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  1. Oh and the cover was placed on outside of optical tube
  2. Tried my first solar observing and it was a flop. Using a skywatcher goto 10” DOB f4.7. Baader solar film over the inside of the aperture hole on the plastic cover. Hole is about 50mm. With no ep in focuser tube clearly saw white solar disc and had it centered in the aperture hole but with ep just total white out no image at all. Used televue 25mm plossl. Read somewhere that this method works albeit not as good as a full aperture filter. Suggestions? Was I mislead into thinking this would work?
  3. Can anyone recommend a good dew heater strip for 1.25” ep? Having a hard time finding one on Amazon. I don’t have the know how or skills to make my own.
  4. Problem solved! My DOB is the collapsible truss type. I discovered the finger screws for tightening down the truss rods were loose so I’m sure there was vibration because of that while slewing the scope. Once I fixed that and made sure the primary mirror locking screws were finger tight collimation was great and held while slewing. The result were clear, sharp views of Mars- best planetary viewing I’ve had since I got my scope 2 months ago. I’m sure I had the locking screws too loose up until now. Lesson learned!
  5. Ok. I’ll try that. Yes I was taking about the locking screws. Sorry I didn’t specify that. I am 100% sure I had the locking screws much too loose. Thanks for the input. It helps!
  6. Did a little collimation experiment tonight . Collimated the primary spot on. Then I manually slewed the scope from level position to almost 90 degrees and noticed that the collimation drifted off slightly, but noticeably. Seemed to improve when I tightened the adjuster screws on the primary a bit more. So I’m guessing the adjuster screws were not tight enough ? Does that make sense? I’ve always been real nervous about over tightening the screws but now thinking I’ve been a bit too careful about it. Thoughts? I’d appreciate any input. Thanks!
  7. I found a meoptex Cheshire collimator (short version) 5 star rated on amazon. Anyone have thoughts / recommendations on a specific Cheshire? Does the brand really matter? Appreciate any advice on this.
  8. Had my 10” skywatcher DOB (open tube truss design) outside about 3 hrs before observing on a recent cold night and still managed to get condensation on the secondary. Wondering if I should leave it in the garage all day (in my padded Orion bag to keep spiders out) to allow for better cooling. Live in St Louis MO metro area so winters pretty cold and garage not insulated so it gets quite chilly. Is there such a thing as it being too cold for the scope to sit all day like on frigid January days? Also- last night had condensation form on EP’s. (it did pretty quickly resolve however) So do I need to leave EP’s outside with covers off on cold nights to equilabrate? If so for how long? Appreciate any advice on this.
  9. Good to know thanks for the valuable insight. Had really good DSO viewing the other night even though planetary viewing wasn’t ideal. It seems in my limited experience that a larger aperture scope is more forgiving of less than ideal conditions for DSO’s as opposed to planets.
  10. Thanks for your input. Scope is new. Got it 2 months ago. Also I’m very careful to turn the screws very gingerly. I’ll keep working on it. Thanks again
  11. I use a laser collimator on my 10” skywatcher dob and have gotten better at it. My question is how perfect does it have to be? Lately when collimating secondary I can get the laser dot on the white “donut” on primary mirror close to the inside rim of it but can’t seem to get it right smack in the “donut hole” any advice ? Am I trying to be too perfect ?
  12. Thanks to all for the responses. Gave me the perspective I needed. Now I know what to expect and what not to expect. Thanks for the help!
  13. Have a Skywatcher flextube 250p 10” GOTO DOB. Company told me the avg max mag is 300x. Live in a suburban Midwest metro so pretty significant light pollution. What have others found to be their max useful mag? Have tried 8mm astromania ep with celestron xcel LX 2x Barlow to give me 300x but so far underwhelmed. Image gets fuzzy. Even on what appears to be a good viewing night with clear views without the Barlow. Suggestions?
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