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  1. Hi Steven, Welcome to SGL. You live in a lovely part of the world. I lived and worked in Austin back in the 1980s and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Never looked through a telescope in Texas but hit lots of golf balls in your neck of the woods - Lago Vista, Point Venture, Crystal Falls and even once at Delaware Springs. Good luck with the imaging. Mike
  2. Hi Phil, Welcome to SGL from the Kent / East Sussex border. Mike
  3. Hi Ray. It is a work in progress but it has evolved extremely quickly which makes me feels that it will supersede its competitors in the not too distant future. I'm enjoying playing with my portable rig using an ASIAir but now the weather is warmer, I will probably have a spring clean of my obsy software and commit to NINA. Mike
  4. It is worth having a look at NINA https://nighttime-imaging.eu/ Mike
  5. I downloaded my copy today. From an initial skim through, I agree with what Wim has said above. You can order from http://www.deepskycolors.com/mastering-pixinsight.html Mike
  6. We organised a meet at a pub in Godstone, must be 10 years ago. It was good to meet other members but nothing came of it. There are plenty of societies around http://www.astronomyclubs.co.uk/Clubs/Counties.aspx and SGL has a star party each year which is well worth attending. Mike
  7. Welcome Wyvern. I'm located in TN8 not too far from you. Mike
  8. Failing all else, you could hang a bag of sand (or something similar) from the shaft. Mike
  9. Best wishes to all there Steve. Mike
  10. I ordered very promptly and have been lucky to have received my ASIAir. You are all correct about the effect of the weather - I've had one session outside since it arrived. I'm writing this at 3:50 am because I have been woken by strong winds and can't get back to sleep. When will we get some more settled weather patterns? Mike
  11. Snap. Ordered mine an hour or so after it appeared on FLO's site for pre-ordering. Mike
  12. Hi Todd, welcome to SGL. I lived and worked in Austin back in the 1980's. I was there for a visit a couple of years ago and was shocked at how much bigger and busier it had become. Still a lovely place to live though. Mike
  13. Happy New Year from me too. Mike
  14. IconRestorer will put it back to your last save. Mike
  15. Hi Bottletopburly, My cable is quite old and has the blue bit on the RJ45(?) end that plugs into the mount. You will see from my post above that normal service has been resumed but I'm going to follow you lead (no pun intended) and buy a Lynx replacement. Windows updates mean I can't easily isolate my computers from potential harmful effects but a more modern cable / driver is a small price to pay for hopefully reducing the probability of future problems. Thanks for replying. Mike PS Don't suppose you'd care to explain your user name would you?
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