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  1. from preference I use Carbon fibre plate 1 or 1.5mm. It also takes 3M VHB tape well. Use only small squares of VHB in the corners otherwise your box and plate become one forever........
  2. SGL is back to its old self. As I mentioned this is a Linux operating system so the comments on Windows don't apply. I think the browser was probably at fault.
  3. Strange, when I clicked on SGL the first thing what I saw was a different screen than the one I was used to, It had a big FLo banner and when I scrolled down the text was all greyed (pale blue) out. When I scrolled back up there was a "this website uses cookies" banner. As the this users experience was not good I thought I should create a post....Which I did in what I consider to be a "normal" screen. When I came back to see if others had had the same experience I viewed what I call a standard SGL screen. Each time now its normal. This is on a Linux operating system by the way
  4. Pale blue text on a white background totally unreadable on my laptop screen But now I go straight into the usual screen so was this just for the cookies notification I wonder?
  5. This post reminded me that I had not changed mine for a few weeks, and i am down to my last two dry ones. There are now thirty in a fan oven at 120c, been in 25 mins so far will report on results
  6. the nearest I have got to returning them to the brown colour is to put them on a plate, stick them in the microwave on defrost for a while. keep checking on progress to see how they are getting on. I store them is a jam jar with a tight fitting lid. I tried some at full power but the plastic melted.
  7. If you go for the 130 you will need some collimation tools to check the mirror alignment from time to time so allow for this in the budget.
  8. That is good enough. Once you start adjusting from that level you will walk several kilometres and discover why you should have left it alone. On a more serious note I am sure I have read somewhere what HG collimate to at the factory. If I find it I will post a reply. 15 arc seconds is the factory setting
  9. Its been a while since I sold my HEQ5 pro but I made up a 6 inch C/W shaft extension out of brass so I could move the weights out to get the balance. It had a belt modification fitted and it tracked very well with PHD, 60mm Altair guide scope and a ZWO ASI220 mono camera. I think you can buy a proper Skywatcher version (extension shaft) I also had a new saddle fitted and it did move the scope out and away from the mount head a little more which further aggravated the balance issue Flo list a bar under Skywatcher accessories and in the write up give its measurements.
  10. There is a book called "Making every photon count" by Steve Richards. Its available from Flo. If you want to get into imaging I would get this book as it will save you a lot of time and money. You can do some basic imaging with what you have but have a read of the book first.
  11. 30 euros? I had a vision of the Life of Brian sketch about the Gourd
  12. Wow can't wait to show it to the club...... Just shown it to the Financial Director and she said its as fast as a spider running across the floor
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