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  1. 2018-03-17 - REPORT - PART 1 - THE TAURUS TRIP

    Splitting double stars is not my best discipline by far. In 3 years I was never able to split anything closer then 3" with my F5 Newtonian. Because of the spiders and the coma. For T88 I didn't noticed an elongated airy disk either.. =======================x I looked at the situation of T88 again today and I want to validate my understanding first (I am easily confused) These are the infos from my atlas bellow (Cambridge double star edition 2) , they talk about a 71" separation between 4.3 and 7.8 magnitudes (2 components, one with 4 stars and the other of 2 stars). When I looked at the pair using the telescope, it's an obvious easy double component to split. 2 singular objects composed of many objects. Then I looked again at Stellarium and took a measurement between those 2 stars, they are 7.7 and 4.4 magnitude (in Stellarium) and with approximately 71" separation. I am impressed at how accurate my sketch is too... not 100% but accurate enough. If I look at your map I don't think any of the 2 green stars can be the companion of T88 the one with 6.0mag should be HIP21269 and it's 52' minutes away from T88.
  2. Vacations August or September?

    This is the last day I have to choose my vacations.. I choose the take them in August because I feel September it's too far away.. I had to split the apple between my need for a vacation and astronomy. But my 4th available vacation week is the 3rd of May so this should be a nice week without moon and with not too much insects, for astronomy. (; Thanks for your help here. (And I still have the option to switch to September at the last minute if there is too much work in August) Yeah! @Mak the Night I had my 102mm Mak/AZ5 out this evening as the sun was out and I tried to catch a setting Venus and Mercury. I had all my filters and everything ready. At about 18:20 GMT I glanced Venus first with the naked eye, then in the RACI. By the time my eye got to the actual eyepiece clouds obscured everything. I didn't see it again! Ahh sorry to hear that, a very common curse.. );
  3. 2018-03-17 - REPORT - PART 1 - THE TAURUS TRIP

    Ah you are right both visible stars are not related, they are just 2 close stars. (But very nice) Thanks for pointing that out, my sketch is not a real double star just 2 close stars.
  4. If I stay at home only the zenith is available because of the trees so I start from there and look at what's available in the constellations using Stellarium. Then I pick a sector to look at and containing at least 1 or more DSOs (usually for sketching) That's for home observation. Then I look around the DSO and find many new things in real time outside using with the atlas.. like a double star, a carbon star or another DSO. If I can drive to a better sky again, Stellarium is used to locate hard to see DSOs then the organisation will be around these difficult or rare targets, trying to pick new things, new constellation especially nebulae and galaxies. Once you have a few original targets and constellation spots to look at.. then you look at them slowly (;
  5. 2018-03-17 - REPORT - PART 1 - THE TAURUS TRIP

    Yes glad you like the path idea, i find it goog to create a separate frame for a specific event. (: You have a nice avatar of Mars, I remember from 2016, the opposition, I could see hints of the bluish clouds/atmosphere around the disk just has your picture. Remnants of atmosphere or clouds.
  6. 2018-03-17 - REPORT - PART 1 - THE TAURUS TRIP

    Thanks Demonperformer (; it was a pleasant session. The Gemini report yes I don't have sketch for it. ); But I have a sketch of Tau 88. The star in the middle is the visual pair from 29x power. 2018-03-19 -Update : apparently the faint star close to the middle star from the sketch (T88) is NOT part of a multi star system, only 2 close stars. (But on the other hand, a beautiful pair, of course)
  7. 2018-03-17 - REPORT - PART 1 - THE TAURUS TRIP Here is my small report from last night. This trip was separated in 2 phases Taurus and Gemini but this part is about Taurus only. Observation took place at home in the parking with fairly good transparency but average seeing, there was a bit of scintillation at high power. Using my 200 x 1000 Newtonian. The trip is plotted in red dots, a star journey from Aldebaran to my main goal NGC 1662. Aldebaran is a friendly home with it's rich orange color and all the stars in the path were pretty nice, nothing unusual in therm of colors with these. I was not able to split Tau 90 but Tau 88 was a very nice unequal visual pair. Atlas tells me it's a spectroscopic sextuple, nothing less! The thing I remember, the main star was a bright blue one with a dim companion with a separation of 71" (Atlas) Unequal pair 4.3 and 7.3 mag with a bright blue star! Finally the NGC 1662. A small cluster easily visible at low power 29x. there were at least 15 stars at the core of the cluster including what I could see in averted vision. Then I switched the low eyepiece to a 12mm 83x, 24 stars were visible at least. More power revealed more stars. I looked through my 12mm Starguider to sketch, a nice little collection of stars again. Fun with star cluster! Thanks for watching!
  8. Vacations August or September?

