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  1. Tomatobro

    M74 LRGB

    The spiral arms go one way in the Cambridge Atlas and in our image they go the other way so one is a mirror image of the other. This I guess a result of the light path through the scope. Its easy to flip the image in software to make them match up to check the star pattern etc. But what I wondered was is there a convention to follow? The Atlas shows the spiral arms going clockwise and ours are going anticlockwise. In all other aspects they match.
  2. Tomatobro

    M74 LRGB

    I always check the images we take against the one published in my copy of the Cambridge Photographic Atlas and to match up it needs to be f;lipped and I was wondering if there was a convention as to which is the correct way to present a DSO?
  3. Tomatobro

    HEQ5 Pro overload

    With an 4 inch Altair on board much better guiding has been obtained but it does depend on many variables. With a newt and an astrozap dew shield in place small wind variations are enough to displace the guiding. Even just reaching for a USB cable to change its lie will send it way off course. I use Sharpcap to do the polar alignment and can highly recommend it I should also add that this data is with a Rowen belt mod installed
  4. Tomatobro

    HEQ5 Pro overload

    I dug out a PHD log EQ5 Pro at similar weights to you. Compare it with what you are getting. Hope it helps.
  5. Tomatobro

    HEQ5 Pro overload

    All I can tell Brian28 is that I had an EQ5 pro (with all the mods) for a few years and was delighted with it. Also It travels well. But as equipment was added there came a time when when enough was enough and I upgraded to an EQ6-r. Compared to the HEq5 the EQ6 is a BIG mount. I can see a time when lifting the head onto the mount will be a challenge. This is not a mount for those with bad backs! As a top end budget mount the EQ6-r performs well. Not as good as a Mesu 200 but that is reflected in the price you pay.
  6. Tomatobro

    HEQ5 Pro overload

    could you post a sample of your recent guiding and calibration results so we could take a look?
  7. Tomatobro

    Caroline's Rose - LRGB

    Also I stand corrected, there are youtube vids covering this and it was also in the film. Great AP by the way
  8. Tomatobro

    Caroline's Rose - LRGB

    "My God its full of stars" is from the book, not sure that line is in the film script though
  9. Tomatobro

    Good news on Hubble

    I hear the most recent Hubble imaging session was delayed due to "Loading updates 1 of 3" Please do not turn off................
  10. Tomatobro

    A Brief Bubble

    As Wing Man via Teamviewer I know the effort Tomato puts into these images. I learn something from every session! Well Done
  11. If Coto could get it to someone that understood and is equipped to deal with surface mount electronics then the components involved could be checked and lifted and results evaluated. The components would be easy to identify being close to the SMA connector.
  12. And the circuit seems to have a bias "T" built in so I cannot see that failing either so I agree that C64 would not pass DC. A post mortem would show what happened but regardless its probably not worth repairing.
  13. If the drawing represents what is in your SDR then its kind of hard to see how applying DC to the antenna input killed your radio.
  14. On my large dish I have five. In bright sunshine the reflected spots of light have to compete with that reflected from the dish surface. Its also a good way to determine the accuracy of the dish profile in that all spots should converge to a single point.

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