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  1. Spectacular in lunt 30 lots of detail.
  2. Hi , looking for an old black bodied eq6 going cheapish, does anyone have one in their shed.
  3. How's the other mini yard cannon performing...
  4. Also out lunar observing trying latest acquisition, a 7inch Mak Cass Meade, must say it is excellent,.
  5. It Twas a great night indeed, the veil was the best I've seen it. Nice to have a long session again, the difference a couple of hours and an OIII filter made to the clarity was amazing. Thanks for an excellent night Nick, now all I need is a six inch frac again...
  6. Hi Nick, Excellent report , I was out also, it did get unusually dark for this time of year. You must pop down next chance and look through the 8.5" Nasmyth now it's been reworked (new focuser). It's going away to OO for recoat soon. The views are spot on, and your comment on con trails is also confirmed. softening the glare..does help.
  7. The old astro has been on the back burner for the last year , but following a quick astro camp last weekend I decided a setup for quick drop and go astro was needed So dob or something different.. well I looked in my scope shed and decided different a 6 inch f5 Orion optics newt minus it's rings, a short celestron dovetail ( drilled tube...) Weight 6.4 pounds. That will go on the skyprogidy mount I managed to pick cheap.. Just been out with it, set up under 3 minutes. 45 mins observing, moon,Jupiter, 15 messier's, five doubles and three ngcs ... Sorted. Should have done it ages ago.
  8. Great stuff Nick, the reality of the image being based on a visual observation ,all be it from Skye should also provide a good reference for new starters to the hobby on what is possible.
  9. Excellent report Nick, just need the wind to drop and the sky to stop watering and I will have a go.
  10. The issue with the 10 on an eq5 is that it has the steel skywatcher tube and thus heavy, very heavy. I have happily used an orion optics 10 on a gp1/eq5. It may be possible to buy an ali tube, which will be alot lighter than steel and a lot cheaper than carbon. That all said first get hold of the two inch leg tripod from a celestron cq5 and balance it all well and it will still work visually. The tripod really does help.
  11. Hope the new year is kind to one and all. I think things are looking up! (sorry couldn't resist) ;)
  12. What with work commitments and clear nights not hitting the rare free weekends my scopes have been idle since sept, managed to get a hour and a half tonight , normal stuff but nice to finally try my three new eyepieces out. (one was from ias !) Then the wife called as the power had failed and the house was filled with smoke, it appears the dishwasher was about to go bang, close call. Still alls well that ends well.
  13. Any clear night would be good, the only one this week was quiz night at the astro club so I couldn't go out.........hopefully it will be clear not just on Christmas day
  14. Managed to acquire a 152mm and 90mm refractor, got some adm finder rings from Flo,after cleaning both scopes and putting in new lens spacers, put them together and i think it looks good. The set up is lovelly and sharp, gave it first light on friday the 152mm is fitted with a WO minus violet filter to control the CA. It sits on an older eq6 that I put a new synscan upgrade in a couple of years back. The final addition will be two more finder rings on the other side with an 80mm F6.5 triplet, then all three scopes will compliment each other on a triple fract set up..
  15. LOvelly job Pat, just awaiting some new finder rings for my 6 er then I willpost a picture.
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