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  1. Pacman Nebula in narrowband

    How do you find it compares to the slightly slower Quattro ?
  2. Nah, bit further west, more central - Livingston area, so something between Southwesterly gale force 8 increasing severe gale force 9 soon, veering westerly and increasing storm force 10 later, and Northwesterly storm force 10, decreasing severe gale force 9 imminent. Don't think I need to think about sea state this time My 'observatory' walls and roof consist of a telegizmo 365 cover with a shower tent on top of that. Actually, the rig right now is just the pier, I brought the mount and ancillary stuff indoors as I was out the country for a week or so.
  3. Those excellent people at FLO have delivered replacement vanes. Was hoping to fit them Thurs and get everything lined up for imaging on Friday. Caroline looks like she will kybosh that plan
  4. The nice people at FLO are going to send me a set of replacement vanes as there's a twist that I cant get rid of. Clear night forecast tonight so will see what I can get - hopefully 5-6 hours
  5. Many thanks, ill give this a shot next clear non-school night - I should have posted original yesterday and be in a position to fix today ah well again thanks for this
  6. Has any one had to correct the focus of a steraense? there was a growth on the lens, which turned out to be inside - it didn’t affect operation, but my limitless wisdom I decided it should be cleaned before it got worse and the longer nights set in I wasn't careful enough in reassemble I think, and the locking rings got moved Yes i am and idiot
  7. I must second Dave’s reference Astro babe’s tutorial is a great place to start.
  8. Daughters have arranged a trip to Gran Canaria next month i see that there is an excursion to an observatory has any one taken this trip, and is it worth a couple of hours each way in a transit van?
  9. Cooling issues ASI1600 MM-C

    I assume you have plugged in 12V power, and it can supply the necessary current? From memory these can cool by 20C. so, when ambient is 30C, the best the camera could manage to cool to would be 20C - and at 30C it's going to be working hard to do that. Does the software you use allow you to read the camera's temperature? just to check it is cooling
  10. Which DSLR?

    I picked up a modded 600D for under £300 in buy and sell last year... keep the eyes open
  11. there is also this similar(ish) idea.
  12. Celestron AVX Servicing

    I just took a trip to Loch Earn area, and, full moon and cloud has stopped doing anything was hoping to het a set of baseline images and measurements ah, well, I get a week in Perthshire, which can’t be bad - excluding any Astro work
  13. I’ve been looking around for a while, but haven’t found anything definitive. Binning is it best to bin when capturing or after? this query is specific to the ZWO 1600MM-C Are there any benefits to either 2x2 binning, via capture software, or to capture at 1x1 then use post processing software to bin to 2x2? this is, another, area where I cannot get my head around even the benefits of binning, let alone when to do it 🤔
  14. Where would you live?

    Would it be fair to assume, naked eye?