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Hello + Strange object in the sky


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Hello, this is my first post on any forum of this kind. My friend directed me here after I told him about this and I'm not really sure where I should post this.

I do not venture a great deal into astronomy or stargazing but I saw something in the sky that I thought was significant. I will try to convey what I saw and provide its rough direction.

I looked on Google Earth and it seems like my location might be: 52° 47' 32. 87" N 2° 08' 04. 18" W ( I would not know if this is relevant ).

The thing was right above me in a Southerly inclination at around 22:30 on 16/06/2011. It appeared to be heading East or South East.

I lay on my back in the garden and closed my eyes for a moment. I opened them and something flashed leftwards between the horizontal view made by the surrounding buildings. During this instantaneous event I witnessed a large ball or object just above the clouds and it was emitting a powerful sort of yellow light. It seemed to flash like a huge camera at the point in the sky directly above me and this flash had illuminated the objects path, resembling a thick yellow tear in the sky. The object itself was too fleeting for any detailed scrutiny, but it was certainly something like a ball (or disc) shape and I could definitely state if it were not for the fleeting nature of the phenomenon that it must have slowed down for a period, when it was right above me.

It seems strange to post on something that could have so easily been a dream but I am certain that what I describe is what I saw. I am not sure that I know what a comet looks like, maybe that is what it was.

If this is at all interesting or relevant then I'd like to provide more information if it is required.

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What were the weather conditions/cloud?

My first guess is helicopter or aeroplane. Both have powerful search/landing lights which can illuminate clouds thus hiding their true nature and when manouvering give misleading impressions of speed for ground observers.


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It was dark and the clouds were sparse. Upon review of my description I suppose it could have been a shooting star. It seemed very close though.

When I consider the idea that it might have been a low-flying satellite it seems to make sense, but I would still be awed by the speed at which it moved. Some astro-event seems much more likely.

I do wish I had images of it. It was really too sudden for me to have captured anything. I have never seen anything unusual in the sky, I have looked at planes and helicopters at night thinking they were some kind of UFO, but I've never actually seen something I could not explain.

Again, I'm not a stargazer. It could have been anything. Maybe it was the government.

It looked very much like an Iridium Flare!

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It's those pesky damn Martians again. They like to tease all new-comers to stargazing by turning up and buzzing round the sky with the fog and hazard lights on.

Don't worry about it...they'll soon get bored and wander off to annoy someone else....:):D:D

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Hi and welcome. I have had a couple of colleagues that have been caught out by people letting off chinese lanterns. These lanterns have iregular flight patterns due to wind speed/direction.

One of my friends said that it went at quite some speed, stopped, then whizzed off again. He even phoned the local radio station to find out if anything had been reported. He felt quite foolish when he realised what it was, but the thing is if you have never seen one before then how would you know what it was.

Could well of been a shooting star, sometimes you can actually hear them as they enter our atmosphere.

Satellites usually are quite slow and often flash as they spin. I wouldn't class them as being low flying though for obvious reasons.

I would suggest youtubing, chinese lanterns, satellites and shooting stars etc to see if anything matched what you saw.

Good luck


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Hi Mjungnir, welcome to SGL.

I had similar experience to yours which I kept secret for nearly twenty years. I went to Caorle, Italy, with my friends and we were camping there. One night I was resting under the tree and was looking at the sky above. There were no clouds as far as I remember. I saw that small circle there that suddenly got bigger, it looked like it was descending very quicky in horizontal direction. Then it got small again and disappeared. Everything happened in a matter of seconds. The circle was very light green in colour. First I thought I had a little nap and was dreaming, but that whole thing was too real to be just a dream. I don't know what it was, but I ruled out everything from light reflections to balloons or satellites, since nothing made by human could move that quickly and there were no clouds to reflect lights as well.


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