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  1. Does anyone know what has happened to the above company based in Scarborough, I was recommended to them for honest testing, and if recommended refiguring the mirror of my 14in Newtonian. I spoke to the owner Norman Oldham only last autumn, when I provisionally arranged with him to bring my mirror over for testing this spring, if refiguring was recommended I wanted it carried out in time for the favourable opposition of Mars this autumn. However when I rang their number yesterday (01723 375271) I got number unobtainable, and in addition their website appeared to have been taken down. I also sent an email, to which I have not received a reply. If they are no longer in business does anyone know of someone else they can recommend, I far as I am aware, the only other company that carries out this type of work is Orion Optics UK, based in Newcastle under Lyne, but I have received mixed reports about them. John Turley
  2. My 14in Newtonian, which was made by Astro Systems (Luton) in the 1980's, has a driven RA circle 12in in diameter, and which is marked out every 4 minutes, but I can estimate to the nearest minute (0.25 degree). When the RA motor is turned on the setting circle moves with the pointer, so the pointer points to the same mark unless the telescope is moved manually. A lot of mounts from that era with synchronous motor drives however, did not have driven RA circles, so that the circle did not move with the pointer. I still rely on a sidereal clock (now available as a mobile phone app), coupled with the meridian point on the setting circle (which is set to sidereal time), for finding objects not visible to the naked eye, and probably remains the best method for finding Mercury and Venus in daylight. John
  3. This is a standard version of the above which usually retails for around £59, the only reason for selling it is because I have replaced it with the smaller lighter ZWO version, which has a slightly shorter light path, for use with my 14in Newtonian which is very balance sensitive, and has limited in travel on the focuser' In good condition, I am selling it a bit cheaper than normal because I have ‘cannibalised’ the male to female T thread adaptor and spacer ring (which most people won't need) for use with another piece of equipment. Price of £30 includes 2nd Class signed for postage. Payment by bank transfer or cheque (I don't do PayPal), in the case of cheques I would need to wait for the cheque to clear, before dispatching the filter wheel.
  4. I'm currently awaiting a replacement lead from Skywatcher via Rother Valley Optics, the original one was slightly frayed, and I now suspect that was the reason as to why to low voltage flashing light was coming on after less than one hour of use. I have used the mount for visual use several times since without the above lead attached, and it will now run for several hours before the light comes on, only snag with this is that you have no dec slow motion. John
  5. The ES 82'2 do focus a bit further out than some other eyepieces, such as the Baader Morpheus range, but the Tele Vue Nagler T6's are even worse in that respect , focusing some 3-4mm further out still, you may find that you need an extension tube (probably just 35mm), the Revelation range are quite good and modestly priced John
  6. I've put this question to FLO as I only have a limited amount on in travel on my 14in Newtonian, which was one reason I had to sell my 2in Filter Wheel, although I've now increased the amount of available in travel by moving the focusing mount slightly closer to the main mirror, and utilising a Baader 37mm Click Lock extension for normal viewing with an eyepiece. John
  7. Does anybody use one of these for visual observation of planets, if so how useful and effective are they, ZWO do a reasonably priced version which I had some thoughts of getting, and which is available from First Light Optics:- https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo-125-atmospheric-dispersion-corrector-adc.html However there have been a number of posts on Cloudy Nights connected with the thread on the TEC 200 Refractor, extolling the virtues of two products manufactured by Gutekunst http://www.gutekunst-optiksysteme.com/ and suggesting that the much more modestly priced ZWO version was of limited benefit in comparison, however I have no intention of paying 7,250 Euros + VAT for the ADC Professional, or 3,500 Euros + VAT for the ADC Compact, the former in particular costing far more than the main scope of the vast majority of SGL members. Maybe if one can afford £31,000 for a TEC200 then one can afford one of these. John
  8. Following a rationalisation of my eyepiece range, I have reluctantly decided to sell the above eyepiece (I just don't have enough room in my eyepiece case). The ES 11mm 82 degree eyepiece is an excellent wide field medium power eyepiece providing in particular spectacular views of the moon, depending on the focal length of the instrument used, with magnifications of up to around 150x it enables the whole of the lunar disc to fit in the field of view. In mint condition and priced at £85 together with the original box (also in mint condition), lens caps and including second class signed for postage, this represents a saving of nearly £50 on the current new price of £129 plus postage. Payment by bank transfer of cheque (I don't do PayPal), in the case of cheques, I would need to wait for the cheque to clear before dispatching the eyepiece.
  9. This is one of the original 5 element, made in Japan, Smoothside 52 degrees APOV Super Possl eyepiece, which most people regard as being superior to the current 4 element made in China version. In good condition, but I don't have the original box. It is an excellent eyepiece, but following the purchase of a Tele Vue 24mm Panoptic eyepiece it has become surplus to my requirements. In addition these eyepieces did not come with lens caps, but I subsequently purchased some, which are included. Priced at £50 including second class signed for postage. Payment by bank transfer or cheque (I don't do PayPal), in the case of cheques I would need to wait for the cheque to clear before dispatching the eyepiece. John Turley
  10. Yes still available Can you send me a private message, as SGL has removed your private contact details. Many thanks John Turley
  11. Try RCM Engineering in Dronfield (Tel: 01246 292344 and ask for Pete), they've machined a few parts for me. John
  12. Opticron are also a good source John
  13. I have the 4mm SLV and I would say that the apparent FOV is around 45 degrees John
  14. I purchased this item a couple of years ago, but have been unable to use it with my Newtonian Reflector, as there is insufficient in travel on the focuser, it is therefore probably best suited to Refractors or SCT Telescopes. It fits into 2in drawtubes, comes with an adaptor for 2in eyepieces, and has a 48mm thread (which provides a wider unvignetted field than a T thread) for attaching a suitable camera adaptor. Payment by bank transfer or cheque, I don't do PayPal. £40 ono Price includes 2nd class signed for postage within the UK.
  15. Still haven't been able to see it visually yet even through my 14in John
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