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  1. Thank you all for encouraging words, I will definitely try monochrome next time I image. Cheers.
  2. Thanks Dave. I was thinking about the MM version but realised I would have no time for filter swapping and went the easy MC way :).
  3. maltrabob


    Single shot taken through a Lunt LS60THa/B1200 with 2x Barlow Lens and Canon 1100D. Plenty of dust on Canon's optics, including two dark spots on disc. These images don't do my telescope any justice as looking directly through an eyepiece is incredible - red lava like disc with plenty of pin sharp proms and surface details. Could most probably go as high as 6mm eyepiece for observing with this scope. Just some colour swapping in IrfanView to get an orange disc. These were taken some three weeks ago with the same scope and ASI290MC camera.
  4. Great post and great images in your gallery. Waiting for my 290MC I am glad you reassured me I've made a right choice.
  5. Hi, thank you for your reply. I have an older DSLR and I agree with you that some great shots can be done with it. Hopefully I will have time and clear skies and start using it shortly. I am still not decided which ZWO camera to go for and what's worse I added another one that I am looking into - ZWO ASI290MC USB 3.0. So it is three contenders now instead of two and it's all down to this great and up-to-date guide I found on Agena Astro - http://agenaastro.com/zwo-astronomy-cameras-buyers-guide.html
  6. Very interesting tool. I am looking into it at the moment, the decision is going to be made between ZWO ASI224MC USB 3.0 and ZWO ASI185MC USB 3.0. Both have the same pixel size but the later also has bigger sensor size. Thank you again.
  7. Yes that's the first thing I've noticed with IS cameras when doing a bit of own research - low frame rates when compared to those of ZWO ones. Oversampling, undersampling - I am going to look at it, could you point me towards some good guide here at SGL, please? I do have a Baader Neodymium (Moon & Skyglow) filter #245835, I am going to do a bit of research on it. Again, thank you for your help, I know you are busy preparing your Sunday Roasts so I appreciate your time :).
  8. Thank you very much for your answers so far. I am inclined towards ZWO cameras, ASI224MC is looking really good and for great price too. Still gives me over £100 to play with, is there any model that would surpass 224's qualities (178, 185 and 290) or would that be just unnecessary waste of money. Also, I am not planning on buying any filter wheel for separate RGB channels so I suppose buying a colour camera doesn't degrade the final outcome, does it? Thank you.
  9. Hi guys, I am after a camera for high-resolution imaging of our Moon. I would like to try planetary imaging as well but Moon is a priority. Looking at the prices it's pretty much between ZWO and Imaging Source brands. The telescope that will be used with the camera is a C9.25 f10. Any advice is appreciated. Cheers.
  10. Supermoon sky was overcasted heavily so only managed a few quick single shots two days later. Taken by 1100D at various ISO settings.
  11. Thank you for your reply, I need a lot of practice. Did my single shot with ISO 100 and 1/800th second. Not stacking those single shots would most probably be the reason I can't get decent sharpness. Cheers.
  12. Nice sharp images. Don't mind me asking, how many did you have to stack to get that final result and what settings (aperture and ISO) are you using on your 1100D? Sorry for being nosey, just had a go today myself and I am a bit disappointed with the outcome.
  13. Still, this is an absolutely amazing image. The amount of details and sharpness are superb.
  14. Probably the best amateur picture of the Moon I've seen so far. Looks like an image taken by some Lunar orbiter.
  15. Nice 3D effect on those mountains .
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