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  1. I second that motion- leave it be. IMHO if one needs to think alot about whether or not it needs washing it probably doesn't need washing.
  2. Great video Chris! Very helpful. How thick should the foam be?
  3. Saw the pairing last night by accident. Walking down driveway and low in the west beautiful crescent moon and a bright star. And I thought- could it be ? Yes! Mercury! Never have seen it before as I’ve never had low enough horizen view but it was right there in a gap between trees. No time to set up scope as it was so low but still so excited to get my first view of Mercury! Perfect clear, transparent sky. Just stared in awe for as long as I could. Naked eye viewing can be quite memorable! These are just with handheld iPhone so fuzzy but there it is anyway. A nice surprise indeed!
  4. just sawJust saw an ad for this in the June Sky and Telescope. Anyone have one? Thoughts? Looks like the perfect solution for annoying lights from neighbors. Not to mention wind.
  5. Tapping “both” definitely works! Just tried it. Never would’ve figured that out. Thanks to both of u! Now with that tool and the telrad circle I enabled on the app I should be good to go. I do have the pro version but yea not sure if free version enabled that. Thanks again
  6. A general question about star hopping. I know that Newtonian images are “upside down” so u have to turn a paper star chart upside down to have everything oriented as one would see it in eyepiece. Is the same true when using sky safari? I have tried turning my phone upside down but then it automatically flips the screen right side up.
  7. Hi and welcome to SGL. I'm a Missourian also, St. Louis area. Agree that Turn Left at Orion is a must for beginners. Also Sky Safari is an excellent phone app (as many on this great forum will attest to) Enjoy the journey on this awesome hobby!
  8. I use the celestron power tank referenced above and it works great. I love the red light feature as well for finding your way in the dark without hurting dark adaptation.
  9. I have the same scope. I use a Rubbermaid dolley with fold down handle which helps it stay out of the way when observing. Just wheel it down 2 ramps I built down 2 small steps and outside and I'm good. I keep the base on the cart all the time when stored inside. It works great.
  10. welcome to SGL! Great forum. You will learn a ton here. Clear skies!
  11. oh that sounds good- I'll get that version and try it out. Thank you!
  12. OK thanks! I'll check out those downloads. Might be just what I'm looking for. Much appreciated!
  13. I have Sky Safari and like it alot but is there a way to measure distances from reference stars to your desired object in degrees and minutes like a start chart would show?
  14. I've read that Sky Atlas 2000 is considered a gold standard for star hopping yet it does cost a bit. What about using the monthly start charts in Sky and Telescope magazine? I've recently subscribed and should be getting my first issue soon. What are people's experience with those charts? Do they have enough Messier and NGC objects? Is the print large enough to use with a red light? I'd be using them for dso hunting in a bortle 4 area with my new Heritage 150 p (expected to arrive sometime in June) Thanks!
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