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  1. No bother, I've found one !
  2. Thanks everyone for your advice, it's been really useful.
  3. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has a spare one of these lying around that they don't need/would be willing to sell ?
  4. Thanks for this, very helpful, so does the 600D have better low light/noise performance than the other models then ?
  5. Ok I have listened to the voice of experience and have decided to divert my money towards building an autoguiding set up at this stage instead of buying a modded DSLR ! I am still very interested in a modded crop sensor DSLR and further down the line when funds allow I will be investing, so if anyone has any opinions on the most useful model(s) to aim for please let me know.
  6. Sorry I overlooked this reply. I totaly get what you are saying about investing in autoguiding instead of a modded DSLR, just a little nervous, I'm a complete beginner with a lot to learn and don't want to run before I can walk, so autoguiding at this stage scares me ! Modded DSLRs don't scare me !
  7. Thanks all Good point about the titling screen/laptop ! I'm currently unguided and am playing at 25 - 45 secs with some results. Further down the line I am certainly looking to autoguide but tbh I still have lots to learn and it could be a little while before I could afford that kit. I'm currently very basic, I don't link up to a laptop but I will at some point soon I'm sure. Next purchase will be a budget 2nd hand DSLR so crop sensor certainly. Once that is sorted I will be digging out my old laptop and saving up for some auto guiding.
  8. I've actually got 2 x 6Ds ! Amazing low light performance for landscape astrophotography, use em a lot for milky way and aurora shots. I've used the 7D too so I'm happy enough using crop sensors ta.
  9. Thanks all. I guess my question is which camera should I be aiming for ? Which has the best features and highest spec for my astrophotography needs ? I can see all these cameras for sale but I'm not clear which is considered the most useful/best for the job ? There seem to be a number of models people use and I'm guessing they all have different features like tilting screen or different sensor specs etc, and some may be older than others. Just wondering which are most used and why ? Maybe there's a top 3 in this sort of price range I should be looking for ?
  10. Thanks. I don't really want to meddle with them tbh, looking for a dedicated cheap(ish) DSLR for astro stuff.
  11. Hi all I’m just looking for some advice please regarding the best modded Canon DSLR to buy second hand, probably within a £250 budget ? I have just started with basic astrophotography through a telescope using my existing non modded Canons (6D and 7D). I’ve been sussing out the process and getting some results so I’m now looking to learn more and slowly invest in more gear including a modded DSLR. My current kit is HEQ5 pro with a 130 PDS and a 200 PDS. I’m looking to do mainly DSOs and in time will also invest in guiding equipment. I’m just wondering if people have any views on the best camera(s) to go for within this £250 price range ? Money is tight (just spent a fortune on the mount !) but if something substantially better can be had for just a little extra please tell me ! Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
  12. Hi Again! Ok the HEQ5 has been in my shed for a couple of weeks now, I left it uncovered so it would be as well aired as possible but I am now concerned about change of temperature and condensation. I've been out there a couple of times and found the mount/tripod to be quite damp with condensation (and water droplets on the inside of the sheds windows). Should I be worried about this ? Maybe I should I be doing something different ? Would covering it help or make things worse ? Sorry if this all sounds a bit stupid but I’ve never owned one of these before, it’s in nice condition and I really don’t want to wreck it ! Any advice would be most welcome.
  13. Thanks very much ! Yeah it was my first attempt. Read up a bit of background beforehand and have done a bit of landscape stylee astrophotography before (milky way etc) so not a complete novice with a camera. However, I am a complete novice with a telescope and mount and DSS software. Really enjoyed getting this first image, I learnt a lot from it and it has spurred me on to read up more and try to improve at this (and probably get better equipped too) Some of my landscapey astro stuff is here.... I hope to be adding some more DSO stuff to this soon !
  14. Thanks for the advice, was thinking about getting a Bahtinov mask next, they seem well recommended. Still finding my way around the Skyscan bizness, tbh honest I find it harder to align that than polar aligning the mount itself. Just getting the scope locked onto the correct star takes me ages ! Sure it'll come with more practice and learning some more stars. Next job is to read up more about methods and processing, got a very basic grasp on things, enough to chuck my dslr on there and get some frames, but feel I need to have a much better understanding in order to improve my images.
  15. Hi, I'll take the collimation EP if it still available ?