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  1. Is this the same one, a tad more expensive @ £11.80 but good for those with no access to that chain of shops. Hubble: Window on the Universe: Amazon.co.uk: Giles Sparrow: Books
  2. congratulations halo, looks a good bit of kit. There goes our clear skies for the next week Mel
  3. I have a 10" inch Dob and it just about fit in my Citroen C3 with the seats down and the front passenger seat as forward as it could go. I doubt I'd have got a 12" in, but a bigger car like an estate would have no problem. If you have a sizable shed then storage wouldn't be a problem either. I have a 10X8 shed and it's more than ample for a 12". Mel
  4. Looks in good condition £150: Telescope mount EQ5 deluxe in Ballymena, County Antrim | Other Bicycle, Sports & Travel Equipment for Sale | Gumtree.com
  5. Hopefully the weather will clear up
  6. That was the starting bid this time. Last time the stating bid was 99p. This has got to be a scam or stolen goods.
  7. said last time that he was in the shetlands....
  8. It's been removed..... I got an answer from the seller though, he said: Only 5 months old. It is like new condition. Bought direct from QUESTAR factory. I have the 2Yrs warranty. in Shetland Isle. Wht is your offer? where to send pics?
  9. I was curious so I've asked some questions about it, will be interesting to see if/how they answer. According to this it does come with a case: http://www.acecameras.co.uk/asp/web/recorprod/1/product/14135/cat/1873/ph/cat/keywords//recor/1/SearchFor//PT_ID/1/product.asp
  10. I'm always very suspicious of ad's with no effort put into them. No photo's and a poor description...... Beware!
  11. M13 in Hercules has me glued to my scope, just can't get enough of it. and it's almost directly overhead atm.
  12. U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell No photo but 1200 for 20" sounds pretty good
  13. You can see what could be stars or graphic artifacts momentarily appearing further out from the edge. I think the ojects are far to large to be anything manmade and Can't see it being anything celestial. Not sure how you can see any type of orbit by these objects. The owner of the footage admits that it's the first time he's used the cam so I'm guessing it has something to do with the setup and maybe even the time of day as the sky looks pretty blue. I thing we can safely say it's not ET peeking out from behind the moon though
  14. And Wonders of the Universe: Wonders Of The Universe Blu-ray | Zavvi.com
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