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  1. I have not seen it except through our club's large telescope. From what I have read it is not easy to spot. You need dark sky, i.e. away from city light pollution and no bright moon. With binoculars it will appear as a large but very subtle fuzzy patch of pale light. Two or three times the size of the moon ,but very subtle Here's quite a good article https://earthsky.org/tonight/find-the-andromeda-galaxy-in-autumn
  2. Many thanks for those useful replies. My front garden is badly affected by street lights and neighbours' security lights. The street lights go off at midnight, but unfortunately I'm very much a lark rather than an owl! My back garden has less direct light with only the background city light pollution, but it's 90% obscured by overhanging trees. We will probably be moving house this year and one of my criteria for the new house is good observing. I do have books and planisphere. Just wanted people's views on some important constellations so I can make a plan. Once again many thanks for suggestions. Patrick
  3. I'm pretty much a newbie and mainly interested in visual observing at present. Trying to give some structure to learning the sky. What would you say are the 10 or 12 (or more) most important constellations in astronomy? I'm using binoculars and a small telescope. Thanks, Patrick
  4. Thanks. I did see that one. Not sure I can manage a 12" on my own.
  5. Interested. Are you ever anywhere near Norfolk?
  6. Thanks fellas. I've looked at that one, but quite a lot more than I'm thinking of paying.
  7. Looking for a 10" Dobsonian in good condition. I'm in Norwich. Willing to travel. Thanks, Patrick
  8. If I remove the eyepiece holder there is a screw thread. Will the adapter screw straight into that? Thanks
  9. I have newly acquired the 130PDS and would like to try some basic AP with my Nikon D3200. I've ordered a T-ring https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0002379UO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Do I need anything else to connect the camera to the telescope? Sorry if this is too much a newbie question. I thought the people on this thread would be best able to answer.
  10. I've been offered a Skywatcher N200/1200 Dobsonian. Does anyone know how it differs from the current Skywatcher 200P Skyliner? Many thanks, Patrick
  11. Hi John, I already have Celestron equivalent zoom. Looking for a Baader to see how much of a difference there is.
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