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  1. Fortunately for idiots like the neighbour from hell in the OPs post most people only imagine what they would like to do rather than actually do it.
  2. Found a thread on CN. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/91214-yukon-30x50-newt-binos/ And the totaly useless socalled “manual” manual_nrb_30x50 2.pdf
  3. A couple of these in your garden facing his house perhaps?
  4. Would go well with this. https://www.thegreenhead.com/2010/03/brandy-smuggler-walking-cane-flask.php
  5. What an abomination. Silly twit of a neighbour. I complain about a street light on one side of my garden and a few trees but can get away from that. View to the south out of my back garden is a bit of a contrast to yours. Not a security light to be seen.
  6. Hmmmmm https://ukmcpro.co.uk/products/yukon-nrb-binoculars-30x50
  7. Saw that on eBay but delivery not until Nov 17 / 18. The 4mm were due mid November but now with a German dealer having changed that today to next year will the eBay seller be able to deliver?
  8. While browsing a German dealers website saw the availability date for the Nirvana 4mm eyepiece. Was showing early November but now slipped to next year. Hope no one is in a hurry to get one.
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum. Don’t waste your money on one of these sets. Very poor value for money. Very cheap eyepices and barlow and filters you probavly won’t ever use. Far better to buy a better quality eyepiece to start with. The Starguiders are great eyepieces for the money. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/search/for/starguider/ And msybe one of these for moon viewing.if you find the moon is too bright. Not all people find the moon too bright so only buy if you do find it too bright. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/moon-neutral-density-filters/astro-essentials-nd96-0-9-1-25-moon-filter.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/moon-neutral-density-filters/variable-polarising-moon-filter-archived.html
  10. A small bit of info. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/artificial-light-nuisances-how-councils-deal-with-complaints
  11. ES just tests and makes minor tweeks as anything more than that isn’t cost effective on a brand new scope. While he certainly has the knowledge to do a lot more better to just reject the scope and let SW sort it out.
  12. Has been noticed on the users forum. https://bbs.astronomy-imaging-camera.com/t/software
  13. Pricy but wonder if anyone has tried this? https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p11188_TS-Optics-2--LED-Collimator-for-RC-Telescopes-and-all-other-Types-of-Telescopes.html
  14. SW should copy Bresser who supply a reasonable quality plossl with their scopes.
  15. As mentioned earlier in this thread the ES Reid test is mentioned on the customers invoice so there is your “paperwork”. Think a label on the scope will be a good additional step for FLO though.
  16. Test certificate vs the opinion of an optical expert who has many years of experience in real world optics testing. I know which I trust more.
  17. I’ve been testing the new Svbony 10 to 30 zoom and first impressions are it is a bit sharper than the Hyperflex and with a 2x barlow nosepiece gives a useful 5 to 15 range.
  18. There are some very good inexpensive zooms available now. The Hyperflex or one of the clones are very good and the new Svbony zooms are also good. Better than the cheaper eyepieces although not quite as good as an exprnsive one. Usualy use a zoom first to find out the best mag to use then switch to regular eyepiece.
  19. Yes think a proper little label on the scope saying “E.S. Reid Tested” would be a nice touch.
  20. £75.00 is a real bargain for a proper bench test of a refractor. By having all the Esprit scopes tested they are able to get a break on the price charged by ES Reid. My StellaMira scope was bench tested by ES Reid and has been flawless.
  21. Look a lot like these. http://www.skywatcher.com/product/super-36mm/
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