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  1. Nice custom setup (: I see you can put a paper atlas too over the Ipad too. But wait, you have a flask there? I would fall asleep in no time.
  2. I think the Dob 6" or 8" is a great idea, but the weight is something to consider too. The 6": 2 new boxes of 15 kg + 10 kg (The tube is 5.78 kg, 12.74 pounds) The 8": 2 new boxes of 15 kg and 17 Kg (The tube only 11 kg, 24.25 pounds) Depending of the person, there is some lifting involved. Mmy 8" tube is kind of heavy in the stairs but I am not very strong either.
  3. waaa 100 kms tunnel that's quite a walk! I believe the Chinese will build their own either so.. At the pace we are destroying the earth, maybe it's a good idea to have competition between countries (assuming at the end everyone will share the new break through discoveries, to control gravity and access infinite energy.) The incredible ITER project is progressing too! The latest pictures of the construction site, the concrete Tokamak pit. Wow! Huge structure!!!
  4. I think it's a UFO for @assouptro I never saw anything strange myself yet. )`: but it must be a great experience to be the witness of mysterious lights, there is no doubt for me about it.
  5. Nice report I can feel your passion there (; I like the double star Cor Caroli, it's always a nice target, good pick. A few days ago I discovered Virgo Porrima, another really nice double star, if you don't know it already, this one too is worth watching.
  6. I discovered with a Celestron 24 to 8mm zoom that +-40 degree AFOV is not really interesting to use for low power like 24mm... No more zooms for me.
  7. Thank you (;
  8. I am back from bed now and the forecast for tonight is perfect on paper again!!! I wish for a day without clouds, to be able to see the details of all these galaxies in Coma Berenices and to draw some sketches? --> there will be astronomy again tonight!
  9. @Pig my plans were messed up quite a bit. There were clouds like hell from 21:00 to 12:00.. I had to leave the spot at 12:00 because of that... The problem was this cloud formation below, I believe it's a kind of Altostratus, low altitude light clouds. I could look at the stars between these strats of clouds all coming from the center point in the picture. They had a life of maybe 5 minutes, really variable sky, fast transitions, almost no wind. The good news is, I saw many galaxies around Virgo and Coma Berenices maybe 10 different galaxies were visible through these fine clouds.. incredible. (Especially the messier ones but a few NGC too). I saw many galaxies around the Leo triplet , M105, M95, M96 and some NGCs were there too. (: @andrew63 I found NGC 6946 in Cephus (:, close to the star cluster it's a really large galaxy. Has an estimate, I would say I could see around 1500 arc seconds of this object, but really faint. It's a miracle I could find it in these conditions. Thanks for this interesting suggestion, I have to look at this supernova galaxy again another day. I spent time on jupiter too, at 31x I could see 2 to 4 bands, really nice views at 31x. At 143x, surprisingly, a lots of details were visible trough the clouds, 4 bars were easily visible and some details in the NEB and SEB not bad for Jupiter, different colors for each moons too. And AHHH! he best moment of the night in Virgo, the doube star Porrima, the telescope did nice split with my orthoscopic 7mm, 143x, great double star! both stars are equal in size, same color too, beige white. I am happy with this observation after all!
  10. @andrew63 The Firework galaxy is on the list (((: @SteveA My batteries are not bad right now! (If you talk about my own energy to last during the night?) I am prepared to be supercharged with the exceptional use of an energy drink.
  11. OMG I am so happy, i am starting a 3 days vacation and this is the forecast for tonight (((: This might be my highest point sense I don't remember when, with NO MOON!!! No work tomorrow! Low humidity and my car has a full tank of petrol. I am starting my preparation for a trip to a better sky (((((((((((((((((: If anyone has suggestions of spectacular DSOs to look at for tonight? I am going to spend time planning my observation a little bit later. For sure, M66 and M65 are on the list!
  12. @celestron8g8 I am not quitting this art form soon, I am pretty sure it's going to last for my entire life time. But it's like the passion for good wine, good cheese, old cars (or choppers). there will always be passionate people, sketching will live forever certainly. Thanks for sharing your experience too with eyepieces and the C8 @mikeDnight Oh hedgehogs, they must be cute? it must be hard to hate them. We don't have hedgehogs here in Quebec but we have large porcupine, like 13 Kilogram and more. I saw one 3 observations ago I thought is was a bear cub at first. You tolerate your hedgehogs or you have to capture them sometimes?
  13. Thanks Richard! I wish for good weather during the week end.. to be able to spend more time sketching.
  14. Wow! RayD your project is fantastic, the craftsmanship and the engineering, really precise, premium work! Thanks for sharing the building process.