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  1. Ready to give up.

    I am with Tomato on this one. For those of us who have to set up and take down equipment a practiced routine is essential if imaging or viewing time is used to the full. And its also true that when a new piece of equipment or software is introduced it usually impacts on that routine. I have lost entire nights because of ignorance stack up. You have to think through (usually next day after a kip) what went wrong and what needs to be done for the next session. But you do make progress.......
  2. M51 60sec

    out of interest when did you take the image?
  3. Broken HEQ5 pillar mount - fixable?

    Astroboot have the bottom half of an EQ5 (the three legs and head block) for £70 plus shipping if that helps. Its not the same as you have but would be a solution.
  4. Let's see your 1st DSOs

    First DSO with our Esprit150, Morvan CCD, 2x5 mins luminance, red green and blue. Mesu200 mount. Tomato did all the hard work setting up and taking down the equipment, me 170 miles away looking in using TeamViewer. We had a problem of the mount "sinking" into the lawn and we know that the field flattener is not positioned correctly. Also include a picture of our stepper motor focuser with temperature compensation via Hitec controller. M51
  5. New member

    Hi Alex, what page was it on? Doh..page 31 should have gone to specsavers..
  6. Street Lights can cause cancer?

    The bit that worries me is...... " We’ve taken advice from Public Health England who reviewed guidance issued by the World Health Organisation, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation and others, and they have confirmed that there is no risk". They had to take advice????? Who were the others?
  7. Equipment reviews

    But it shows that reviews are filtered, even when the statement is true.
  8. Equipment reviews

    I left a review on the latest Raspberry Pi saying it did not run the Atik air software so that is why I returned it. Gave it one star . The review did not appear on their listings.
  9. The mounts movement is made via electric motors. These motors transmit the turning force via a series of gears to the telescope mount. The theory is that machining errors on each of the gear teeth affect the smooth movement of mounting head. Rowan Engineering do a retrofit kit which replaces this gear train with a toothed belt drive (HEQ5 and 6 mounts) and this arrangement has been incorporated in the higher specification mount. This drive method only really comes into play when the mount is used for photography but I would always go for the highest specification I could afford as you never know what you will be doing in the future. Google Rowan engineering for more info on belt drives as this will help with your understanding of what the difference is.
  10. Hello from Gloucestershire.

    Welcome. And enjoy.........
  11. Its about time we had a decent program on the telly on how to predict the future.............

    Good advice. And welcome......
  13. neq6 vs modded heq5

    I installed a Rowan belt mod on my HEQ5 about a year ago and its run well. One unexpected benefit was that the next doors dogs no longer barked when the scope was slewed from one object to another.
  14. Remote imaging experiances

    Keep practicing your processing skills Tomato......I will get the Esprit 150 up and running in time for the next clear night (Easter according to my pine cone weather station)
  15. Telrads are very good and your skyliner has plenty of places near the focuser that will allow the base to be attached. The base has double sided adhesive strips so you just peel off the tape and fix it to the tube. Mark out the spot with masking tape so that you get the base square to the axis of the scope. There are adjustment knobs that allow you the adjust the position of the red circles. Position a bright star in the eyepiece and then align the red circle on same star. A dew shield for the telrad is also a good investment. For the moon, two polarising filters allow you to adjust the contrast and brightness by rotating one of the filters against the other. Ebay or the scope supplier can provide them. If you can find a local astronomy club near to you then go to one of their meetings, you will find members are only to eager to help. Good luck Oh, don't do what one of our members did and fix the Telrad with the angled viewing glass towards the end of the scope. You will not see the red circles reflected in the glass