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  1. Parcel force it'll be then, if the local offers fail to materialise and if the buyer accepts no insurance, thanks guys for your help
  2. Thank you Craig, its looking like parcel force at the moment, it will be in original packaging, so I may post it on here to sell should the local attempts fail.
  3. Thank you I will look at parcel force to see if scopes are included as I'd want to insure it if I send it via them or any courier but as simrod says not many if any do, sorry that this question has been asked before I couldnt find it.
  4. I know a few people using hermes to send scopes and had no issues but their track record for me has been very poor and customer service, I know RVO use dpd for all parfels and scopes but seems silly that the consumer can't use dpd to send scopes, maybe its because they are a business not sure.
  5. Hi I am trying to sell my skymax 127 ota locally first but not having much luck. I'm wondering how other members have fared using couriers to pick up items you are sending. I've looked at royal mail and my box is to long by 3cms I really dislike/dont want to use hermes as they've lost parcels in the past, dhl are very hit and miss in my experience I'd love to use dpd but scopes are on their prohibited/don't send list, I would not be able to take the scope to a drop off point as I don't drive, so courier pick up is only option. Just like to gauge others opinions on who they've used.
  6. Thank you Peter. It is roughly in the same area just a little bit higher up as you'd expect being in the fs bracket on the scope.
  7. Hi I'm asking about the views through my guidescope and main scope so excuse me if this is a stupid question or seems muddled. I've fitted my zwo mini guidescope onto the fs bracket on my evostar 72ed with my zwo asi120mc-s screwed onto it, then I've put my main imaging source, my Canon 600D onto the scope via my field flattener, when look through the guidescope via sharpcap or atp, what is in the centre of my dslr isn't quite in the centre of my guidescope, but when I manually tilt the front of the guidescope down towards the ota I can get both images the same, so my question is should
  8. Agree with gfamily, the az gti doesn't use your home WiFi or router, the mount creates its on WiFi connection for you to connect your smart phone, tablet or laptop to and will be synscan and ldeters and numbers, check your WiFi settings in your phone and select the synscan one and this will connect to your mount fine, I fo this on my phone and laptop
  9. Right all sorted now, complete noon error, my synscan short was outside of the folder with all the files in that's why it couldn't find the database doh, it's all working now and can align well in practice, how on earth am I supposed to image when I can't get the basics right haha. But working now
  10. I have connected my az gti mount on eq mode to my laptop wirelessly and can connect to the synscan pro app on my laptop and I can move the mount around but when I go to alignment I I get a error saying application must have only single FDmanager. I'll attach a screen shot. Also it says unable to open database file. I've installed ascom and phd2 along with the synscan ascom driver, how can I rectify this issue, I'm just setting it up for a dry run to test everything.
  11. My new to me zwo guidescope arrived today courtesy of fellow SGL member @Iceman120. Its in beautiful condition and will form part of my new imaging setup with my sw 72ed AzGti in EQ mode. Thank you again Rich for a smooth sale
  12. Thank you Stu, really appreciate your advice. Like you say it is all confusing and the ASI does sound amazing as I and you said, I shall continue how I'm going to go for a minute as I have all I need and no more outlay atm. I will write down in my book all the different ways of setting up and then it'll hopefully sink in easier. I hope zwo read your post haha, clear skies.
  13. Thank you David for your advice, I'm definitely going to go with apt for my imaging software, do I need the eqmod cable if I'm connecting my mount and laptop via wireless? I'm definitely also going to try it out during the day with regards to setting up and using apt. I do have the counterweight bar and weight from my star adventurer mount and I bought a M8-m12 adapter for my az gti so all good there. I will look at platesolving at some stage as I'm just trying to get the basics all correct before confusing my brain even more, I'm sure if I was younger it'd all be much easier
  14. Thank you Stu for confirming, and no problems on your set up as it works for you brilliantly and I'm just stepping into the role of guiding and using a laptop. Astro backyard has a video that he uses apt, phd2 and still uses the hand controller or app to align his mount. So trying to get my head around it all, it's all so confusing, thank you again for your help much appreciated
  15. Thank you Stu, I can't afford anymore outlay to but the asiair sadly. I wouldn't be able to access any Internet with my laptop whilst imaging as itl be in a communal area behind my flat out of range of my WiFi, so I could just connect my mount via WiFi I think I'm correct
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