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  1. Celestron AVX Servicing

    I just took a trip to Loch Earn area, and, full moon and cloud has stopped doing anything was hoping to het a set of baseline images and measurements ah, well, I get a week in Perthshire, which can’t be bad - excluding any Astro work
  2. I’ve been looking around for a while, but haven’t found anything definitive. Binning is it best to bin when capturing or after? this query is specific to the ZWO 1600MM-C Are there any benefits to either 2x2 binning, via capture software, or to capture at 1x1 then use post processing software to bin to 2x2? this is, another, area where I cannot get my head around even the benefits of binning, let alone when to do it 🤔
  3. Where would you live?

    Would it be fair to assume, naked eye?
  4. Did a new dark map, then the cloud came over
  5. My first thouht this is using an existing dark map may not exist in nature, but may exist be virtue of engineering lol
  6. Where would you live?

    in which case, I reiterate ttthhhppppptttttt!! I'm in about 0.15acres
  7. Where would you live?

    OK, to be fair, there's no scale - may only be 30m across
  8. Celestron Avx

    I run mine from a 12v 5a mins adapter from maplin which has a “cigarette lighter” adapter cost c£20 I 🤔 ?
  9. Celestron AVX Servicing

    Thanks all the time in past year looking for such and obviously not as much success. the real question is: how much better is yours better now?
  10. If I got paid at those rates, I’d have made the purchase already LOL
  11. Where would you live?

  12. I remember reading an article/post about using an iPad and the author was taking about the technology used to create the image and that it may cause a pattern - will see if I can find it. i used iPad from my 80mm refractor and reflectors <8”
  13. My initial issues were due to spider vanes being offset, secondary mirror nowhere near oriented, and focusser not being centred (I’ve spoken to it’s previous caretaker and we have discussed, and resolved, in turn, the issues that they had). weight wise, a filter Wheel and CMOS camera, nothing excessive. It was one thing that’s not caused me issues. So far Apartfromfocus, which is bybahtinov mask just now,until I get a suitable bracket for a motor , I’ve a predicted cloud free night tonight.......... see what comes out if the forecast is right.
  14. Tbh, taking you time, it’s not much different to an F5 as above, Istarted with F5 reflectors.