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  1. True but seems if you money you can do what you like , his roadster is still going well till it crashes into some thing Great first contact is a car crash lol
  2. This is an amazing forum with amazing members on it , At no time do you feel stupid asking questions which is how it's ment to be I have had so much help I don't know if I could every repay everyone for that , I Work nights so can't get to my local club so this is my main stop for help and information i read most posts on this forum as the info may help me one day Great work everyone and THANK YOU
  3. Hi it's the space x satellite train watched it as well tonight https://www.space.com/spacex-starlink-satellites-night-sky-visibility-guide.html
  4. Hi guys would I see a difference if I jump from a powerseeker 114 eq1 to a skywatcher SK1309 eq2 telescope
  5. Hi weekend is ment to be better , I work nights so can only use the telescope at the weekend Hi Joe I will take at that thread , love this hobby so much to learn
  6. As I am new to this I am trying to find an easy way to find planets the Philips planishere has so much into on it which is great but a mind overload lol So is beetle juice going supernova or has it already but we don't know yet ?
  7. As Ships and Stars said any book will be out of date by the time the UK has clear night I am very happy with the book , I went on the link when posted on another thread , the main part that's out of date is the lunar Eclipses goes from 2000 to 2011, planets positions etc all tables are out of date All end 2011 If they tell you in the ad you can look for newer one but this may be the last print I have the Philips planishere which give me the info up to 2030 Your right the link has lunar Eclipses up to 2032 so saved it to my kindle
  8. Neil H


    Hi and welcome from one newbie to another
  9. Still a great book I have a Philips planisphere that goes to 2030 so will use this in conjunction with the book
  10. Hi John I am not to sure ,it said updated edition 2011 , so I think it's a 2011 book can't find any other dates on the book Found another listing for the book same cover etc and that's 2000
  11. Hi all ok I got turn left at Orion from Amazon Thursday and it's 9 years out of date so some of the book I can't use, but it was still worth getting for the parts I can use , I like the telescope rating for each item to look at , just waiting for clear sky's
  12. Hi I have an EQ1 with motor love it works well I didn't pay a lot for it got it new from EBay £39 free post got it next day took 2 mins to fit when you use it start it tracking you soon know if it needs to be slower down or made faster
  13. Ok guys thank you I am enjoying this new hobby got bitten by the bug the other night with the moon , spotted scope change and working better , eyepieces should be here soon , started saving for a 150 or 200 skywatcher telescope , so thing can only get better
  14. Its a con I really don't know people have to make things up
  15. Thanks John I have ordered some omni eyepieces to use with my powerseeker , glad I won't have to upgrade them when I upgrade the telescope
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