    @mak the night I installed Kstars, Ill check it out a bit later, it's installed. I like the "what's up tonight" feature, that's a great add on. Nice for your new filter 82A Lumicon. I still need to try my new color filters, the #11 on Saturn and Jupiter, It's a lifetime experiment and I to have many interesting colors to try. We have very bad weather for almost 2 weeks now.. it,s terrible outside right now. Eventually they all will be tested these GSO filters...
  9. Vacations August or September?

    That's good advice for me @Mak the Night. And I remember, each time I was well prepared with a list of objects to find, (some hard, some easy), those where the greatest observations. Especially when I could find faint NGC objects.. (non Messier) they are obviously much harder to locate and very rewarding even if less impressive, it's the skill of spotting something hard to spot, with no electronic technology to help me. When I find a new NGC, most of the time this was the result of genuine work. I could be out-of-date... but I like that. Frankly, I might never use "deep sky" at home.. because it requires Chromes OS... But I still have Stellarium and my precious paper atlas, the Double Star Atlas Second Edition.. Do you prefer Deep Sky over Stellarium ? =============== Oh and I CAN take my vacation in September. So I really have 2 choices available.. (; what shall I do?
  10. Vacations August or September?

    @geoflewis Yes I am interested in Perseids of course, thanks for the info about the peak, i was not aware Aug 12th was the peak. no problem for the moon calander. I can't find the website now from this computer but it's a good website. @Mak the Night August ok. It's a good idea to plan observations, I am not spending enough time on planification in order to find the very faint and hidden stuff. You do it in advance, this is cleaver. Need to do that too. @Stu September is very tempting because of the no mosquitoes.. ,yes, that is a major point for me too. I should talk with the manager soon today to see if September is available for me to start with and after that, I'll have almost 2 weeks to decide (has I saw this morning from an E-mail) good news.
  11. Vacations August or September?

    @Mak the Night Thanks for the wishes. You see, 1 hour ago I was all about September, now it's all about August, Ill decide tomorrow, with a few days left to decide. In 2 weeks of no moon, if I can go to a dark spot 2 or 3 times, my vacation will be a huge success. Not much then that is required for me. During my last 1 week vacation from Febuary, I drove 2 times to the dark spot and I had memorable observations. Incredible. The last week of the 3,with the moon, is also interesting for moon sketching, I always enjoy to sketch craters and mountain. So it's 2 weeks of mysterious DSOs at the mysterious spot and 1 week for the moon at home. I always wait to go to a dark spot for the DSO. DSO observation it's the most important thing for me.. it's my favorite astro-drug.It's the most rewarding thing by a bit. (Although the planets are quite rewarding too, I remember 2016 opposition of mars.. wow)
  12. Vacations August or September?

    Hello @Mak the Night Tossing a coin, could be the solution... I don't know yet if September will be accepted by the management. I need to have to have a discussion with them tomorrow, it's not impossible but it could be refused in september.
  13. Vacations August or September?

    Thats another positive argument for September.
  14. I need a boost to help me pick the right vacation date, so far am having a very hard time selecting the perfect 3 weeks because both choices are good. My goal is to have the less moon has possible for DSO observation that's the priority, 3 weeks in a row 2 good DSO weeks and 1 moon week. What do you think ? CHOICE #1 - AUGUST 4th to AUGUST 26th - ARGUMENTS Temperature: Over 15 Celsius most of the nights and fairly hot during the day around 25 Celsius (and more) Humidity: Usually High (not comfortable and bad transparency) Clouds: Medium (I would say) Mosquitoes: High amount. (not comfortable) Insect body armor required: Yes (Not comfortable) Summer time: Yes, I still can enjoy summer time to do summer things. CHOICE #2 - SEPTEMBER 1st to SEPTEMBER 23rd - ARGUMENTS Temperature: Around 15 Celsius and bellow most of the nights (Very comfortable for me) Humidity: Most likely, less then August. Clouds: Most likely higher then August. (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec are usually the worst for clouds) Mosquitoes: Low to none (A major comfort argument) Insect body armor required: No (A major comfort argument) Summer time: It's over. September seems like a better choice to me but it will be a long summer without vacations, and I am afraid of the autumn clouds. It's 50 / 50.. Aghhh What would you do ? thank you very much in advance for the help.
  15. NE Proms

    Incredible Mariosi, it's beautiful.