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  1. I'd guess I'm near that 1st number
  2. I now have a fixed pier, fairly solid mount, 80mm refractor, 8" & 10" reflectors, SCT Focus motor for guide and imaging OTAs, filter wheel with LRGBHaOIISIII, guide scope, power box and cooled camera. Please tell me that there is nothing else
  3. Not brand new, but a machine with dual 6 core XEONs and 48GByte RAM. Knocks spots of the current 2014 iMac "Suit you sir" This should help PixInsight get through the processing....
  4. I'm taking the covers off the 8" SCT tomorrow, now that's messy, but, flats sort most it just now while prepping for Autumn, no not overly bothered right now - just want to get OAG on this year and redo spacing for the camera and filter wheel. As far as I am concerned dirt and dust are environment and you deal with it.
  5. The 10” f4 Quattro has given me the confidence to go lower f-ratio its about 10 weeks before I get dark skies loads of time to balance calibrate etc
  6. Hi, I've been thinking (which was incredibly painful) that to get the best for the gear I have, I should include planetary/lunar/solar to my repertoire as I have no astronomical dark until 7th August. Mounts - not a problem Cameras - mmmmmm, a variety DSLRs, and CMOS with various sensor sizes. Current OTAs include Quattro F4 200PDS C8 SCT 130mm reflector RASA 8 with some lesser, insignificant, low quality OTAs I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for suitable cameras OSC vs mono + filters cooled / uncooled I am more interested in 1,s I doubt that for the usage calling will be relevant as it's short exposure imaging. As an aside, I do have a preference to ZWO products as they have worked well for me in the past. But, if there is some thing significantly better.......... Budget..... pref way below 250, but, will consider more if well regarded and excellent output.
  7. given the inclusion of the wheels ...... makes sense
  8. and........ drum roll please maestro and there was dust on the corrector in the 30s between removing cover and taking picture. I think a vacuum cleaner may be next on my must have kit list
  9. +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 Placed an order an OTA and mount which they saw on Tuesday. kit delivered by, so so friendly FexEx man. Can't fault these guys
  10. Postman (well FEDEx) just dropped off my retirement present. to replace
  11. Similar issue with ASI1600 (it's been out side a couple of year I suppose, on and off). For a couple of weeks I could get it to spin by lightly taping with a tin bit gf card, then died completed. Ordered replacement from an auction site - .80inc shipping. 6 weeks later, until this am*, no sign. Seller did offer a refund, but I opted to wait - it's the same model as supplied in the camera. Purchased a different fan from RS and fitted slicing cakes - out side the body due space. Works good as new. *this am received an email saying now in stock and shipping out today.
  12. free version, well, pre v3 did, include watermarks on process images tho'
  13. If you are using the ZWO 1.25" LRGB Filter Set Optimised for ASI1600, then these should be par-focal for your initial testing purposes. I have tried these, and using SGPro to go through the focus routine for each filter and so far, there has been maybe 10 - 20 steps difference on the focus motor. Didn't see anything at 100% on the images with a Bahtinov mask Caveat - My glasses are now nearly two years old, and the focus range go the old MKI eyeball may be off
  14. CGEM-DX pier mounted, with oTa setup for imaging Telegizmos 365, bungee around the pier, and a green shower text bungee around that. Photos will follow once I've removed location data
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