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  1. NGC 281 The Pacman Nebula. Named after the famous arcade game character, though to me it looks more like an Anglerfish sitting on the seabed. Approximately 10,000 light years away this is a huge star forming region in the constellation of Cassiopeia. The dark regions in the "mouth" of the Pacman are full of Bok Globules and it is in these where new stars are being born. Photographed on the night of 25\26 Feb 2021. Cropped image from WO Star 71 II. 26 x 300s Ha, 11 x 300s SII, 11 X 300s Olll 35 x darks, 50x flats & dark flats Native bin 2x2, Gain 120,
  2. Managed to image during a four hour session last night, mostly through a some very high and thin layer of cloud which thankfully didn't interrupt the guiding too much. Only 1.5 hrs Ha and an hour each of Sll & Olll.
  3. Thought I'd go for a slightly different perspective on this. It's usually pictured "side on" with the prominent gas "tail" either going left or right. Tipped on it's side for this image this image, its going up.
  4. Taken last night 11\12 Feb in Ha & Sll.
  5. Thanks. No, all the processing was done in Photoshop only.
  6. A widefield image containing various nebulae. On the left is SH2-157 The Lobster Claw Nebula, top just to the right is NGC 7635 The Bubble Nebula, below that more to the right is NGC 7538 The Northern Lagoon Nebula and the small star cluster under the Lobster Claw is NGC 7510 The Arrowhead Cluster. Taken on the night of 22\23 January 2021 and reprocessed in the Hubble palette.
  7. Managed to get some but not really enough Sll & Olll data on this. I've processed it in SHO and its coming on but by no means anywhere near being finished. I'm just happy to begin to see what I can do with the data I've accumulated so far. Approx 3 hrs Ha and a couple of hours Sll & Olll each, with all the subs being 240s. I'll increase the sub lengths next time out, particularly Sll & Olll. Has a HR Giger-esque feel to it
  8. NGC 2175 The Monkey Head Nebula in the constellation of Orion. Taken in the early hours of 1st Feb 2021, only 50 minutes of exposures due to offending trees for this image with an 84% Moon in the sky and a thin layer of high cloud so can't complain. 10 x 300 sec Ha 15 Dark, 20 flat, 20 Dark flat ZWO ASI294MM & WO Star 71 ll Cheers, Pete
  9. My first attempt at a bi-colour narrowband image. I plan on adding more data to this as time goes on, certainly some Olll and perhaps adding RGB for the stars. 40x240 Ha, 20x240 Sll. Gain 120, offset 30, temp -10°C, bin 2X2 ZWO ASI294MM with WO Star 71 II Cheers Pete
  10. IC 405 SH2-157 widefield
  11. Using a WO Star 71 Quad, so has the built in flattener. Flats taken using a white screen app on my tablet. Regards, Pete.
  12. I'm using the 294MM and haven't noticed this on any of mine. Here's a stretched Ha flat circa 25000 ADUs. The sensor is clear with none of the surface staining as reported by some on CN (it's the first thing I checked when I opened the box!). Perhaps the staining was a batch that slipped through QC checks.
  13. Thank goodness for FLO. I've noticed the price increases elsewhere, particularly on one of our usually good value Teutonic friends websites.
  14. I've had zero condensation in my ROR Obsy so far despite the very wet weather and chanegable temperature. It's well ventilated, plus a tube heater and a desk fan running keeps the moisture at bay. I agree with Stuart but if you have a dome they're naturally not so easy to well ventilate so can see the need for a dehumidifier. So @iwols & @lockie's advice still stands.
  15. A new one from FLO stickerwise for me ! ADM dovetail counterweight and adjuster inside.
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