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  1. Spaced Out

    Canon 600D Dummy Battery & Mains Power

    Hi Steve Yep got a cheap one, it works great. This is what I bought..... 600D Dummy Battery
  2. Spaced Out

    Program for camera control?

    Yes, the same. Not used BYEOS but really liking APT, particularly like the ability to set up shooting plans for multiple exposures and also that you can include dithering when using it with PHD2 .
  3. Thanks. I've decided on a clip filter but unsure which is the best for my camera, I've read about both but it seems unclear which one I should choose based on the camera modification I have, seems there are different types of mods that require different filters ? All I know is that my camera has the 'hot mirror removal' mod.
  4. OK, one last question ! My 600D has the 'hot mirror removal' mod, I think this is just removing one filter ? So does that mean I will be fine with a basic CLS filter ? Or might I need the CLS-CCD filter ? Just been reading about CLS and CLS-CCD and now I'm a bit confused tbh !
  5. Thanks. I'm lucky to live in an area with fairly dark skies so I've not bothered with any filters yet. However, there is a big orange glow to the south which comes from Ashington and Newcastle (about 30 miles away !). The glow is lower than I normally point the telescope (anything directly south and low in the sky is out) but it’s definitely a pain for doing landscapey stuff. I may have to invest in a filter just to try out and see if it improves things at all either with the telescope or mucking about with lenses for nightscapes.
  6. Thanks for the replies ! So assuming a LP filter won't affect the red nebula in photos my next question is which filter should I go for ?! Can clip in filters be used with camera lenses ? More importantly can they be used with the Samyang lenses I own ? I'd prefer to get a clip in filter because I could use it with my telescope too, however, if that's a non starter with lenses then I guess I am back to an external filter for the lens.
  7. Hi All Just thinking of trying some landscapey astro stuff with my Canon 600D which is astro-modified. I normally use a 6D for nocturnal landscapey stuff but fancied trying to catch some red nebula in wide WIDE field ! I did a quick test last night on the orion & rosette nebulas with a Samyang 24mm lens. The camera certainly picks them up but it also picks up orange/brown light pollution to the south of me (Newcastle upon Tyne). So, I’m wondering if a LP filter will remove that orange/brown without reducing the red nebula ? Frustratingly I used to have a LP filter for the same lens but it fell off on a dark night in a field somewhere ! That was before I got the 600D so I never had chance to try it with the astro mod camera. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  8. This is the set up I started with and still use ! It works well. I learnt the ropes with this combo no problem and quickly added some budget auto guiding and a coma corrector which made a real difference. It was a steep learning curve from zero experience but enjoyable and confidence building. My biggest headache with the 130PDS was collimation tho, took me a while to get my head around that, but now it's no bother. I followed good advice on here and bought a 2nd hand HEQ5 over a lower spec mount, I don't regret it.
  9. Spaced Out

    HEQ5 sounds

    I thought the same but I tried the HEQ5 & 200PDS combo out for the first time recently, this is my first image with this set up using a DSLR (16 subs, no calibration frames). Its not perfect but I was happy as first attempt with what I thought might be quite difficult equipment. I used an OAG to keep the weight down and was getting 10 minute exposures no problem. Yes, I guess it’s probably near its weight limit for imaging but with suitable conditions it worked OK. I’m looking forward to doing some more with 200PDS now. Good luck !
  10. Thanks peeps most helpful, I've ordered the bar I need.
  11. OK, I'm sure it is M10 having done a little internet search but I'm just wondering if it is 1mm pitch or 1.5mm or something different ? I don't have my original bolt with me but I was looking to get some threaded bar for attaching it to a pier, just wanted to make sure I get the correct thread size. Thanks
  12. Hi All Am I right in thinking the centre mounting bolt for a HEQ5 is M10 1.5mm pitch ? Thanks
  13. Spaced Out

    Modded DSLR?

    Yes a DSLR with an astro mod is definitely good ! It will help you pick up more of that red nebulosity. I already had a Canon 6D and 7D when I started astophotography. I had a limited budget and was keen to get a modded DSLR ASAP thinking that would transform my images. However, in the end I followed some excellent advice from here and invested in some basic autoguiding instead. I went from 1 minute exposures to 10+ minute exposures and learned the ropes with my existing DSLRs, the modded camera came later down the line. I think the autoguiding gave me a bigger increase in the quality of my images than a modded camera could have done at that time. I’m not saying don’t get a modded camera, just that if you are going to use a telescope for astrophotography and already own a DSLR it might be worth considering investing in autoguiding first. Here is the thread that helped me.... Here’s a couple of images taken before I got a modded DSLR No autoguiding - 30 sec exposures Autoguiding with 10 minute exposures
  14. OK update....... I've taken the plunge and ordered a 16cm diameter spiral duct pipe at 1.5m length. I'm going to bung 2 brake disks on top (the bottom one slotted into the tube with some long threads into the concrete) and connect them with 4x M16 threads. I'm hoping this will be sturdy enough for my current gear and a future EQ6 purchase at some point. Whatever happens it should at least be better than dragging the tripod and mount outside everytime I want to use the telescope .
  15. Hi Jon Welcome to SGL ! Sounds like you have done your research and have a fairly good idea of what you are doing. When I first got my telescope, it took me ages just to get the thing polar aligned, I didn’t really know what I was doing and I still don’t a lot of the time ! I can’t offer you much useful advice other than to say it sounds like you are along the right lines. For me as a learner the hardest parts were polar alignment and collimation, but after a bit of practice those things fell into place. Enjoy the new telescope !

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