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  1. Martin Meredith

    EAA testing session in the vicinity of Monoceros

  2. Martin Meredith

    EAA testing session in the vicinity of Monoceros

  3. Martin Meredith

    EAA testing session in the vicinity of Monoceros

  4. Martin Meredith

    EAA testing session in the vicinity of Monoceros

  5. Martin Meredith

    EAA testing session in the vicinity of Monoceros

    [youtube] {
  6. Martin Meredith

    EAA testing session in the vicinity of Monoceros

    I've made a series of short videos of the tool which I'll post in this thread for now [youtube]
  7. Martin Meredith

    EAA testing session in the vicinity of Monoceros

    Thanks Stash, Rob. All my development has been on the Mac but the tool ought to run on Linux and Windows too since it is built in Python with Kivy for the GUI stuff (kivy.org). The latter is cross-platform (and in theory it might work on iOS, Android and RPi too, but it will be defeated by the compute requirements I imagine for a while at least). Are you running Windows? Basically, you just need a Python environment and a few easily-installed toolkits (numpy, scikit-image, astropy are the main ones). If all goes well the first version will be available next week. I made a video to demo the functionality when I was out on Friday but the sound quality isn't too hot so I will try to repeat later this week even if it means battling against a full moon (that's what EAA is for anyway!).
  8. Happy new year everyone I haven't posted for a while -- work has been a nightmare -- but hoping to get back into the swing of things now. Here are a few direct at the scope captures from a few nights back with a 60% moon in the same quadrant. I was mainly testing a new EAA tool so the set of objects is rather random as are the exposure times and formats. Details on the images (all jpegs) NGC 2346 is an interesting planetary nebula known as the butterfly. Here it is in wide field (well, not that wide, given this is a small sensor...) and in close-up. I was particularly struck by the near vertical lines of stars just above the PN itself. I fact, there are lots of 'strings' of stars in this field, presumably purely coincidental. Next, a few open clusters: and another smaller one: and another one, this time a single 15s sub Finally, here's a screenshot showing Arp 94 (quite a long stack). I was aiming to get the faint 'detached wings' that you can see just to the NNW and SSE of the main galaxy. There are a couple of mag18-19 quasars thereabouts too (this being an Arp and all that...). I hope to have the tool fully tested by the end of the month in case anyone is interested in giving it a whirl in time for galaxy season. cheers Martin
  9. Martin Meredith

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    Hi I'm not sure about the Evolution mount. Mine is the AzEQ6 mount and I don't have a problem with clearance at any point as you can see. While the scope is bottom heavy, by the time you take the focuser, camera and filter wheel (and dew shield) into account, it is surprisingly evenly-balanced anyway. The Quattro is quite short too being f4. I can't resist sending this one to show just how small the 8" Quattro is (and not a matter of perspective). But it does indicate where the balance point is. Yes, the EAA software will be available to anyone who wants it. Martin
  10. Martin Meredith

    ASI294 Pro – M81/82 first light

    Congrats on the purchase! Very nice result and glad to see it working well with the Quattro. Is this the cooled version? Were you using a coma corrector? I had to look up the pixel count as you say it is fewer than the 1600 but still over 11 million.... Is this the full image or were you using RoI? Martin
  11. Martin Meredith

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    I'm still here! I've been a little busy lately (mainly coding up a new tool for EAA which will be ready soon). Anyway, fire away! The Quattro + alt/az is still my main scope. Martin
  12. Martin Meredith

    Comet 123p/West Hartley?

    Hi Louise The red arrowed star is GSC 1984-0723 according to Sky Safari. And you seem to have captured the comet! Comets always look more impressive on Sky Safari... cheers Martin
  13. Martin Meredith

    Photographic Atlas Recommendations

    I know it isn't in the most convenient book-like format, but did you know that the whole of the Barnard atlas is available in the Georgia Tech collection: http://www.library.gatech.edu/search/digital_collections/barnard/index.html This includes text, photos, intro etc. Best Martin
  14. Martin Meredith

    Came across the forum by accident and went 'oooh!'

    Hi Kev I think the name of the game for EAA is simplicity. You can get perfectly good images for our purposes -- which is mainly observation rather than AP -- without cooling, without guiding, without (much) calibration (some kind of bad pixel removal is useful though), and without post-processing. I do all my EAA-style observing in alt-az under these conditions. So long as you can set up your kit to get reasonable tracking for 15-30 second subs you should be OK (you can produce decent images with even shorter subs too). Speed is important though. I operate at f4, and I'd say most EAA-ers operate at f5 or under. I have one USB cable from camera to laptop and that's it. So my advice would be to try out EAA with a minimal setup based on what you have and see whether it delivers for you. Martin
  15. Martin Meredith

    SLL and SX Trius 694 / Filter Wheel - summer objects

    Hi Greg Good to see you here again. I think its been a slow year for many of us... You're getting some excellent results with the Trius. I love the FOV, especially with the 3" Borg (e.g. fitting M31 in a single field). I have a 77mm Borg that I bought for EAA but have been having so much fun with my 8" Newt that I haven't fully got round to testing it, but your results have inspired me to have a go at the next opportunity (although with my Lodestar the FOV won't quite be so impressive). Martin

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