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  1. I followed an online quantum computing course from one of the US universities. By followed I mean picked out bits I understood to try to gain an understanding. The focus was on factorisation and at the end of the course the prof mentioned that so far the best result obtained was by a machine that "was thought to have" factored the number 15. Still a way to go I think. Mike
  2. EQ6 Tripod Dowel

    Thanks for the offer Chris but I'd prefer not to tap the disc. I was quite surprised at how easily my drill bits went through the metal which made me wonder how robust the thread would be after tapping. Thanks again. Mike
  3. EQ6 Tripod Dowel

    Good idea. Thanks Mick. Mike
  4. EQ6 Tripod Dowel

    Thank you gentlemen for the link to the EQ8 pin and for suggesting I use a bolt. On reflection, I agree the bolt is the better option. I was a bit dubious about tapping for the pin anyway and had just assumed that something flat-sided was needed. Mike
  5. I'm starting on an observatory build. My AZ-EQ6-GT will be mounted on top of a concrete pier via a couple of disk brakes. I need to attach something for the azimuth adjustment knobs to push against. The OVL manual refers to it as a dowel. Does anyone have an EQ6 or AZ-EQ6-GT dowel that they would like to sell? (I'm guessing they are the same). Mike
  6. Seems it's that time already

    How funny. I've not long removed a chicken run to make space for my roll off roof build. Mike
  7. Ray's Observatory Build

    One or two ideas? I'm going to be asking for blueprints. Mike
  8. Hello from another newbie!

    Welcome. It is well worth aligning your scope and finder on something distant during daylight. Makes finding things at night much easier. Mike
  9. Ray's Observatory Build

    I have followed this thread from day 1 and I have been very impressed with the design and the quality of your work. I'm about a month away from being able to make a start on my observatory and so far I see no reason to do other than copy what you have done. I particularly like the 4x4 uprights which will conceal the end grain of your shiplap. Mike
  10. I may have misunderstood your problem but ..... I use ADM Dovetail Counterweight Mike
  11. 2017 observatory design and build

    I'm going in the opposite direction. There was a chicken coop and run where I'm getting ready to build my obsy. We have a fancy septic tank which discharges into a stream at the far end of the garden - sadly, I have no idea where the pipes run but I'm willing to bet money I will find one when I start digging.
  12. First obsy build

    Looks very interesting. Always good to see new designs. Mike
  13. Ray's Observatory Build

    Love the video. Brilliant. Mike
  14. Ray's Observatory Build

    That is the neatest hole and reinforcing I've ever seen. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the build. You are setting a high standard. Mike PS Is it my imagination of can I hear the strains of "Waltzing Matilda"?