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  1. Anyone want to tell FLO that they misspelled StellaMira? Seriously though looks like a nice liitle imaging scope.
  2. Dry and cloudy here in the middle at the moment and forecast is looking damp for the next few days.
  3. I used to have the Bresser 127 mak and found it to be an excellent performer. One thing to note the Bresser is actually 127mm aperture whereas the Skymax is about 118mm aperture so the Bresser gives a little bit better resolution. Now replaced with a Bresser 100 mak as my portable grab’n’go setup. Just that much smaller and lighter.
  4. Use this app which gives the correct format for all info needed. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RapidoDroid.synscaninit2&hl=en_GB
  5. I don’t bother with a counterweight with my AZ100 unless using an OTA over 10kg where the stability of the tripod becomes a factor. Using a counterweight or not doesn’t seem to affect the smoothness of the mount.
  6. Have a hardly used Svbony 2” variable polarising filter that is in excellent condition. The filters can not be seperated. Wothdrawn Payment: PayPal (buyer pays fees) John
  7. Will suit the Skytee rather well. Just need a short photo dovetail bar to fasten the Starsense bracket to. I boight one of these recently and it did come in black. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0153EZFHU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. The scope has threaded holes in the tube so the Skysense bracket can simply be unscrewed and the screws used to blank off the holes. No nuts on the inside to bother about.
  9. Not a lot to see in white light today but at least was able to test the setup. Not a lot of infocus left with the wedge but enough. RACI finder with solar filter does make it much easier to centre the sun., Dug out an old sun shield to fit on the OTA which really helps cutting out the glare and heat from the sun on my head. Now bring on those sun spots.
  10. Bresser 8x50 straight through finder scope and Bresser bracket. New & unused and came with a new scope but had RACI so not needed. Nice finder with metal body and a metal finder bracket that fits standard Bresser finder shoe. Nylon tipped screws. Straight through uncorrected image. SOLD - £25.00 shipped to UK address Payment: PayPal (buyer pays fees) John
  11. And me as well. The regular prisim is fine for me. Do keep the Omegon Amici prisim for terestrial viewing.
  12. There was a tiny plastic bag with the grubscrew in the bottom of the box. Easily overlooked.
  13. Quite a few forget to install the new grubscrew in the first place and wonder why the fine focus doesn’t work at all. Just fitted one to my new Bresser 127L yesterday and it’s working perfectly.
  14. One thing I’ve found is that you mustn’t overtighten the new little grub screw that goes on the top. Too loose and the fine focus doesn’t work but too tight and the main knob won’t turn properly.
  15. Well if you are really desperate you could get this for 19 quid.
  16. Replaced the overly tall stock finder bracket with a Synta type. Had a Synta type finder shoe that almost fitted and just needed the ends of the screw slots dremelling a bit to get that mm more spacing needed to screw into the stock mounting holes.
  17. Yes it’s my white light solar setup. The StellaMira is not going anywhere.
  18. Looking forward to trying it out. Just need some sun. Will be testing at night as well of course.
  19. New Bresser 127L arrived for my white light setup. The AZ100 mount doesn’t even notice the weight. Now just need some sun.
  20. Just a note on installing the 1:10 dual speed knob upgrade. Dead easy and only takes a minute if you do it properly. Remove the stock knob by undoing the single grub screw. Slide the dual speed knob in place and tighten the two little grub screws. Then the important bit. Remember to fit the new grub screw that is included with the knob. If you don’t the fine focus won’t work and the grub screw shouldn’t be too tight otherwise the knob won’t turn. If the drawtube movement is too stiff adjust the four screws around the lock knob. They are a push pull arrangement much like collimation screws. Slacken off the two locking screws thar are raised up and then tighten or loosen the other two screws until the movement feels right. The tighten the two locking screws.
  21. The Bresser 127L refractor OTA arrived this aft. Also got the 1:10 dual speed knob upgrade. Changed the straight through finder for a RACI one that will be used with a solar filter on it as the solar finder. A fair sized scope but not too big or heavy. A good comprimise size wise vs a 150mm frac. The AZ100 mount doesn’t even notice the weight and not bothering with a counterweight. Dead easy to balance the OTA. Oblective cell has proper colimation screws.
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