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  1. I tried using "A brief history of time", by some guy who wrote a couple of books on physics. After the 5th reading, only on the 2nd, I may start to understand the first chapter.
  2. I invested in a couple of mesh WiFi devices - but my pier is only 14m from the house.
  3. Can you confirm how tall is this and outside diameter please
  4. got the ASIaIR - not had a chance to use in anger - went to Sky before easter - it rained al the sum unsurprisingly. Only one faces rig - in rebuild stages but can knock up a couple semi rigs - per plus the Adventurer- also failed the test in Skye Too much stuff, no time to work outset combinations now....... wish I could retire - but at least 5yrs to go to UK pension
  5. The former I have no chance with now, given up on now. The latter, well, I let her marry me, so, there needs to be a two way compensation ............ as if.
  6. This year I have acquired star-watcher adventurer pro polemaster adapter for above replacement Az pin for pier lens cleaner and the 1st item was a gift. deos this mean I am near the end, or just deluding myself
  7. I replaced the lower end caps with normal nuts once mount attached I went round each bolt in turn to lower the platform, then tightened the lower nots to secure. if/when the mount hadn’t to come off, remove four lowest nuts and lift
  8. I’ll be stopping at the 10” reflector. until I get a mount with 100lb+ payload.
  9. A joyous time with three daughters at the same time; the uniforms cost was close to the actual fees particularly as the eldest were twins - no hand down option
  10. I think was 2015 when I got my AVX for imaging. most recently, carrying a C8 SCT, 80mm refractor for guiding. Also used with 8” reflector, although it is less stable once you get to about 7mph winds...... which is all the time here. keep meaning to try the 80mm refractor, which is probably better suited for the 30lb payload. Admittedly now use plate solving rather than GOTO for target selection. i suits my purposes.
  11. Ha, you'll now have university fees to contend with. i didn’t get beyond a cheap alt-az until our youngest was finished her Masters 4 yrs ago. am man, did my expenditure on Astro kit rise then
  12. These days, you don’t need something as large as a dome to see it on Google maps i was very surprised to see my pier/mount/OTA visible
  13. Wasn’t sure from description if it was the tiles themselves, or trapped air underneath
  14. If it is just air bubbles, Would it be worth just cutting a slit to let expanded air out? Or, if multiple bulges, shove a needle in the middle of each one?
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