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  1. I have followed this thread from day 1 and I have been very impressed with the design and the quality of your work. I'm about a month away from being able to make a start on my observatory and so far I see no reason to do other than copy what you have done. I particularly like the 4x4 uprights which will conceal the end grain of your shiplap. Mike
  2. I may have misunderstood your problem but ..... I use ADM Dovetail Counterweight Mike
  3. I'm going in the opposite direction. There was a chicken coop and run where I'm getting ready to build my obsy. We have a fancy septic tank which discharges into a stream at the far end of the garden - sadly, I have no idea where the pipes run but I'm willing to bet money I will find one when I start digging.
  4. Looks very interesting. Always good to see new designs. Mike
  5. Love the video. Brilliant. Mike
  6. That is the neatest hole and reinforcing I've ever seen. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the build. You are setting a high standard. Mike PS Is it my imagination of can I hear the strains of "Waltzing Matilda"?
  7. Good progress Ray, you are really off and running now. Just a couple of questions. Please don't take them as criticism, they are intended as an honest attempt to help. Won't you need more supports for the rim joists as well as the floor joists ie more MOT and blocks? Will you be able to access the sides of the observatory and fence for maintenance - the base looks very close to the two fences? Mike
  8. I'm sure you are right - in many respects you will be committed at that point. Good luck. I'm at the "can't make my mind up stage" which on the one hand is frustrating because I want to get on with it but on the other hand, it ensures I give it plenty of thought. I have to finish off all the jobs that SWMBO has prioritised, otherwise I might end up living in it. Mike
  9. Good stuff Ray. I'll be watching with interest since I hope to start on my observatory early in the new year. Mike PS Whereabouts in Kent are you? I'm on the Kent / E. Sussex border.
  10. I have a complete set from issue 12 through to the December 2015 issue. I'm keeping the CDs but if nobody wants the magazines, they will go to the local recycling centre. They are too heavy to post, so you'll need to collect them. I'm prepared to drive a modest distance to meet up if that helps. I live in post code TN8 which is between East Grinstead and Tunbridge Wells. Mike
  11. I'll bring issues 12 to 133 of Sky At Night magazine (not including the CDs) if anyone wants them. They are just taking up space (no pun) and I never look at them. Free to a good home. PM me if you are interested, Mike
  12. I found the following in SkyMap Pro. I have no idea if it is correct or not. Probably doesn't add anything to what you have already found. Mike Information about PGC 1467 Basic object information Object name: PGC 1467 Object type: Galaxy Magnitude: 11.5 Position information Apparent RA: 0h 23m 47s Apparent Dec: +25° 35' 54" Constellation: Andromeda Altitude: 10° 49' 52" Azimuth: 297° 44' 31" Hour angle: 7h 1m 32s Rise: 14h 34m 18s Transit: 23h 3m 57s Set: 7h 37m 33s Names and designations PGC 1467 3ZW 6 Star atlas chart numbers Herald-Bobroff Astroatlas: Chart C-21 Millennium Star Atlas: Charts 173-174 (Vol I) Sky Atlas 2000.0: Chart 4 Uranometria 2000: Chart 126, Vol 1 PGC 1999 Supplied by the LEDA team at the CRAL-Observatoire de Lyon (France) Names and designations PGC 1467 3ZW 6 Position information RA (J2000.0): 00h 22m 53.3s (High accuracy) Dec (J2000.0): +25° 30' 14" Galactic longitude: 114.87° Galactic latitude: -36.92° Supergalactic longitude: 319.50° Supergalactic latitude: 13.77° Size and shape information Morphological information Magnitude and colour index information Total B magnitude: 11.500 Error in B magnitude: 1.000 Error in log10 velocity dispersion: 52.428 Galactic extinction in B mag: 0.292 mag Extinction in B mag due to inclination: 0.000 mag Total apparent corrected B mag: 11.208
  13. My goodness, you work hard. This is going to be a great build to follow. Mike
  14. That's what I was going to suggest. As an alternative to wifi you could consider power line adapters. Mike