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  1. If your close to Montreal, I found the 8" dobsonian for 200$ on kijiji. Which is a very good price if it's in A1 condition. 200mm aperture will last a long time for a bit more money. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-achat-et-vente-divers/longueuil-rive-sud/sky-watcher-dobsonian-telescope-8-pouces-de-diametre/1314027830?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  2. First real eyepiece purchase?

    yeah Pulp Fiction Great scene also.
  3. First real eyepiece purchase?

    If they kept Xcel in the name, I think it could be because they think Xcels were good eyepieces from the beginning, I would not be surprised. The same thing when I listen to an election speech from the losing party, usually, they talk like if they were the winners literally. Pride
  4. First real eyepiece purchase?

    I wish to add a note, the Xcels, I hear they are among the worst eyepiece of all time (I think Dave in Vermont has the experience with those) But the Xcel LX are very good with my F5 Newtonian, they are well corrected, comfortable to use and very descent views. (25mm, 18mm and 5mm I own)
  5. First real eyepiece purchase?

    I would buy a 25mm (26x) and a 5mm (130x) in phase 1. Then in phase 2, I would add the combo 8mm (81x) and 12mm (54x). This would make the interesting sequence 26x, 54x, 81x, 130x
  6. What did the postman bring

    Mr. Postman should have brought exactly this for me tonight: But I have this instead
  7. hey hello, Thanks.
  8. Aliens- do they exist??

    Maybe this is not a legal argument in term of science but according to wikileaks, the US government would already be in direct contact with aliens.
  9. BST Starguider

    I could be tube current too, if the telescope (or the eyepiece) is much warmer then the exterior temperature, this will mess up the view seriously. Telescope and large eyepiece need to adapt to the exterior temperature for 30, 40 minutes maybe more. The 12mm Starguider is on my wish list, supposed to be very good eyepiece for the price. Also, with my F5 coma is a small issue with longer FL eyepieces only, like 24mm.. 32mm 34mm. I would not expect to have problems with a 12mm
  10. Lowest practical magnification

    I have a 7mm exit pupil max and used a 32mm and a 34mm on 200x1000 F5 newtonian. With the 32mm I never saw any central obstruction at night (6.5mm exit pupil 31x) I can't see it with the 34mm either (6.8 exit pupil 29x). Presently, It's working fine for me.
  11. Report M2 and M71 (but not M56)

    Looks like it was a very nice observation you had, I can't wait to go on another observation myself. I saw Sagitta M71 for the first time this year and it struck my memory, this place is packed with stars and a wonder to look at with my new 34mm eyepiece this place is a wide field spot. You have the very orange star close to M71 too, Y Sagitta. M2 I don't have any memories of it but it looks like a nice cluster too. You did a great sketch of it, very nice sketch, it has the brighter stars in the middle too. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Screw size

    Well it's certainly not stronger then the metallic ones, but I apply about the same amount of torque and i feel is pushing hard on the eyepiece, it's locked there. I could get a holder with compression ring but I heard the taper barrel of the explore scientific eyepieces is too steep, the copper ring will bend most likely. That's the reason why I decided to stick with the screw extension tubes.
  13. Screw size

    You are right to have worries... I decided to see how strong they are with a strength test (about 10 minutes ago), and they are surprisingly strong even the small ones, it's possible to apply quite a bit of torque (torque I don't even apply with the metal screws) With the eyepiece they remain solid and nothing is moving, we will have to see in a few observation if the tip remains round or get flat.. But the eyepiece is stranded strongly inside the tube with not much torque.applied. I did these tests usine my vice --> I can't take the head off with the strength of my fingers only, and the head will pop out after at least 5 complete turns, which is far, from the torque used on the eyepiece. Video 34, I can't cut the screw with my weak strength only It will survive abuse https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0OZ0oXfzDlFLXJXeTdma0k2WkU Video 32, with a pair of pliers, 5 complete turns are required to cut the screw. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0OZ0oXfzDlFUG9iRmdDb1JLaUE Video 33, to be able to cut it with my fingers (with a struggle) I need to turn the head at least 1 full time with the pair of plier. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0OZ0oXfzDlFcEY5b1N4UXFhTVU I am surprised by their strength, I had to know. (Warning: the sound of the video can be high)
  14. I use a heater to keep my eyepieces warmer then the ambient temperature and to keep my mirrors warmer during winter observation. Or I simply take my eyepiece in my car and start the car to reheat them. Procedure to build a dew heater, bellow, i did it and it's a very effective device. http://www.deepskywatch.com/Articles/newtonian-dew-heater.html
  15. We should build a tree diagram with (yes/no) question for this specific question, to make the process of choosing easier when people want to do photo and visual with the same telescope. Me, I would get 2 telescopes, one with a small aperture specific for photography and one with larger aperture telescope for visual, to look at galaxies and nebula etc, no compromises.