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  1. I have one I will be selling soon....... I'm in Northumberland.
  2. Nor me but I am just going through the same learning process with the ASI 1600 and I have read up a little bit online, it generally suggested ADU 25000 for flats using APT so that is what I have used on my two imaging sessions so far !
  3. Thanks..... So you just use the last focus position you were using in that case, so using that same position for every filter ?
  4. Ah, OK, I get it now...... Well my filters are very clean in an enclosed FW so maybe just the 1 lum flats for vignetting is all I need at the moment then ? That sounds like a decent shortcut !
  5. Hi Adam, thanks for this. I'll just stick to a single focus position then it'll save time . I thought the point of flats was to remove imperfections (dust etc) on each filter so they need to be filter specific ? PS - Loving your comet and noctilucent clouds there !
  6. Hi All Just a quick one, I’m new to mono/filters so this may sound like a daft question ! If you have to make some tiny adjustments to focus for each filter, should you do your flats with those tiny adjustments made between each filter too ? I read that focus should be the same between filters and flats but is the point of focus absolutely critical for flats or could I get away with doing them all at the end of the night at one focus position ? Just trying to cut down on early morning faffing time, I know taking short cuts doesn't always work out tho ! Thanks
  7. Before going in with swabs and fluids I'd try a blower and the camera's own sensor cleaning options. Lock the mirror open, hold the camera upside down and use a blower to blow up onto the sensor, this may dislodge stuff and have it drop out (make sure the camera is held upside down/sensor facing the floor). If that doesn't work then try the clean sensor now option on the camera's menu. If they both don't work then consider something more invasive like swabs.
  8. Just 1 power lead in does all (for the mount that is !), I used standard mains power supply with my outdoor garden plug set up. Got my HEQ5 2nd hand so not sure what it actually comes with new.
  9. HUGE !!...... If you let it go that way. I vowed to always be sensible and never do that.......... It didn't work !
  10. I'd suggest HEQ5 as a minimum tbh. HEQ5 will give you a stable imaging platform with the 130PDS/DSLR combo and make life easier than using a lesser mount. I got the HEQ5 but wish I'd waited and saved more for the NEQ6/EQ6R tbh ! NEQ6 or EQ6R can take heavier gear so is a bit more future proof. I've got a 200PDS too and that is right on the limit of the HEQ5's capabilities once you've added heavy camera gear.
  11. My advice would be to work through a few possible causes, it might not be just one thing going on here and I don’t have a simple answer I’m afraid ! Do a star test to check collimation is definitely good. The image seems to show some coma so check spacing of the CC. My MPCC took an evening of careful tinkering to get just right. Stars look more out of focus on the bottom left and perhaps left in general which suggests tilt ? Check the MPCC is placed firmly and flat against the fully lowered focuser tube and screw up each screw little by little alternating between screws to try and get it as central as possible. Many folk have tapped a third screw into the focuser tube to help with tilt problems. Star shapes top left look a bit triangular which is what I had with a pinched primary mirror, it may just be tilt but it can’t hurt to check the mirror clips anyway and loosen slightly if required. These are all things I had to do to get the best from my 130PDS with the Baader MPCC. The MPCC is good once you’ve got the spacing right but I had to take my time and work through it. Good luck
  12. **SOLD** Canon 600d Astromodified - £250 inc postage - Happy to accept direct bank transfer or paypal (buyer to pay the paypal fees) **SOLD** I’m selling my very low shutter count (4117) 600D as I’ve changed to a dedicated mono camera and no longer use this. It’s a great camera that got me started with astrophotography, a good choice if you are already familiar with using a DSLR (as I was). The astro mod is the IR filter removal and this was done professionally by Juan at Cheap Astrophotography. The camera is fully working and in very good cosmetic shape (see the pics). It comes with everything in the pics - no box. A battery and battery charger - I haven’t used the battery for a couple of years, it does hold charge (I just tested it) but not sure it’ll be ‘long life’ as it’s not been used for some time. A dummy battery with mains power adaptor. I’ve extended this so it has a long cable which is really useful. A 32GB Sandisk Extreme SD Card. Lindy 3M USB data cable for linking to PC/USB hub. Some pics taken with the camera attached, don’t judge them too harshly, I’m still learning how to process stuff ! Any questions please ask.
  13. Thanks again, very helpful. I was concerned about tilt from carrying the weight of both the EFW and camera, but it sounds like it should be OK
  14. That's great I was looking at those TS rotators so I was hoping someone might recommend them. Do you have it fitted on the focuser side of the EFW or the camera side ? Have you had any problems with the weight/tilt ? Thanks
  15. Thanks for this. I've already looked and seen a few about. Is the EFW thread T2 then not M42 ? I am concerned about the weight and introducing tilt so I am looking for recommendations for solid items that work with no issues. Which adaptor do you use please ?
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