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    West Cumbria. UK
  1. DW you will have decent skies too then! David
  2. Yes I am out here!! Lol I live in Greysouthen about 15 miles from you! David
  3. David Hardie

    New Membor

    Enjoy the forum!! David
  4. Hi all. When I first set out i bought a couple of Vixen SSW Ep's. I read a bit later that beginners may struggle with eye placement. This is true. So if I use my other eyepieces for a season or two in people's experience here does it get easier to use such equipment? I don't want to sell them!! Cheers. David
  5. Hi with the filter wheel do I just screw the 1 1/4 filters into it and I don't need any other parts? David
  6. Hi all, I had to post here and say thanks to SGL for yet again wonderful advice! I recently bought an EP from the classified section and just happened to ask the seller about a recommendation for a good, buy once moon / planetary EP. The advice given was a superbly written article with spec and focal length details / advantages of each. The guy who wrote it will know who he is from this post. The article could well become a sticky if the mods are interested in a read? So out of all the choices for my scope I ordered from FLO a Tele Vue Delite 4mm. When it arrives I will certainly post feedback. Thanks Mike - I won't reveal details in case he get flooded with enquiries!!! Report to come later! Cheers all David
  7. Can I ask you all? For some time I've had my scopes and AVX mount. So far I've only done visual observing using the direction buttons on the handset. The time has come to set it up properly and I also have a StarSense to experiment with. So, once it's all set up and calibrated to the night sky, does that mean it will track? For example if I move it to the moon will it continue to track it? I wondered if I had to select the moon from the handset list or slew to it using the buttons and it would track using both these methods? Also if I was tracking the moon or a planet, can I move to another part of the surface using the buttons and it continues to track? Cheers. David
  8. What do you think of the Morpheus EP's please? I have 2 Hyperions but may add the higher spec shortly. David
  9. Very nice. I've never even seen it never mind getting a pic so great job!! David
  10. Looking good that! Ill follow your posts! Come over one night ! David
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