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  1. Thanks John. I should have a sample of material arriving tomorrow and if my wife will give me the nod as to whether or not it can be machined up.
  2. Coronado pst, 2000 frames best 20% in Auotstakkert and polished in Registake6 and Gimp ASI383 MC
  3. I have done three of these cameras so far and we have found taking the temperature down below freezing invites frozen water droplets on the sensor cover. Not shown in the picture is that we now use a thermostat that regulates the temperature of the sensor to 3c. Sharpcap gives us the sensor temperature so we adjust the thermostat accordingly. ZWO do a heater ring kit which we have tried but found the thermostat a better option.
  4. I have looked at the pictures online and it does not give a clue as to how it fastens. Does it come as a "tube" that slides down over the scope or does it wrap around and is fastened down a seam with velcro or a zip? Do the focuser and finder have to be removed to fit if its a "tube"? Are the reinforcing bars split or closed? the Scope is a SW400 flexitube but I am guessing that the same fastening applies to any of the smaller scope versions. thanks in advance for any relies
  5. Its interesting how individual experiences differ. I read the glowing reports on raspberrypi so gave it a go using Stellarmate. I got it to work for most of my equipment but it was never reliable. The pi now sits in my all sky camera and once it connects (sometimes after a couple of attempts) its ok. In the end I went for a Minix mini pc with windows 10 pro. With the external antenna its Wi-Fi range is excellent and it runs windows remote desktop. The software I use is two sessions of Sharpcap, Zwo or Atik cameras, zwo filter wheel, Hitecastro DC or stepper motor focuser, Pulsar dome cont
  6. Unfortunately its just the opposite. And I recall didn't the folks at SiTec loose their homes and factory in the Californian wild fires late last year?
  7. you don't get a certificate (as such). The receipt shows you paid for the test. If the scope passes it gets shipped. No remedial work is done on the scope. It gives peace of mind that there are no issues with the scope.
  8. While waiting for the Bahtinov try zooming in 250% on the pc screen, scrolling around to find a small star and adjusting the focusing to get the star as small as possible. It will dance around a bit due to seeing but just get it as best you can.
  9. have you contacted the Dealer how supplied it? I will take a look at mine and report back later on to see how easy it would be to DIY
  10. Two possibilities, hacksawing a slot across the broken part and using a flat bladed screwdriver or use a sharp centre punch positioned off centre and try to punch turn it anticlockwise.
  11. I am no expert on RPi but I once got into a similar position with other software and I made a note of this...... Type the following command: sudo raspi-config Then, use your arrow keys to navigate to Enable Boot to Desktop and press enter. Select the Desktop login option and press enter. Reboot worth a try
  12. I guess also that the cables (power and USB) can go down where the motor cables disappear into the mount and out via the angled base bracket?
  13. Marketing departments where would we be without them.
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