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  1. Yes you can adjust the optical axis of the focuser and primary.using the push pull scews around the base of the focuser. If you want to adjust the focuser tilt separately then you would need the seperate tilt adaptor. Downside of using a seperate focuser tilt adaptor is that you can no longer rotate the focuser without having to to readjust the tilt. Tilt is more of a problem with the RC version as it’s mainly for imagimg whereas the CC is better suited to visual..
  2. Umm.........let me see 127mm f9.4 frac - handle 80mm f/10 frac - handle 100mm f/13 frac - handle 80mm f/15 frac - no handle 100mm f/15 Mak - handle 200mm f/12 Classical Cassegrain - handle 10” f/5 dob - no handle
  3. I suppose it’s to differentiate from their other 6” dob. Bresser 6” f/5 Wondee if FLO will be stocking the 6” f/8?
  4. BRESSER Messier 6'' f/8 Planetary Dobsonian Telescope New little dob from Bresser. Nice to see a small dob with proper bearings. https://www.telescopehouse.com/bresser-messier-6-planetary-dobsonian-telescope.html?utm_source=Telescope+House+Newsletter&utm_campaign=1a0ac02580-Bresser-messier-planetary-dobsonian-6-inch&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2ccd288edb-1a0ac02580-29670257&mc_cid=1a0ac02580&mc_eid=61c9481f7e
  5. Perfect use of the top mounting position on the Skytee.
  6. You can still use the TS tilt adjuster. After further reading looks like using a seperate tilt adjuster just for the focuser may be better?
  7. The focuser they are now fitting to the 6” and 8” are better and quite usable although I fitted a Baader Steeltrack which has more drawtube travel. The 10” uses a M117 thread for the focuser. TS does sell an M117 to M90 adapter though so you could keep your Moonlite if you got the 10”.
  8. A handle makes lifting the scope much easier. johninderby (aka The Handle Guru )
  9. Celestron, Skywatcher and other mass market brands sell scopes ranging from low end “department store” scopes to some very nice quality scopes so the brand doesn't’ automaticly mean they are good. You have tp pick the right scopes from their lines.
  10. BTW GSO 230mm tube rings will fit the CC 8”. Useful for using the scope with an Alt-Az mount. Takes some minor DIY to attach the stock dovetail bars to the tube rings but not too,complicated.
  11. Yes the handles are easy to adjust to the length needed by cutting the tube although they do have lots of lengths available.
  12. And dare I recommend a handle. https://www.wdscomponents.com/en-gb/tubed-handle-front-mounted-black-wds-8517/c-404/p-920
  13. Arrgh! Just another cloudy night here......again. No mars for me tonight.
  14. Just click on you user name in the top right to open the drop down menu and then on account settings then signature.
  15. I would say that I found the TS CC 8” to be brighter than the C8 if anything so don’t have much confidence in the articles conclusions. Something doesn’t add up. TS quotes 99% reflectivity on the their 8” version Any way looking forward to other people conclusions after using one.
  16. Yes LZOS does make exceptional optics. Best 80mm triplet I ever looked through was a LOMO objective. Good old hand made Russian optics.
  17. The 10” truss tube RC is a similar price. https://www.365astronomy.com/GSO-10-f-8-Ritchey-Chretien-Astrograph-with-Carbon-Fiber-Truss-Tube.html Wish they would bring out a 10” solid tube CC.
  18. Yes I read that review and concluded that the author was to put it politely a bit confused. Vlav had some comments on his testing methods that agreed with my opinion. I think for DSOs the 10” dob is better with it’s wider fov but on lunar / planetary not much difference although thought the CC had more contrast. As I mentioned couldn’t really decide which was better (on lunar / planetary that is) which may have something to do with focal length. Hope to see a few more CCs out there now and the opinions of the buyers.
  19. Having owned two C8s and now the CC 8”and going from memory the CC has better sharpness and contrast and cools down so much faster and of course no dew problems. Have been comparing the CC to my 10” dob and haven’t decided which shows more detail.
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