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  1. Hi. I've done the regrease and plastic washer, I've posted my reply there so I won't type it here again but here's a link to the relevant thread I followed the instructions from.
  2. Just a refresh on this thread. I had binding issues mainly with my azimuth axis was free on a quarter of the mount then the rest binding when turned. So followed these instructions and a video on YouTube to fit a plastic washer out of a margerine tub lid and greased it up with some white lithium grease. When doing the grub screws back up you have to be careful as tightening to much binds the axis so getting the balance is key. Tested and it rotates using the app and so much more free movement. Whilst I was about it I undid the locking ring on the alt axis as this was stiff but not binding and
  3. It's so much better, not tried it in anger yet but hoping to tonight. The scope feels much more solid and stable now.
  4. Can I stay awake long enough, overtime work is tiring
  5. This little beauty of an upgrade for my az gti mount arrived today from Auntie @FLO. Now my scopes will be well secure and no more marking my dovetails to pieces. Now just to regrease the worm and cogs inside with some white lithium grease and maybe fit a plastic washer to RA axis to stop some minimal binding and she'll be perfect. I can even fit my big losmandy plate on it should I want to.
  6. I have used the baader solar film for all my homemade solar filters and just sandwiched between two rings of card and a tight fitting cardboard collar works a treat and can always tape the collar to provide an even tighter fit.
  7. Thank you, I didn't think of that one. I think I'll stick to the 72ed and canon 600d on video mode now it seems to be the best. Thank you for your advice as I was going with the skymax 127 until now. now should I try to capture video through my dslr to laptop or just take single frame by frame?
  8. Thank you Alan, I was thinking that but just wanted to gauge an opinion on it. Like you say there might be more going on around the sun or moon at the time
  9. I'm selling my 5mm BST StarGuider eyepiece as I have hardly ever used it. I bought it from FLO last year but since then I've fallen down the astrophotography rabbit hole and this is surplus to my requirements now and selling to someone who would make more use of it. Very Very clean, no scratches or markings on nose piece, see attached pics. £30 Inc postage bank transfer appreciated.
  10. Hi In anticipation of the partial lunar eclipse on 10th June, I have booked a day off work and now am wondering which scope to set up on my az gti mount to image the event with my canon 600d in video mode. I have all the solar filters for both scopes and fs. I know my sw skymax 127 would give better detail but also quite tight in the frame and not sure if I'd miss anything going on around the edges of the sun or , whereas the my sw 72ed evostar can easily fit it all into frame, but I'm wondering will I miss the detail to much. I'm attaching a screenshot from astronomy tools FOV calculat
  11. This is my prototype so far. I may get longer thumb screws so it clamps onto the small tube of the polar scope but I like the look of it so far.
  12. These rings, dovetail and bracket arrived today from fellow member @Second Time Aroundwell packaged, smooth transaction. Thank you again Steve. It will form part of a project to attach a polar scope to my az gti.
  13. Yes it's very similar I'm trying to replicate as I think mounting the polar scope on the wedge side and not mount side will provide much better polar alignment and stay put. I'm trying a combination of dslr l bracket fitted to wedge plate then az gti on top of that. Then a cheese plate on the short side of l bracket to fit a dovetail clamp the fit a set of 2 rings onto a small dovetail a fit polar scope inside that. All parallel to the mount as it would be fitted there but keep still. I'll provide a drawing of what I mean after work. But think this'll work well
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