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  1. Guiding - best camera

    In comparison to the Starlight Xpress Superstar Autoguider, how does the X2 compare in practice; its only £20 more expensive.
  2. I am looking for people's opinion on best imaging camera to use, if necessary budget can stretch to £1K, but, refer to be under £300. It will primarily be used for piggy back guiding on 10" f4 newt, but occasionally with 8" SCT (piggy back using 80mm f5, or possibly with OAG TBD)
  3. I've always wondered how far 'off' PA can be before significant image distortion appears. e.g. for60s subs, is 30arc-min reasonable, or does one need better. I did have a formula for working that out but never really been in a position where I was that well set up to take this into account Anyway, I've lost the reference now I need it
  4. M101

    Does exposure duration not also have impact? I'd expect that 30 x 90s subs would be better than 30 x 60s? In which case, would you not then want 45 x 60s? But, diminishing returns from 30 subs upwards would render the last 15 point less? Still trying to get my head around that one
  5. Which is a point Th one I purchased is NOT dimmable.
  6. I bought an A4 USB powered tracing tablet, for use with my 8" OTAs with an old white cotton t-shirt (fruit of the look so, fairly reasonable quality) stretched over a 9" (or was it 10" ?, either way it was <£5) Noza Tec A4 LED Stencil Board Light Box Artist Art Tracing Drawing Copy Plate Table For Kids Light Weight Thin Plate from Amazon
  7. SHOW US YOUR NEWTS........

    And in daylight
  8. AVX Motor disassembly

    thanks, planning to look at trying this tomorrow
  9. SHOW US YOUR NEWTS........

    5 Sisters ObSoS* 10” Quattro CF ready to go * Observatory Slide off Shed
  10. AVX Motor disassembly

  11. AVX Motor disassembly

    I envy you guys knowledge of how to take the AVX apart - I've no idea where to start. Both RA and DEC are tight to the point of not even completing a half revolution when taken to horizontal and left to drop
  12. Are you only going to be observing, or are you planning to be imaging at a later time?
  13. indeed if you "Save configuration" as well, you only have to do this once.
  14. alt-tab should do it? cycles through running applications