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  1. Is that correct, I can't believe that there isn't another Partial Solar Eclipse visible from the UK after October next year, until 2090. In fact surely the total eclipse that's visible from Spain and Egypt in 2026, must be visible as a partial eclipse from Britain. John John
  2. I currently have Adobe Lightroom (not the full Photoshop package), which I purchased at a bargain price. I have however considered getting PixInsight, but am put off by the complexity, and the high price compared to Lightroom, I gather it costs around 230 Euros to purchase and download PixInsight, although I gather that you can get a free trial version. I addition I probably wouldn't use it enough to justify the high cost, and furthermore I am more into lunar and planetary imaging (I have recently purchased a ZWO ASI 462 Planetary camera) than deep sky objects, I gather the advantag
  3. When using a full frame SLR, using a 1.25" drawtube results in quite a lot of vignetting, even with a 42 mm T thread adaptor I still get some vignetting with my Canon EOS 6D , but this can be reduced by using a 48 mm to Canon adaptor rather than the 42 mm T thread. John
  4. A 2" Barlow might be useful for enlarging the image scale in photography, when depending on the size of the sensor, a 1.25" Barlow might result in vignetting. John
  5. Hi Nfotis Had a go with Venus the other night, I attached the ZWO camera to my Esprit 150, which is easier than attaching it to my 14in Newtonian, because being piggybacked on the large fork mount the drawtube position does not vary too much, and I can then position the laptop on a shelf in my observatory shed. I set the frame rate at 30 fps, and made an approximate 2 minute exposure. I found that unlike when I used my Canon 6D SLR, I did not need to convert the MVI file in PIPP, and could go straight into Registax to stack the frames. With Venus having only a 10 arc sec disc a
  6. Would be interesting to see how it would compare to the now discontinued Tele Vue 26mm Nagler eyepiece, I don't suppose that there would be any comparison in an f5 Newtonian. I can't understand why Tele Vue decided to discontinue their 26mm Nagler, leaving a large gap between the 22mm and the 31mm. John
  7. Hi Laudroph Which of the two chairs do you prefer, I have some thoughts of getting one, which would you recommend. John
  8. Thanks Clarkey Looks like I can use either ASICAP or SharpCap for planetary imaging, not sure which one is best, but very little information on ZWO's website regarding how to use either. Last year I found a couple of quite good videos on YouTube, and got the hang of using Registax for post imaging processing, but can't find anything similar for SharpCap. I'm hoping that with the ZWO, unlike with my Canon 6D, I won't need to use PIPP for file conversion. John
  9. Recently purchased the above camera, which arrived this week, I purchased it mainly for photographing the moon and planets, and I am hoping for better results than I was able to achieve with my Canon 6D digital SLR, using eyepiece projection. The ASI 462 is supposed to be an upgraded version of the popular ASI 224, and was recommended by FLO. I also purchased a new laptop with USB 3, a Dell Inspiron with an Intel i7 processer and 16 GB RAM, which I hope will be fairly fast for processing. What struck me when I opened the box, was the lack of information regarding how to use the came
  10. It might work around full moon when the moon is at its brightest, but the lunar disc would probably not be bright enough to work around half moon when most detail is visible, it would also be affected by the aperture and focal ratio of the telescope used. John
  11. Don Apologies for my ignorance, but what do OCA and GPC stand for. John
  12. Just 30 mm of travel on a focuser, especially on a refractor, is absolutely ridiculous, even most Newtonian focusers have more travel than that. John
  13. I've also heard that the 100 DZ won't fit within the cabin baggage requirements, despite Takahashi claiming that it does, and wonder whether I would risk putting one in hold luggage. I was thinking of getting one in time for the 2024 Mexico/USA total solar eclipse. John
  14. Thanks Jeremy, managed to do it ok, although can't delete my now superfluous post. I don't know when they changed the system, you used to get an edit and I think also a delete button until recently. John
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