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  1. I have to ask, why three? and.... where are there, only one in the image
  2. Not really, pretty basic if you think about it. Mount (can be powered separately so can be excluded, but i like the idea of being able to remotely power it down) imaging camera, focuser, filter wheel, heating strip guide camera (power optional) but preferred for cooling), focuser, heating strip computing is a PC stick that runs off a USB supply
  3. I just went for the ZWO wheel and filters when i get the 1600mm - didn't really dig really deeply into the focal length or transmission characteristics; I had the money and went for it or
  4. @Alien 13 that reflects my view on SPFs, but, where do you draw the line? Separate PSU for every device, but, they all still get powered from a single source to the mount. @light bucket that is one device on my last. Just obtained (OK anniversary present from SWMBO) an ASIAIR which sort - in part - the USB issue Random thoughts: Something like the pegasus hub - on HItechAstro's hub, but, I've not yet found specs detailing output from each port or total output power. Don't want something that can't support total power demand, or, one which cannot support a high power demand on a single port. I think, a minimum, of 8 x 12V 5A outputs would be a minimum plus some 6 USB 2A and three adjustable 12V 5A (heaters and flat screens. That is still going back to an SPF tho'.
  5. I have a vague memory that ZWO provide filters specifically mathews to the ASI1600mm and their filter wheels. In which case, you may need to change filters. But, don't take my word for it
  6. One thing with SGPro is that when you load a sequence, it uses the last profile is was associated with. If you change equipment profile, you need to re-associate - I think it is 'files - add profile to sequence'
  7. Hi, Now at the stage of considering more efficient power distribution at the mount. Like most people, i need to power: imaging and guide cameras at least 2 heater strips the mount focus motor(s) - I have one for each camera computer Currently half are run from a 4 way 12v 'auxiliary' socket (aka cigarette lighter), the rest with independent supplies. All can be fed with 12V (USB for the computer) What do you use to keep cable to the OTA at a minimum? Given that a switch 12V 5A PSU, branded naturally, come sin around £20, that's £160 to provide a PSU for each. Of course, going for a single source means single point of failure - but how far do you take that? Secondary power to the premises E.g., backup generator - out of MY budget
  8. I have a pier set up, but I was thinking of upgrading my mount - currently just CGEM-DX, but also have anAVX The EQ8 pro is on the list, and i thought that if I got it with the matching mount I could make that a semi-permeant platform for my smaller mounts with the larger mount on the pier, and have something to take when I go away for a week or so for getting half decent skies.- doubt it would be a suitable option for a weekend trip Life is complicated, but, dead easy when compared to this hobby of ours
  9. Is the EQ8 mount/tripod rigid enough to consider for Bolting directly to a concrete base?
  10. I was just checking some site, and Kielder is about all that is left in England
  11. I'd take a look at one of the dark sky maps that are available. Pick your location and either ask about specific area, go just go and look . At worst the latter is a week end away
  12. Hi, I currently have a USB Serial port based on Prolific chip set to connect my handset to PC. To date these have proven reliable all the time. Following the purchase of the PegasusAstro FocusCube, it's updated serial driver is clashing with the prolific driver and prevents me controlling the 'scope There are plenty of alternatives out there, and many don't work from threads in various forums over the years. Can anyone recommend an alternative adapter that they have found reliable, just to save me the time and money of the trial and error path Thanks
  13. I remember there was a thread couple of years ago around this, and it branched into using multiple fans, whether they should be off centre or not, to baffle or not baffle and also whether they should be side mounted rather than the rear of the mirror,. All interesting stuff.
  14. Astrogizmo 365 cover goes over this, with a green shower tent on top - well it's harder to spot at a distance than the white cover
  15. iapa

    Astro Dark Returns!!

    I think I am 2 days ahead of you. na na na nah nah gwan yar sel PS love the Quattro. It is now near 'perfection'; aka usable by other people's standards, but I think it is wonderful. It has all that potentiaI I am determined to release, need more mount work now.

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