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  1. Used. Collimating cap then Cheshire. Need to take pictures - it looked circular and centred to my eye ( nearly 6 facades does take its toll on them) and the clips looked right. crap weather tomorrow so start again. not doing anything different, just not got the eyes for the greater accuracy required. got a web cam on order to get decent pics through the cap and Cheshire - will make a frame to get them lined up
  2. Noticed you were back up yesterday when I went looking for the collimator guide. Great stuff. Good luck with the new providrd.
  3. I've some teflon and s/s washer on order along with replacement bolts
  4. I agree it is easy enough. My first few OTAs were all reflectors. As this was first try, as usually, I double/triple checked everything first - don't fiddle with the secondary alignment unless it really needs it Didn't do the focuser. Secondary was not centered with on the main axis of the OTA, nor on the focus tube. So, that took a couple of hours to sort, slow and methodical, .but, I shouldn't need to do that again. Just can't see if the vanes are straight or not, and as shown the answer there is not. Need more star time - only 1hr last night Then I just kept going back and forward getting the secondary lined with the primary - using a cheshire, and my eyes get tired easily; one reason I don't observe , and finally got to the primary. Spent time setting up a rig for the new laser to check it was collimated. So, 8hrs, feels about right for the 1st time with everything here. Coma corrector on order, along with bahtinov mask. Will swap the focus motor off the 200PDS to the Quattro. Re funny bottom left, I dint try aligning the focuser this time. That may need doing to0
  5. I took delivery of a 10”, 100mm, f4, carbon fibre the other day. After 8 hrs aligning the secondary, by eye (with my eyesight is never going to get close ) pending using suitable tools. I think I am getting close. i expect some coma is not helping, CC to be ordered the last ‘focussed’ image shows double spikes, so, looks like the vanes are twisted yet. The off centre target is Dubhe. appreciate if some expert can conform my conclusions. 1. Focus outward 2. Focus inward 3. Focused by eye - not even got a bahtinov for this😭
  6. Has anyone tried Telegizmos cover on a pier mount Newtonian? i can see anything that would suit my 10”, 1000mm fl on a pier
  7. 5 sisters observatory

    pretty much rubbish new OTA (needs collimating), on new pier, and the camera is recent purchase that I don't have time spent on yet I'm going to put this session down as a non-runner pending tuning - I expect that that fits the rules for '1st lighy'; one needs to get it set up properly first.
  8. 5 sisters observatory

    For what it is worth, feedback on first trail poor focus ( manually without bahtinov mask, , colllimation needs serious work and I need calibration frames - later today maybe no guiding as I couldn't get the guide cam to connect total rubbish, but I have no patience
  9. 5 sisters observatory

    My OCD forces me to get it as close to level as possible, As I said, a decent 3 star alignment will sort the rest 😀😀 horizons are ok, it the LP tho I need to deal with - street lights 100’ away, and a zoo about 800yds - well, it seems like that. Already done the ‘observatory’..... one step at a time. Something some what more permanent will follow. unfortunately our youngest daughter started a new job Monday, so, design has had to go on hold.
  10. 5 sisters observatory

    Those of a nervous disposition should skip past this... I was almost sent to A&E when I did this. TESTING BALANCE 4257C3C2-C9B9-4AF0-9E1A-17CD05320980.MOV
  11. 5 sisters observatory

    What’s that phrase? Locked and loaded waiting for sunset to tidy focus and ..... Cameras and guide focus setup with onboard PC connected As you can see, some tidying of cables to do later
  12. 5 sisters observatory

    And, as an example for an expert to demonstrate collimating a Newtonian, this would be perfect. every bolt on the secondary was loose, surprised the secondary hadn’t come out in transit. OK, to be fair, it came from FLO, so I know it would have been secured:), and it was a customer return. anyway, it’s good enough for 1st light I hope, and I can get it on the bench tomorrow hopefully
  13. 5 sisters observatory

    Agreed, theres a couple that have settled off level aaarrrgghhh better than it was tho’
  14. 5 sisters observatory

    🤞 forecast is clear 2200-0200 and I have astronomical dark now!!!!
  15. 5 sisters observatory

    Unfortunately not, back and neck injuries meant I had to get someone in to do it