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  1. Thanks guys. It's the second version in Fig 1. Guess I have to work with it.
  2. Bought this mount nearly new .When I look through the polar scope the markings seem to be upside down like I am looking through it from the wrong side. Is it factory fitted ? Can it be fitted the wrong way? Not used to EQ mounts having just moved from AltAz and Dobs. Thanks
  3. Need one for my Skymax 150. Happy to buy or part ex for my 1.25 diagonal. Clear Skies Mike
  4. Is the Batinov still for sale If so I will buy
  5. I noticed on another thread that Dobbie wanted to downsize from the Skymax 150 Mak to a 127 for portability . Today we exchanged scopes wi h a cash settlement. Tonight M42 was passing to the front of the garage (unheated). To quote Oscar Wild (I think) " I can resist all things except temptation. Lifting the EQ5 to the garage door I mounted the Skymax 150 and chose the Baader Aspheric 31mm. With clutches off and no power the finder was nudged to M42. A few seconds focusing and WOW...... M42 filled the field of view with great contrast and tac sharp stars showing trapezium as clear as I can remember. It seemed to me as good a view as I can remember with the SE8 or my 8" Newt. Perhaps it's my memory. My first light with this scope fills me with anticipation of views lunar and planetary but it certainly can do a good job on bright DSO's. Cool down was not a problem when kept in a cold garage on this occasion. Thanks Dobbie... I love it.
  6. Had one ... I sold it wish I hadn't but just toooooo far to collect. Someone must buy this at a gift price. I would have it for the residential home for learning difficulties people I work at if I could get it here..... Good luck
  7. Interested in extending an interest in astronomy to a small group of young adults with learning difficulties. A DOb to start with is required , don't mind doing some Restoration . Hope to hear from you. Thanks
  8. Using my Moto one action phone to control the WiFi to my EQ5. It was working fine. I switched off the phone location permissions and a day later switched it back on again but Synscan won't find the location device. Tried reboots. Tried removing program and reinstall. No good. Buying a tablet to use as a dedicated input device instead of my phone....hope it works. Anyone had similar problems? Anyone got a solution? Cheers Bigwings
  9. Anyone advise me of the weight of the Skywatcher 150 Evostar (blue livery) with rings and Ep Clear skies
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