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  1. Tomatobro

    A Brief Bubble

    As Wing Man via Teamviewer I know the effort Tomato puts into these images. I learn something from every session! Well Done
  2. If Coto could get it to someone that understood and is equipped to deal with surface mount electronics then the components involved could be checked and lifted and results evaluated. The components would be easy to identify being close to the SMA connector.
  3. And the circuit seems to have a bias "T" built in so I cannot see that failing either so I agree that C64 would not pass DC. A post mortem would show what happened but regardless its probably not worth repairing.
  4. If the drawing represents what is in your SDR then its kind of hard to see how applying DC to the antenna input killed your radio.
  5. On my large dish I have five. In bright sunshine the reflected spots of light have to compete with that reflected from the dish surface. Its also a good way to determine the accuracy of the dish profile in that all spots should converge to a single point.
  6. Cut out 4 discs from aluminium foil about 25 mm in diameter. Stick them to random points on the inside of the dish and smooth them out so they form crude mirrors. They will reflect the sun to form a spot of light that will centre on the LNB. You can estimate from the spot's as to the correct focus position of the LNB. Its simple to then check that the sun is correctly positioned on the LNB.
  7. Tomatobro

    The Curse of the AN September Issue

    refractor aperture.....some is good, more is better and too much is just about right
  8. Anyone any experience of running Android emulators on a laptop such as Bluestacks? I am looking for a non tablet solution for the ASIair.
  9. Tomatobro

    HEQ5 or NEQ6 PRO

    Take a look at Tomato's post...M31, need a mosaic! To see what an belt modded HEQ5 pro can do
  10. Tomatobro

    HEQ5 or NEQ6 PRO

    When I used my HEQ5 Pro for visual every time I slewed to a new object the dogs next door would bark. After fitting the belt mod the dogs and neighbours got a good nights sleep. I did not bother with PEC or guiding for visual. The mount is now used for AP and my brother is well impressed with the guiding. I moved to a EQ6-R simply because over time the weight of the kit creeps up and I just reached the limit of what the HEQ5 Pro could manage. For AP the mount is everything.
  11. Your LNB is rated at 80 ma and the board is rated at (up to) 500 ma so it should work. I have ordered one for myself to evaluate
  12. The folks who make Horizon programs should be made to watch this so that they can see how it should be done. Factual AND entertaining. Well done.
  13. Tomatobro

    M31, need a mosaic!

    Cool....I now have it as wallpaper on my Linux laptop

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