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  1. Very nice image. Lovely pale blues and red showing through.
  2. Funny enough I was just looking at possible sights near me, Puttenham, Hanley and Thursley commons all look possible.
  3. How about taking a copy of the image to your local Curries and ask to see it on their biggest screen
  4. So far this is the best basic Siril tutorial I have found. Definitely need to tick the debayering box first.
  5. Thank you everyone. Well I'm still waiting for my IOptron Skyguider to be delivered but I thought I'd pop outside the other night and take a couple of stills. Taken with my Canon 80d, Samyang 14mm F2.4 set at F2.8, ISO 1600 for 15 seconds. Tweaked it a little in Mac Photos to try to remove some light pollution, supposedly Bortal 5 here.
  6. Mine's on its way soonish, just hope i don't have issues with the MAC version.
  7. Also take note of the weight of the mount, how easy it would be for you to move it around.
  8. Definitely looks like a bad porous casting. Might want to give it a really good clean to check no grainy particles (possibly casting sand) have ground themselves into the good metal.
  9. Good point about the focus. From what I've found online about the glass thickness, it's 2.7mm. Might be able to find a watch/ clock glass that's a suitable thickness and I know a couple of people that can trim it to size. And the other good point is that the 300d is practically worthless hence the possible DIY route.
  10. Contemplating doing my old 300d, removing the filter and just using manual focus. The only downside is the sensor is only 6MP. I take it replacing it with clear glass is not necessary?
  11. MarkAR

    NGC 2259

    Great composition. I like the natural look of the colour with the darker matter and cluster pulling your attention across the image.
  12. Error 404 when you click the link means its sold.
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