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  1. Schrödinger's cat likely will have the answer to that one
  2. iapa

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    Pier_DayBrief_20190201_000509.mp4 a day in the life of......
  3. iapa

    M82 16 * 90s LUM only

    Reducer was to reduce the coma I get on the SCT. There's a few hours tonight as well, so, I might just try with out.
  4. Hooray, I got data !!!!!! 16 (of 33) x 90sec LUM exposures. There was condensation the inside of the corrector, ambient temp -5C No calibration - I lost the set I did last year. Pier mounted AVX Celestron 8SE, 0.63 focal reducer ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool (pre-pro version), EFX, LUM filter, various extenders 118 degrees rotation I am actually quite pleased, despite the coma Other than calibration and more date, what is wrong.
  5. I really like the idea of the constellation map in the board. brilliant
  6. It has been said by ASI that autofocus will be coming soon, and, as the pegasus has INDI drivers, I would expect it to be OK I'm also waiting for that.
  7. iapa

    Gingercat's Roll Off Roof Observatory

    +1 for round adapter plate corners are sharp, wherever they are.
  8. iapa


    Has anyone experience of dew controllers, such as the Kendrick, which have temperature and humid probes? Generally your controller is just a manual control which doe snot allow for changes in environment as the night progresses.
  9. i generally leave mine outside with a tele gizmo 365 cover over it, and a camouflage coloured shower tent over that to minimise visibility no issues over a couple of year
  10. Capella and Vega should both be visible, and the benefit is one int he east and one int he west I'm at 55-51 North , so about the same as you - or close enough
  11. iapa

    JamesF's observatory build

    you'll be one of the few who will be happy the nights are getting shorter lol
  12. I used a cocktail stick with the smallest bit of vaseline on the tip, help keep it in place
  13. I also added one of these to the 200PDS, and also the Startraveller, but, it does not readily fit the focuser on the 10" Quattro or the Equinox ED80 as the holes fo not match the tension adjustment bolts
  14. all I can suggest is a Stanley knife and cur away the foam material - i have the same dilema and working up the nerve to do it.
  15. iapa

    JamesF's observatory build

    A "gripfest"? Hey, if, collectively, we all start using the term, it could be in the OED by the end of next year

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