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  1. Hi, I just got Stellarium to control my telescope- my mount is an Orion Atlas. I configured my telescope and it shows that it is connected. I aligned the scope, but Stellarium doesn't show where my scope is pointed and when I click on a particular star I hold Ctrl and press 1 (my scope) but my scope doesn't slew to that star. I have Stellarium 0.19.0. Any suggestions? Thanks Dick
  2. Hi, I've recently gotten an Alpy 600 and I like the Demetra software for data reduction. I've just started using DemetraI and I use an Atik Infinity for spectra acquisition. I've been unable to connect my Infiniy to Demetra, although practicing, I got some bias frames and dark frames with the Infinity software and attached them to Demetra. Demetra is a fairly new program and there is very little information on the internet, and am looking for resources to help me get started. Thanks Dick
  3. Hi, I have an Atik Infinity monochrome camera. I love this camera for getting deep space images, and processing them with the Infinity software. Lately I have been doing quite a bit of solar observing with my PST and will be getting a SolarMax ll soon. Solar images can't be stacked with the Infinity software and I tried using SharpCap, but it doesn't recognize my Infinity camera. Is there a driver that will work or does anyone have any suggestion on any processing program that will work? Thanks Dick
  4. 8-18-17_1130MP_(A).tif8-18-17_1130MP_fit(B).tif Hi, Here are a couple of images that I got today with PST, Atik Infinity monochrome video camera and 2x barlow. Buy the way, how do I get the image onto the post instead of the file being added to the post-which I just did? Kepler 3
  5. 8-12-17 1407 0.001s mp fit 29(A).tifHi, Here is an image I got with a PST, Atik Infinity monochrome video camera-captured as a fits file and processed with FITSLiberator Kepler3
  6. Hi, Here are a couple of images that I got this morning with a PST, 2x barlow, and an Atik Infinity monochrome. Starting to enjoy H alpha solar observing and imaging. I have been interested in stellar structure and dynamics and have been doing some spectroscopy and am finding our star is a good place to start. Dick sun 07-29-17 1206 0.1s mean fit(B).tif sun 07-29-17 1219 0.001s mp fit(A).tif
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