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  1. Upgraded the roof hold down turnbuckles, much better.
  2. Cheers Lee. The warm was relative, it still got pretty cold last night. Just keeping the wind off makes a world of difference.
  3. Cheers Terry. I'll add a few more pics once I've tidied it up a bit and beefed up security etc. I've really enjoyed doing it, definitely one of those "why didn't I do this sooner" moments.
  4. First light from the newly built Casita Observatory. NGC 1499 The California Nebula, 20 x 120 sec unguided subs, had problems with my guide cam plus I didn't frame it properly. Just wanted to get something in the bag! Then a pair of old favourites, M81 & 82. 10 x 300 sec subs, guide camera sorted by this point. Both with WO Star 71 II & unmodded Canon 80D DSLR. Altair Quad-band filter. What a revelation not having to lug all the gear and set up, take down, not having the cold wind at your back, shaded from all the lights etc.
  5. Hi. Looking for the above, the 16" version. If anyone has one they no longer need please let me know. Cheers, Pete.
  6. Might rename it the "66" Obsy...reminds me of one of these
  7. Security bars are on my to do list
  8. 95% complete Apologies for the lack of build photos I had some dodgy weather and limited time so cracked on with it. Roof is held in place with x4 angled turnbuckles but I'm going to replace them with heavier duty ones as soon as I can. Need to sort some paint too yet. I'll put some more pictures on in due course. Just need to get the gear inside and set up and wait for first light. Wahey !!! I' ve got an observatory at last.
  9. Cheers, I'm going to call it The Casita Observatory.
  10. Roll off beams in place! Test fitted the roof frame, fits and slides very nicely. Still got to sort the guide rails, finish and felt the roof and fill the roof side gaps. Feels like an Obsy now!
  11. Regarding the roof run off beams, I did originally intend to sit them lower than the shed wall tops but it looks like too much of a faff to do. I'll take the easier option of sitting them on top of the wall tops. Roof will be higher with a larger gap but hey ho.
  12. I should be able to see down to approx -20 Dec on the Southern view. Obsy is primarily for imaging so most of the time the scope will be at high elevation. I get a decent view all around. Next door's security light is more of a concern but the walls will mask that and I intend to fit blackout blinds on the windows.
  13. Yes I'll probably do that in due course
  14. A bit more today. Strengthened the structure it's really solid now. Started on the roof construction too. Coming along nicely. Fresh timber has had two coats of yacht varnish to help with the rain I'll get before I get the roof done.
  15. Got it from Robert Dyas Ltd. Search for Shire sheds/ summerhouses. Lots of designs, some pretty reasonable.
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