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  1. Ah!!! A proper telescope. I have a 6"f8 Achro, and it's taken me to the Moon many many times, sure a little Chrom. Abb. but it bothered me not one jot. That's a nice purchase, either in part, or whole. Good luck on your sale. Ron.
  2. I don't see an price for your items. Classifieds for sale must include your asking price. Ron.
  3. The bolt on the Lockdown has been released, if only tentatively, and in the hope that the human element within this treat it with great care and respect , and thereby permit it to go forward and prosper. There have been recent incidents of a kind that will give many of us room for doubt, but we sincerely hope that no more temptation is offered to this deadly Virus through foolhardy behaviour. Practical Astronomy is an outdoor pusuit in the main, so we all wish the future has a good outcome for all. Enjoy the freedom everyone, and I'm looking forward to that first Martian Co
  4. The weather has played a little part from a spirits raising viewpoint, but I just hope it isn't a false dawn. I will be overjoyed when I see the possibility of another SGL Star Party hatching on the Forum pages. Well, I can hope can't I ? Lucksall Again would be just fine. Ron.
  5. How about The Strawberry Nebula, surely that can't offend anyone. I would just hope "And Cream"
  6. barkis


    Welcome aboard the Goodship SGL Captain K. Enjoy you stay among some of the finest amateur Astronomers online. Any problems you may need addressed will be readily be resolved for you if needed, just post your problem in the Astro. Lounge. Best Wishes. Ron.
  7. It's quite aggravating when you want to get a reasonable delivery time after you commit payment based on the answer you are given. One has to wonder if the fear of losing an order is enough to persuade some dealers to be a little conservative with the truth. I have used TS in Germany twice, but for small payment Items only, but they they were were delivered in very reasonable time. I always use UK dealers for major Astro. items, mostly our sponsor, less trepidation that way. These are very difficult times for dealers of all genres, and one has to afford them some sympathy and patie
  8. Welcome to SGL. Gavin. Never too late to turn attention to the night sky. It is not the mystery it was once describes as, much has be learned over the many years since man gazed up and wondered what it all meant. It is true to say that much has been discovered by amateur astronomers over the years, so If you are not sure of something you observe, mention it on the forum, and the experts will analyse it, and tell you the answer. Many new comets have been discovered by amateur observers, but of course every smudge in the sky is not a comet, lots of work to do before that solution is arrived at.
  9. Producing a Paraboloid can be a time consuming task, particularly if it is required to be a fast photographic objective. It is the main reason these mirrors are pricier. A spherical mirror is no pushover to fashion either though, and not be taken lightly, the same care and attention has to be applied to it's creation, not having to figure it does not mean it will be a doddle to produce. Ron.
  10. You couldn't find two finer gentlemen anywhere than MikeP. and Daz, their services to SGL are superb. Mike has always had a generous nature, and Daz. has always given massive support to SGL. Ron.
  11. Perhaps if you have some images taken with the scope you could show might inspire a potential buyer. Ron .
  12. I'd need a Lottery win to buy this very fine Instrument. One can live in hope I guess. I'd travel to collect by Taxi too. 600 mile round trip. But, I'm too old to horde money. Best of luck with your sale. Ron.
  13. Welcome to The Stargazers Lounge Pete. You got a decent Photo Visual Scope there. At F5 You will get some good results from It when polar aligned . A good mount is a must, and if you can make a permanent fixture it will help a lot. I see you have aqainted yourself with Steve Jones, who supplies astro photograpy help on his website from his home in Canada. He's a great guy, and as well as Astronomy. he loves his dog, and his wife too of course. Enjoy your stay here, where we have all the help you need as you progress through the learning curve. Ron.
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