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  1. I personally think that it can still be good to take shots of the Moon, you can just crop the image down and stack some of the images to get a sharper detail. It can be good for taking sunrises, moonrises, sunsets, moonsets.
  2. Does this camera lens fit on my Rebel XT? And does is it capable for photographing the moon?
  3. I just had my Nexstar SLT repaired with a new spreader and a tripod leg. Is there any tips to keep the telescope from breaking? My conclusion is that I would just keep the scope all in one and not disassembles before/after finishing a session and I would just carry it in/out like that.
  4. I use a HP 17-bs024ns which has 4GB of RAM so I think that is the problem... I do have a USB3 cable length I think I use the wrong cable length such as 2.0!
  5. I did some of the instructions you told and nothing worked...
  6. Everytime I start recording with my ASI120MCS the fps on FireCapture changes to 15 FPS when it is suppose to be 60FPS so I can get more frames, I have to pause it on the start then the fps settings... Can anyone help me on this?
  7. After accidentally deleting my three processed photos of my three favourite craters, I felt bothered to reprocess them again. My three favourite craters are Plato (top), Copernicus (middle), Tycho (bottom) The Moon was around 70% illuminated at it's waxing gibbous phase. This was taken with my ZWO ASI120MC-S camera with a GSO 3X Barlow. The telescope used was Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT. Each single exposure of 5000 frames was taken at different exposure if it was too dim/bright which would drop/increase the FPS. 80%/4000 frames stacked in each single exposure.
  8. 1,500 frames my fps was low when I took my data of Jupiter... 8 FPS to be the exact, I used Sharpcap to record it!
  9. I would stack one thousand frames of data of the planet because the fps from that Jupiter capture was 8 fps, Because Jupiter was dark and the daylight sky began to brighten up from the sky. What is the best fps for Jupiter for my ASI120MC-S. P.S. I use AS!2, Registax V6 and Photoshop CC 2019
  10. What do you mean so much moving around? To be honest this is the only space to get most of the planets that are in the south at low altitude.
  11. Well here is a view of Jupiter from Earth taken with my iPhone 7 last year on August, do you think it is a good place for seeing conditions because I go on asphalt instead in the corner of my garden to see the most of Jupiter and get enough time to capture it! @CraigT82
  12. I took two footages over thousand frames then stack the two of them each and then derotate them into one single photo. Thanks for correcting me.
  13. I have taken an image of Jupiter with my MAK 127 SLT with a 3X Barlow, ADC and ASI120MCS and the results didn't come out good. I do understand the atmosphere is the main cause of it but I still want to know how to improve my seeing conditions of the planets. Two single exposures were stacked then derotated using WINJUPOS.
  14. I quickly rushed out of my garden of around 3:30 to 4:00 am to take a photo of Jupiter. The seeing conditions are very poor. But I can still see cloud bands across the planet! Software Used: Sharpcap Autostakkert2! Registax V6 Photoshop CC 2019 Equipment Used: Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT ZWO ASI120MC-S ADC
  15. Is their a way to change the preview from mono to colour in Firecapture while it is in RGB?
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