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  1. How long before this thread gets locked?
  2. Judging by some of the latest comments have they bothered to read the thread from the beginning and understand what chapter 11 means.
  3. Set of twin wheel braked castors arrived today to replace the short legs I had fitted earlier.. Fortunately the castor mounting hole spacing was the same as the legs so no new holes needed. Much easier to be able to roll the dob around than to have to lift it. Also fitted the new Rigel QuikFinder.
  4. Some twin wheel braked castors for the Bresser 10” dob. Cheaper to buy a set of four although of course only three needed.
  5. Hitec have just released a new driver to sort out the 64 bit compatibility problem so download the latest version from their website which should sort out your problem.
  6. Ah the big 50. You’re allmost grown up then.
  7. A Tracer LifeP04 battery is ideal but rather expensive. My AZ-EQ5 ran with no problems using one of these. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/batteries-powerpacks/tracer-lifepo4-12v-16ah-battery-pack.html
  8. The Skywatcher 200p dob is a very good choice. Not perfect but a very good price. If you can up the budget a bit the Bresser 8” dob is a step up over the Skywatcher with a higher spec and including proper alt and az bearings and a really good focuser. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bresser-telescopes/bresser-messier-8-dobsonian-telescope.html
  9. In the US Chapter 11 is so common it won’t have much effect.
  10. There is no equivelent to chapter 11 in Europe. Declaring bankruptcy here means you are going out of business unless someone buys the company and puts money into it. The closest thing in the UK is going into administration which means someone else such as an accounting firm takes over your business and looks for a buyer but will wind it up if no buyer is found.
  11. Just be aware if buying a used Baader Neodynium filter that there are two versions. The original without IR cut and current version with the IR cut.
  12. There is already a thread on this subject and btw this American chapter 11 protection which is quite different to anything over here as they are still in business and can trade as normal. It’s a way of deferring creditors or in this case an anti-trust court case.
  13. The image capture software is just for the laptop / tablet. The camera is controled by the laptop / tablet.
  14. An alternative is to use a microscope camera that just needs to be connected to a monitor as they usually have a memory card slot to capture images. Not as good as a proper astro camera but cheap. Hers’s an image taken with a £100.00 microscope camera.
  15. Hi Yes you need something to capture the images on. Usually a laptop but a tablet will do if it has a usb port and a memory card that can be removed and plugged into a PC.. A dob can take decent lunar and planetary imags although with single frames or very short video. Here’s a lunar image taken with a dob using just a smartphone.
  16. Not good news but not terminal. In the US chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection is often used by bigger companies carrying out reorganization or restructuring. Doesn’t mean the company is going out of business though as companies can carry on trading while they make changes. Gives them protection from creditors while changes are made and can stop a hostile takeover. In this case it’s more about protecting themselves from a court judgement in an anti-trust case. A lot different to bankruptcy in Europe.
  17. Rigel QuikFinder and something for the Hell Hound (cousin’s hound)
  18. My new favourite lunar observing location.............the conservatory. Lovely clear views of the moon tonight. The Morpheus 4.5 was ideal for closeup viewing in the Bresser 10” dob. No heat and opening one of the big windows soon had the conservatory down to ambient temp. Felt a lot warmer than outside even though the temp was the same.
  19. Bought a cheap 14mp microscope camera for use with my inspection microscope but decided to see if it could be used for some basic lunar imaging. Uses a microSD card for image capture. Hooked up the camera to a monitor using an HDMI cable. Has a remote for control so no camera shake. Considering it was only 100 quid not that bad really. Some playing around with the settings should improve things a bit. Couple of single frame test shots using the Bresser 10" dob.
  20. Forget using a pillar drill. Needs to be done on a lathe so check with a local machine shop to see if it is worth it. A big enough drill bit would be expensive plus would shake apart or burn out a typical home type pillar drill in a minute or two. You would need an large industrial sized pillar drill to drill a hole that size.
  21. TS-Optics AZ5 Alt-Az Mount (Skytee) Now that the Rowan AZ100 is arriving next week time to sell my TS-AZ5 mount. SOLD - £220.00 Collected (UK shipping £20.00) Basically a Skytee II but with added quality control. Costs more than a regular Skytee but works properly with virtually zero backlash in both axis. Also has the mounting holes for a saddle on both ends not just one like the Skytee. Like new condition and cost aprox. £380.00 when purchased in early 2019. Have fitted Vixen type saddle clamps with dual,clamping that are more secure than just a single clamp type. Have threaded the centre of both saddles so the counterweight bar can be screwed in place without removing one of the saddles. Will also fit on the underside of one end as per the Skytee. Counterweights included. Payment: PayPal (buyer pays fees) or Bank Transfer John
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