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  1. But Bro, I can't patent it now its in the public domain
  2. Tomatobro

    150 vs 180 Mak

    I would not use a guide scope for planetary as the exposure times are short. 2000 frames at just over 100 frames per second is an exposure time of 18 seconds. I have seen good results with the moon using small aperture skywatcher maks with Alt Az mounts however for planets the bigger aperture will be of benefit. For processing I can suggest Sharpcap to capture the AVI's, Autostakkert to analyse the frames and stack, Registax to do the initial processing of the stacked image, then Gimp to add some polish and finally a tweak with Windows photo editor if required.
  3. On an EQ6-R I find that the leg clamps can allow the inner leg to creep up the outer when the mount has 16 kg on it. I am a bit nervous about breaking the plastic levers if I go too mad but has anyone else experienced this? I am going to engineer a fix for this problem so its not going to be an issue but if you have had the problem and had to do a fix I would be interested to know how you did it.
  4. Tomatobro

    ZWO ASI 120MM USB 2.0 Mono Camera

    order placed....
  5. Tomatobro

    Guiding better after the Meridian Flip...🤔

    I like Mihaighita's method of checking balance as it would also highlight any change in the rotation drag of the mount itself. I used to check compressors by wrapping cord round the drive pulley and using a spring balance to measure the start and rotation pull as part of routine checks.
  6. Tomatobro

    You couldn't make this up

    And maybe an UCS (uninterruptible clear sky).............You will have to move house for that one Bro
  7. get hold of the book every photon counts, I possible join a local astronomy club as they will give you good advice and possibly have some equipment you can borrow to try out.
  8. Tomatobro

    NEQ6 Pro mount advice please

    I agree with Z3roCool. The sharpcap 3.1 Tools polar alignment is very good and easy to use.
  9. Tomatobro


    I wonder if the South West Herts Astronomical Society can shed some light on this unique piece of hardware? The historic equipment guys will have a fit if it gets lost forever............
  10. Tomatobro

    How has technology changed Astronomy for you

    Technology is present in every aspect of this activity, you cannot escape it. From CNC machining of components and optical parts which makes them affordable, to the production of magazines, internet access, star atlas and planispheres its influence is everywhere.
  11. Tomatobro

    Help please

    If it was bent as received you might try for a replacement under warranty. I was looking for a picture of the general area where the other broken part is. I suspect its broken off flush with the housing but it would help if this could be shown.
  12. Tomatobro

    Help please

    Two observations, one is that this looks like end of the worm drive and two its looks bent so if warranty likely to be rejected. Could you post a picture of the other end?
  13. Tomatobro

    Just walls around an observing area?

    In the summer if the walls are made of (say) brick then I would expect that warm air currents would surround the scope as the brick transfers the stored heat to the atmosphere. But like everything its a trade off between what the issues you want to avoid vs the benifits
  14. Tomatobro

    Sun 18.01.19

    You mean Big Round EXoplanet In Transit?
  15. I have found that the ZWO 120mm works well with both the Altair 60mm and the ZWO 60mm guide scopes. Use sharpcap 3.1 tools for polar alignment. There is a small annual charge for the Sharpcap software but its well worth it as its quick to use and accurate.

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