies?? Don't worry, when we're settled in there will be lots of pictures, probably on our own hill-walking website. In the meantime you could always look here http://www.stevecarter.com/ansh/ansh2.htm ............ Yes, it can get quite hairy up there, but when the weather is still it's fantastic. Summer is for fishing!!! :evil: I've fished lochs up there well after midnight during the Summer, but Autumn, Winter and Spring are for observing. Drinking happens all year round!!! :evil: I'll let you know if and when we start to take people
  14. As all the legal work is now official, I fell compelled to share my good news. After some time trying to arrange everything, Linda and I are finally going to be moving house from the light polluted skies of Reading, to the wonderful skies of the North West Highlands of Scotland :grin: . We have bought a house in Shieldaig on Loch Shieldaig which itself is on Loch Torridon, 70 miles west of Inverness. We will be moving in around 2 months time ( with luck ). Whilst we will be surrounded by 3500ft mountains there are many places where a good, uninterrupted view of the sky is available so we will
  15. Ordnance Survey. The original map makers. Hope this helps, Alan
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