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  1. johnturley

    Mars Neptune conjuction and a sneaky Uranus

    Here is a photo I took at 18.00 last night (7 Decemeber), I overexposed Mars to show Neptune (lower to the right) better, and I think that you can even make out what I ssume is Triton very close to the lower right of Neptune, it was clearer before I reduced the number of pixels in order to be able to insert the photo on SGL. John
  2. johnturley

    Comet 46P Wirtanen

    I agree that its a lot fainter than the emphemeris suggests, which currently put it at around Mag 3.5 John
  3. johnturley

    Meade 65mm 2" EP

    Looks like Gary Russell's 5 element 56mm Plossl is similar to the original Meade smoothside 5 element, mine has an eyelens about 45 mm in diameter.
  4. johnturley

    Observing Comet 46P

    In my opion the best method is good old fashioned settling circles coupled with a sidereal clock. John
  5. johnturley

    Anyone using an OGEM mount??

    Carbon steel wheels, won't they be very prone to rust, traditionally worm wheels were made of brass, or (better still) phosphor bronze. John
  6. johnturley

    EQ5 for Imaging?

    I was planning to get a portable GOTO mount for my ES 127 mm Refractor, which is currently mounted piggyback on my 14in Newtonian, and was looking at the EQ5 and the HEQ5, but it sounds like from what I've read, that the HEQ5 is well worth the extra, would observers also recommend having the Rowan Belt modification fiited. I could actually if pushed stretch to the EQ6, but suspect that this would be too heavy to be portable. John
  7. johnturley

    Lidl EP Case

    Hi Peter Thanks for the information They only had the silver ones at the Sheffield Lidl store that I went to, and they were wrapped up in film, so I couldn't tell whether there wre any foam insets with them. John
  8. johnturley

    Lidl EP Case

    Hi Relpet Obtained one similar from my local Lidl in Sheffield for £22.99, as my eyepiece collection has expanded that much that I now need a second case. However mine is all silver, the catches are slightly different, and did come with a lock and keys, but it didn't come with any foam insets. Did yours come with foam insets, if not where did you obtain them from and how much did they cost. John
  9. johnturley

    How good are ES 82 series Eyepieces?

    Hi again Louis Thanks for the information, I will look into it. John
  10. johnturley

    How good are ES 82 series Eyepieces?

    Hi Louis Thanks for the tip, do you know where some suitable ones are available from. John
  11. johnturley

    How good are ES 82 series Eyepieces?

    Interesting what you say about the 11mm ES 82 deg, I have the 14, 11, 8.8, 6.7, and 4.7mm in the 1.25 in range, and the 24 mm in 2in, and fairly pleased with them, but the design of the 11mm appears to be slightly different from the other 1.25 in eyepieces, in so much as although all the others are approximatley parfocal, the 11 mm focuses about 4mm further out, and to reach focus I have to insert it not fully in to my focusing mount, or use an extension tube. John
  12. johnturley

    best illuminated reticule eyepiece

    This looks identical to an Ascension one I bought from Opticstar, and I note that APM also do a virtually identical one, although stated focal length of this is 26 rather than 23mm. Mine was specified as having an apparent field of 70 degrees, but in reality around 50 - 55 degrees. John
  13. johnturley

    Takahashi scopes???

    Hi Steve Interesting that you have a high opinion of the Esprit 150, I was thinking of getting one as an upgrade to my ES 127, and I would pay the extra to have it checked and adjusted (if necessary) by Es Reid, whom I know personally. I have contacted Es regarding this, and in his opinion they are almost as good optically as the TAKs. There is however a huge price difference between them, £13,000 for the TAK 150 as opposed to £4,000 for the Esprit, and although if pushed I could just afford the TAK, from what I have read I could not justify the extra cost. If I was going to spend £13,000, then I would be more inclined to go for the TEC 160. Interestingly there was a comparison done a few years ago on Cloudy Nights between the TEC 160 and the Esprit 150, and I think the TEC only came out marginally better despite costing about 3 times as much (in the UK), although for some reason Esprits are more expensive in the USA than in the UK, the 150 costing around $6,000, but to import a TEC it costs about the same in pounds as it does in US dollars. John
  14. johnturley

    CFF 185mm f6.8 triplet

    How much does one cost, any reviews? John
  15. johnturley

    Meade 65mm 2" EP

    Yes, mine was one one the original 5 element smoothsides. Fortunatley the insurance paid out at the time of the theft, so I ended up getting a new set of eyepieces, consisting mainly of the then new Meade Series 4000 5 element plossls. John

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