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  1. Prefer to keep my dob indoors in a dry enviroment. A 10” dob won’t take that long to cool down anyway. An alternative.is to normally store it indoors and then put it in the shed to cool a while before you would be observing. An added bennifit if it comes on to rain your scope will stay dry in the shed. I store mine in the corner of the conservatory.
  2. Remember that popular eBay scam where they weren’t actually selling the item in the photo but just a photo of the item.
  3. Possibly this according to one of the reviews. The telescope in the ad is a 12 inch.what I got was a cheep 25mm monocular that does not even have a focus
  4. You might consider the Bresseer 127L. Decent aperture and at f/9.45 even less false colour that the f/8. Lighter and easier to mount as well. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bresser-telescopes/bresser-messier-ar-127l-1200-refractor-ota.html
  5. You might also consider the Bresser 152. Has a great CNC focuser which can be upgraded to dual speed and is a huge improvememt over the very basic focuser on the SW. Excellent build quality and good optics. The longer focal length will have less false colour so is the one to go for if used for planetary observing but the shorter focal length will have a wider fov and more false colour but not a problem for low power observing. You have to decide which is more important, planetary or DSOs. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bresser-telescopes/bresser-messier-ar-152l-1200-refractor-ota.html or https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bresser-telescopes/bresser-messier-ar-152s-760-refractor-ota.html I use the Bresser 127L mainly for solar observing and is an f/9.45 so less CA than the 152 f/7.9. The152 is quite a big scope so will need a solid mount.
  6. For some reason the 8” Bresser doesn’t have a washer but the 10” Bresser does.
  7. Wonder if anyone has tried these secondary holders from Telescope Express.?
  8. Better yet solar powered with no battery.
  9. Ah but do you have one of these duvet covers.?
  10. It is Svbony’s eBay shop though. They also sell through Amazon but couldn’tfind the SV48.
  11. Wish I hadn’t seen this thread now. Makes me think of getting one of the Svbony as a compact travel scope. Noooooooo must resist.
  12. I used to have the Starsky 90 / 500 which was the same scope but in black. Good optics for an achro and lightweight. Build quality was so much better than the low cost Skywatcher scopes. Not as good as the higher priced scopes like the Altair etc. but OK.
  13. Have you tried Weasner’s Mighty ETX website? The best source of ETX info. http://www.weasner.com/etx/menu.html
  14. The Svbony SV48 90mm / 500 achro refractor perhaps? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SV48-2-Refractor-Astronomical-Telescope-OTA-Professional-indoor-Astrophotography/392976502175?hash=item5b7f398d9f:g:M2YAAOSwWHdfN4vE
  15. Not a great price but not scalping for the CEM25p Plus the tripod with 2” legs, mini pier, extra counterweight hard case etc so about £1,100,00 new. £699.00 is the head and counterweight only.
  16. Think I could do with an Astronomik UHC filter for this?
  17. The 26mm Nagler has been discontinued and seems to be bringing quite high prices second hand. Wish I had never sold mine.
  18. It does have lots of back focus. Specs say 150mm of backfocus beyond the focuser.
  19. Loving my new StellaLyra 6” Classical Cassegrain. Using as my grab’n’go planetray scope. Compared to a mak no dewing and much quicker cooldown, fixed primary so no mirror flop and a proper Crayford focuser. Great build quality. The. Classical Cassegrain is great for visual and lunar / planetary imaging. The RC is better for DSO imaging. I have upgraded the focuser to a Baader Steeltrack but the standard focuser is certainly usable.
  20. Scottish govt is now advising no travel to England or from England to Scotland unless absolutely necessary.
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