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  1. Re the Batinov mask, the guy I purchased the fine focuser collar from also 3D printed a focus mask for me. I found that it worked but need a bright star to work well. I purchased a Williams Optics one from Flo and its a lot better. Not cheap though.
  2. Having recently purchased a new Pulsar dome (assembly delayed) I am starting to think about dome rotation hardware. I have permission from the Finance Director to purchase a Pulsar dome rotator kit but having read a few reports on problems with them I am unsure which way to go. Would be glad to hear from members who have one and have comments good or bad. Perhaps there is a tendency for satisfied users to keep quiet?
  3. The only advice I can give is that I have machined up several adapters to marry the Samyang 135 to various cameras an filter wheel combos I make the initial back focus distance about 4mm longer than the specifications suggest and mount the camera and lens in a Alt Az mount and point it on a distant tree (about 750 metres away) and see if I can bring the branches into focus. I then disassemble, machine off 1.5mm and retest. As I get near to focus at the infinity mark I machine off another mm and again retest. Repeat the procedure till focus is obtained.I find that in general the back focu
  4. A 81 year old astro club member asked if I could make him a setup using some vintage Minolta SLR lenses. Pictures attached for interest.
  5. Yes. The standard SW one works ok for polar alignment it just takes a bit longer to achieve. The WO unit just shaves a few minutes off the setup time.
  6. Samyang 135mm f2 with a Horizon2 OSC camera. Pulse guided with PHD2. Sharpcap 3.2. Navigation via plate solving. Polar align using Sharpcap To fast find use an angle finder to set the counterweight bar horizontal than transfer the angle finder to the lens clamp. Look up the altitude (not RA) of the object in Stellarium and adjust the angle of the lens to match. Turn on Tracking. Swing the lens to roughly where the object is and plate solve. Adjust the Dec (and only the Dec) till correct. Then adjust the RA and plate solve. keep plate solving and adjusting RA till object is centred.
  7. When tightened down it locks the saddle boss to the worm. When loose it allows the saddle boss to rotate. In practice the act of tightening will cause the saddle boss to deflect so the object in view will move. When loose you can grad the scope and position it manually, when tight position by using the black knob. In the dark I have been known to loosen the centre holding screw and not the larger clutch ring.
  8. I find the high entrance angle ones are most likely to occur just after midnight and the longer trails just before dawn. Reviewing the images does occasionally produce a "what the...." response!
  9. sometimes meteors come towards the camera head on. I caught one the same night.
  10. Take a look in the retailers section, price rises for explanation
  11. Take a look at EP12 - Sunday, 26th July 2020 7:30pm BST - Introduction to Astro Pixel Processor by Mabula Haverkamp
  12. OK understood. Tracking with an Alt Az mount is something I have yet to do.
  13. I have a question. Are you just trying to accurately locate objects or do you need a goto function for remote control?. The reason why I ask is that if its just about putting objects in the eyepiece then there are simpler ways of doing it
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