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  1. Well done your going to have so many WOW moments with an 8 inch scope ,I am still having them now , have you looked in to a zoom eyepiece 8 to 24 add a Barlow you have 8 eyepieces and are not bad price I just got a Celestron one for £70 on flea bay that may help you out till you get fixed focal eyepieces BST are really nice for the price I have there Barlow
  2. Neil H


    Hi Tarry welcome to biggest family in the world
  3. Brilliant I will look up ICE thanks
  4. Hi brilliant photo what program do you use to stack then to put it together sorry silly question new to images
  5. Hi my visual set up is focuser ( low profile) 50mm extension and a self centering eyepiece holder which is about 4/5 mm on top of the extension , when I use the camera I use the 50mm extension with eyepiece holder removed so I have a 35 mm extension coming so I can use this instead of the 50mm so I have more back focus with the self centering eyepiece holder, but when I tested with the Barlow I could not focus till I pulled camera out so may land up using both extension but clouds have stopped play for now so testing is on hold I think I may get an old loo roll tube to block stray light and slide this in and out of 50mm extension so when I get focus I can mark the tube to work out length of extension is best
  6. Hi use the ASL224MC to get focus with a Barlow I need an extra extension on top of the 50mm I have without the Barlow I use the 50mm but have to remove the 4mm eyepiece holder as I don't have enough back focus for camera Your camera is 12.5 mm focal length so try pulling the camera out of the tube and see if it gets focus with Barlow if it does you need an extension tube
  7. It's the same on skywatcher once you press enter you need to tell it what speed to slew at to line up eyepiece , I also use a cross hair eyepiece
  8. Neil H

    New here!

    Hi and welcome to this amazing hobby and the best forum
  9. Hi Paul told you John would get you sorted brilliant handle ,fitted my one really well , nice grip to it
  10. That's what Paul (wookie1965) said they don't want to know tell them it lights up your bedroom they have to do something then
  11. They are not that big lol , well just got e mail back they will fit shields in about 5 days that's so nice they are so bright they light up our bedroom, that was more easy than I thought it was going to be
  12. WOW that's great I just emailed the council and ask for 2 street lamps to have shields fitted , and can they knock down the block of flats to my east lol, don't think the flats will be done but hope street lights is a yes
  13. both it just won't work on planets but sharpcap does focus aids and one is the bahtinvo mask you need to fit it to the telescope then turn it on in sharpcap and focus the camera
  14. Get a nice garden recliner lay back in it and enjoy the skies
  15. Yummy Jaffa cakes you better get loads of boxes Sorry forgot welcome I got stuck at Jaffa cakes did you get a tripod as well it will make your arms ache after a long session
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