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  1. I searched amazon with Car Cigarette Lighter Socket DC 12V Converter Power Supply Charger Adapter It came up with both a 10 amp and 5 amp supply (5 amp is enough)
  2. CAD? in my day that stood for Chalk Assisted Drawing.......
  3. Opps I meant Cartes du Ciel.......
  4. Having watched plate solving in action I want to give it a go but I have a question regarding connectivity. I use Charles Du Ciel and Sharpcap pro. My question is can I connect the mount via EQMOD to both Sharpcap and CDC at the same time if both software's are open and running on the same laptop? I am looking download an image from my ASI1600, plate solve using Astro Tortilla and have CDC update its position.
  5. Re safety stops a good idea will add them.....
  6. large backlash error . There are tutorials on the net on how to adjust.
  7. To answer Daves question they are both Kaf8200 sensors (Moravian 8300 and an Atik 383) The height difference between the two scopes with the adjustable ADM makes joining the two scope ring sets together with top bars difficult but not impossible so I could see that mounting without has some advantages. I have not spoken to Tomato today but it might be worth mounting the two cameras and seeing just how far out the two images are with and without the ADM adjuster
  8. We really appreciate the comments and advice on dual rig issues. We have discussed the possibility of DF between the scopes but we still have a lot to do on the dome automation first. I can see us ending up with a fabricated cradle if its an issue
  9. I had a problem with my EFW2 where the orange drive ring would stretch and form a free loop on the slack side when indexing. If the wheel has off at an angle the free loop would drop out of the wheel grove so the wheel and motor would become disconnected. I fixed it by replacing the orange rubber ring with a new one and touch wood its not been a problem since. I can't recall the filter wheel showing an error when this failure occurred. At the start of this problem I could not figure out what was going on so I added a current sensing circuit to the filter wheel power supply that turned on a led so when the filter was about to change I could look at the mount and see if the led indicated that indexing was taking place. What I noticed was that when the motor was free (the drive ring out of its grove) no led indication took place (minimal drive current ) and this led (no pun intended) to extensive bench testing to identify the cause.
  10. This might help http://www.astro-baby.com/HEQ5/HEQ5-3.htm And https://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/advice/how-to-master-setting-circles/
  11. a laptop 12v to 220v inverter (300 watt) you are looking a 5.5 amps during boot up dropping to 4 amps once its up and running
  12. How about a Daystar Quark, Skywatcher 72 ED pro, Skywatcher Solar Quest, Baader 2 inch IR/UV filter, an Altair or other 2 inch diagonal and a ZWO mono camera as a possible setup? And a ZWO camera tilt adapter to remove the Newton rings.? Gives the option of going to a bigger refractor in the future but would need an ERF on the front end
  13. But look for the dust on the mirror as it was put in the tube! I guess it was all staged for the camera though so the dust might have been removed before the final fitting.
  14. You can take reasonable pictures with a long focal length refractor fitted with a mylar filter using a zwo colour camera But you do need some surface to photograph which is in short supply at the moment
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