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  1. I have been trying to figure out what is the cause of the spike at 18:00 hours that has appeared in in both my old and new data. One one hand its useful as a timing marker but what switches on and off for such a brief period is a mystery. Its not the central heating that's for sure. Maybe one of the parked cars are doing something with the door lock solenoids?
  2. Had a look at ETD (Exoplanet transit database). You put in your latitude and longitude and it gives you the stars and timing data.
  3. Latest SID data. Washing machine interference on the 3rd and 4th
  4. My focuser is equipped with a skywatcher dc remote focus kit and it holds the 383 and filter wheel ok. When mounting the camera and wheel it is possible push the tube in a little. An upgrade to a moonlite might happen one day but the standard focuser works ok. I set up and take down for each session
  5. For the earth and to see the effect wrap a wire round the BNC connector and connect it to the water pipe. I noticed that when I connected my RS232 comms cable to the laptop the signal quality improved which suggested that the receiver was being grounded via the comms cable. Also I attached a high quality 0 to 3 volt analogue meter to the output so I could keep an eye on the signal strength. When this meter was connected the signal increased by almost a volt. When the comms cable was connected the meter fell back and indicated the expected signal, disconnecting the comms lead and you could watch the signal slowly rise. I emailed the folks at UKRAA and they suggested earthing the metal case (the coax is grounded to the case from the tuning unit via its BNC connector) I still see interference from the washing machine motor and the induction hob even though the outbuilding is 60 metres away and the machines sit on the null plane of the antenna. Also if the outbuilding strip lights are turned on I see a small increase in signal strength. I guess I will have to live with this level of interference. Longer term will see an experiment with an earth rod driven into the ground outside to see if that works any better.
  6. I have added a proper earth for the antenna and its cleaned up the signal. Its back in the outbuilding loft and started logging at 14:00
  7. Dam! Only the other day I said I have never see these clouds and now still haven't. I did look outside at around 23:30 but did not see them. Probably a case of seeing everything but observing nothing
  8. I made some changes to the hardware and relocated the antenna but I cannot match my earlier results. next step is to provide a ground as the only thing I can now think of is that when a laptop is connected via USB comms link the noise is reduced.
  9. Re the laptop, try to get one with a USB 3.0 port. 4gb of ram is ok 8gb is better but not essential. Hard disk size not too critical 250 or 500gb. A used Win 7 with USB 2.0, 4gb of memory and a 250gb HD will work if cash is tight. Try to get one with a good battery.
  10. Although I have not used it I think that dither is controlled by PHD and not the imaging laptop.
  11. I run one laptop to manage the mount, navigation and guiding and another for the imaging camera. The mount control laptop is a used £70 win 7 version and works flawlessly, first time every time just like an Anvil. The imagining laptop is not quite as reliable but near enough. I keep looking at ASIair pro to replace the mount laptop but still undecided. I have seen that when both the imaging and guiding are on a single laptop when both download images together then a conflict seems to occur and its PHD that looses its guiding camera but it usually re-establishes its camera connection after the camera timeout setting limit is reached.
  12. Have a read of 6x30 finder + neximage for guiding?on SGL
  13. When Tomato built his Pulsar dome we wanted to check the horizon profile which was the prime reason for knocking it together but the horizon picture is how my view looks from where I set up my scope. Those digital angle finders are now about £13 and they have back illumination that wakes up when moved. Great for Alt/Az mounts. The protractor is printed out using Blocklayer. Just type that into your search engine, set up the size and print it out
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