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  1. Shame your too far from me as I would be interested in purchasing the 127 mak.
  2. I think it was that thread that got me decided on the star adventurer, it’s a great mount. Finally got round to processing the image I took using my new Canon 70mm - 200mm f4 lens at 200mm...
  3. 127 is a great scope, I used to own one. Need to watch aperture fever, that's what got me up to a C8 which I ended up selling as go too much to handle!
  4. Hi Pierre, I've considered the AZ-GTi mount before, looks very good value for money, particularly for observing with a small mak. I may have to treat Myself! ? Clear skies to you! Al
  5. Hi Pierre, Sorry for the late reply. That picture you took of Andromeda recently with your lens is a real stunner! After much deliberation I ended up purchasing a Canon 70mm - 200mm F4 L lens which I got second hand at a good price. I felt it worth getting to grips with a focal length that is quite forgiving on PA. I've only got to use the lens once attempting to image in HA the nebulosity surrounding Sadr in Cygnus. Unfortunately I experienced issues with stray light which I now believe was due to the clip in filter not having been clipped in properly on my DSLR. Despite this set ba
  6. Hello, I'm putting up for sale my Ioptron Skytracker v2 (previous model to the Skytracker pro) as I'm no longer getting use out of it since purchasing a Star Adventurer. I am the second owner of this mount which is in good working order with just a few scuffs to the top left and back of the mount as shown in the images. I was getting 2 minute subs using a 70mm lens with no star trails before I moved over to using the Star Adventurer so I'm sure someone could take this setup even further. Included in this sale is the polar scope, soft case and also the ioptron ball head but not the tr
  7. ilove1995

    Hi all

    Hi Chris, welcome to SGL.
  8. Thanks Dave. I would be looking to get the flattener along with the scope. That is a nice looking setup you have there..
  9. Thanks Ken, 60secs unguided on the z61 is what I had in mind. I would be very interested to see your Astro images if you wouldn’t mind forwarding me in the link. Thanks Al
  10. Hi All, I recently purchased a Star Adventurer and have been having plenty of fun with some prime lenses using my recently modified Canon EOS600d (when the weather plays ball). I'm now turning my attention to getting a small refractor where I have the WO Zenithstar 61 APO in mind. I would be interested to know from members with a similar setup on what realistic subs I can expect with this scope and mount unguided for objects like the Andromeda Galaxy as an example. Whilst on the subject of scopes, I would appreciate any advice on other small refractors that would suit the Star A
  11. Hi, Would be interested to know if anyone Essex / Suffolk based is looking to sell an HEQ5 pro? Even just the mount would work as I already own an eq5 tripod. Thanks Al
  12. Hi, Looking for an IDAS P2 LPS clip in filter to fit my canon 600d. Thanks Al
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