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  1. DeepSkyBagger

    Hello I am Chris

    Hi Chris, Forgive me if you already know this, but there are three astronomical societies within striking distance of you. Norman Lockyer Observatory Society (Sidmouth) - http://normanlockyer.com/our-society/ Tiverton and mid-Dorset Astronomical Society - http://www.tivas.org.uk/ Torbay Astronomical Society - http://www.torbayastro.org.uk/
  2. DeepSkyBagger

    Jodrell Bank - Out of Commission?

    Thumbs-up, David! I'd love to know why the main dish doesn't seem to have moved for months!
  3. DeepSkyBagger

    Jodrell Bank - Out of Commission?

    Thanks, I'll have a look.
  4. DeepSkyBagger

    Jodrell Bank - Out of Commission?

    I go for a walk up a hill close to home every day, and have done for several years. From this hill, I can see the Jodrell Bank radio telescope. I have noticed that for months on end, possibly more than a year, every time I see it, it is pointing vertically upwards, ie at the zenith. This suggests to me that the telescope is not being used at present. Is it being refurbished or having some heavy maintenance at the moment. Anyone know?
  5. DeepSkyBagger

    Veil Nebula with Bino’s ?? Doable ??

    Seen it in 10x50s whilst lying on my back (for stability) on top of a 2000' hill above Wensleydale. With a proper dark sky and proper dark adaptation, it's quite doable.
  6. DeepSkyBagger

    M13 LRGB

    As a visual observer, can I say that it's nice to see that you've captured the three dark lanes, sometimes called 'the propeller'. This is very obvious visually, but often gets swamped in images by all the stars. Nice one.
  7. DeepSkyBagger

    very first sketch M13

    Nice one! My very first (proper) sketch of a deep-sky object was also of M13. It was made on 16th July 1976 with my new 4.5" reflector from the back garden of my parents' house. I've made a few (ahem!) more sketches since then. The observation was made onto a pre-printed deep-sky observation form provided by the Messier Objects Section of my local Astronomical Society. These days I print my own. I've shown it as it is and inverted. Inverting is a great thing to do. It was difficult back in 1976 - I had a friend who used to do it, but he had to take black and white photographs of the drawn observations, then cut the negative up and mount them in slides. It's much easier now! Congratulations on your first observation. Here's to many more!
  8. DeepSkyBagger


    Almost certainly a high-flying jet. Seen it many, many times. Sorry.
  9. DeepSkyBagger

    Lyra, light sky targets .

    I think that's just the way Nick wrote the '0' and the '4'.
  10. DeepSkyBagger

    Odd artefact help please

    Eta UMa (mag 1.9) is 1.8 degrees off the top left corner of your image. Maybe there's something in your rig that could be reflecting the light of that star?
  11. DeepSkyBagger

    Crazy Image

    No. They don't have contrails. It's a plane.
  12. I've got the Crayford focuser on my SkyWatcher, too. Utter junk. Hate it.
  13. DeepSkyBagger


    I like this wide-field view, especially as you've caught NGC 891's 'mini-me', NGC 898, in the top left-hand corner.
  14. DeepSkyBagger

    Crazy Image

    It's a flying saucer! It's a weird black project thing re-entering the atmosphere! It's a Martian! It's Superman! Come on guys, it's an overexposed, slightly out of focus plane.
  15. DeepSkyBagger

    Odd 'Scope

    I doubt that. It's a 1960 scope. I don't know when the standard eyepiece sizes became 'standard', but I suspect it was after that. In any event, the secondary mirror would have to be moveable, and I can't see any indication that it is. Then there's the issue of focal length... Reflectors are funnels? Yes, they funnel vast amounts of light to an eyepiece. Refractors are pencils. They don't.

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