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  1. Doing astrophotography on a mobile phone is hard but it can be done i have not mastered it yet i do have the ASL224mc planetary camera which i am going to try later on It finding the right software for the phone to give you more control tried open camera plus the galaxy pro settings but cant get a long exposure
  2. Thats a good idea Stu I was very lucky when i started a year back i got my hands on a orion optics VX8L on a HEQ5PRO it has sat in a box for 9 years as the collage didnt know how to use it they paid 1500 i paid 600 not a mark on it
  3. Hi Dean great photo i have tried it with my samsung galaxy i cant get one than 1 min exposure the colours are just starting to show so compared with yours mine are poor Great job Dean
  4. Shame your giving up after a long time in the hobby you have probably forgotten more than i will ever know This year with lock down gave some very good nights weather patterns are changing over the years so you may start to get some good night again I did see some one selling remote access to a telescope in spain and in Norway so may be an option
  5. Hi mate i have that camera and windows 10 install is very straight forward I found the studio not that good so i use sharpcap and works really well
  6. Hi Stu thats great news glad your storted
  7. Hi i used the celestron clock motor on the older EQ3/2 skywatcher mount your need to check there is a bolt hole on the side of the head were the motor will fit they normally come with 2 brackets but you may have to make your own
  8. Astronomy is like fishing its part of the hobby getting cold if your fishing its cold and wet so its lots better than that lol
  9. Hi welcome to an amazing hobby if the clouds would f*** off lol
  10. Hi Carole you did a photo shop over lay of the handle off ebay i have and yours and it twice as fat i would have to remove polarscope to get it to fit the guy even made me shorter bolt but that would not adjust the mount The ones from 365astro are made like the standard ones but much better metal so wont bend and fit with out hitting polarscope
  11. Hi on my VX8L i used stick on car wheel balance weights just paint them to match scope colour
  12. Hi i upgraded my bolts for my HEQ5 i did try the bolts with the ratchet like the one linked in this thread but they are to bulky and hit the polar scope So i got the upgrade bolt from 365astro they are made like the original but much higher grade metal so wont bend your need to ring Zoltan at 365astro he will get them in for you they are about £5 each
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