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  1. Wow..... This must have cost s fortune...
  2. louizi

    Hello Everyone

    Here being a great community is nt an understatement... You just joined the best community. Welcome and have fun
  3. Welcome wojtek from Gdansk, hav fun and enjoy your stay here as I have... You have the greatest and most willing people to help you achieve your aim here
  4. If I can see Saturn this way I think I will call that a big success... I look forward to achieving something as clear as this
  5. OK... Thanks so much... I wil do d calculation... Thanks again
  6. Will i be able to see saturns ring with my F70076 telescope?
  7. I would love to see saturn too but I dnt knw how to go about that with my reflector F70076 Newtonian telescope... Can u advice me how? Thank you so much as I anticipate your reply.
  8. So many people with same hubby and same issues... Am beginning to think there is a connection with peering through a telescope and cataracts... ? I am also four eyed too ( as people who use glasses are refared to in Nigeria), astigmatism, bt I can stil use my telescope with out my glasses. Am happy for you guys that had happy ending, I wish you better health all round
  9. Goodevening sir, as it is 9:59 here in Nigeria.

    Please I have some enquiry I want to make sir. Jupiter has been visible for a while now in the morning sky but it appears as a small star. My question now is how do I use my telescope to view Jupiter since it is so far away, because I have been trying to but I haven't succeeded so far.

    Thank you very much.


  10. I guess the reason for the our different observation time is because am in Oyo state, Nigeria. Nigeria is about one hour ahead of England in the time zone hence Venus would be observed in the sky about one hour earlier before people in England would see her, this is why I saw Venus and Jupiter about one hour earlier before you did... Yes, the photo did paint a clear picture of my poem. Maybe I will do as you did and take a picture of Venus and Jupiter tomorrow morning as they pass by. I think one good thing to be in Nigeria with out constant power outage is it gives us a dark b
  11. Venus and Jupiter Trailing each other Like a star and a half As I watch the east-west sky. Like sister and brother Holding hands one in the other Trying to find their path Through the ecliptic plane. One is brighter Compared to the other As they sail through The 5:46 morning sky. A beautiful sight to gaze at Yet a contrast To see Venus brighter And Jupiter dimmer Cos my mind flashed the reminder That Venus a smaller Compared to Jupiter That is much more bigger. I seem to have a reason much cooler and brighter To wake up every morning
  12. Oh... I understand nw. Thank you so much sir
  13. Can my F70076 refractor see Orion like he did? Goodmorning sir
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