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  1. I've given up for the night. Altair cam just won't talk, just wondering if it might have been the latest update I loaded but I'm sure it was working earlier. Unless it wasn't and Ekos was using the SXCCD as guide, didn't notice until it was too late. Could it be that the INDI driver is missing ? Looked under the Custom Drivers and it's not listed as far as I can tell.
  2. The camera power light is on but nobodies home.
  3. Nothing showing. Thanks Gina. Still says command not found !
  4. Comes up with: zsh: command not found: isusb Using a Mac if that makes any difference, camera is the only thing plugged in.
  5. Having a nightmare here, my Altair GPCAM3 guide cam will not connect with Ekos. Seemed to be working earlier then complete inability to connect. Powered off, numerous re-starts, tried a new profile, switched USB ports. Help !
  6. Nice one Wookie, glad it's all together now and ready for clear skies.
  7. The alternative would be a Raspberry Pi4 with either Stellarmate or Astroberry running on it, you can link via wifi or ethernet cable direct to PC.
  8. Ha again, gone from 100% to 0%.
  9. Very nice, I think there's just less going on top left.
  10. Ha, tonight has gone from a few percent cloud cover to 100%. Tomorrow though will be all 0%, at least until tomorrow night.
  11. Open up an original image, then take some short subs tweaking the camera orientation till they are as close a match as possible. Or invert an original image and line it up to that. Not sure if you have to re-stack the whole lot or if you can combine stacked and new subs in PI. Or maybe two stacked sets. Worth trying, might be a Pixelmath thing.
  12. The data you have has given a really good result, adding more with darker skies later will be a benefit.
  13. Excellent image, some really nice detail showing.
  14. I have a Lakeside hooked up to a Pegasus UPV2 and controlled by Ekos, works well. No need for the control box, extra power cable and much tidier.
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