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  1. Nothing to choose between them performance wise for lunar or planetary.
  2. Can’t get onto the APM website at all at the moment. Think it is £80.00.
  3. TS-Optics Concenter 1.25" Collimation Eyepiece for Newtonian Telescopes In as new condition. Bought from Telescope Express. Am upgrading to a Concenter Visus. A Concenter is simply the best thing for setting up your secondary mirror. SOLD - £49.00 Posted to UK https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5507_TS-Optics-Concenter-1-25--Collimation-Eyepiece-for-Newtonian-Telescopes.html ♦ Fits into the 1.25" receptacle of the focuser ♦ With high-quality protective container ♦ You see immediately, whether the telescope is perfectly collimated or not. ♦ The adjustment is made via the edge of the mirror and not via a center mark, this is much more precise. ♦ The offset is also taken into account. Payment: PayPal (buyer pays fees) John
  4. Yes just remove the 1.25” eyepiece adaptor and insert the concenter. Have been thinking of selling my 1.25” concenter and getting one of these.
  5. Have spotted this new version of the Concenter that should be easier to look through. https://www.apm-telescopes.de/en/mechanical-accessories/collimationstools/concenter-visus-precise-adjustment-glasses
  6. You can get 120mm plastic air duct pipe. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Manrose-Round-Pipe-White-120mm/dp/B00NJT40NW
  7. Think it’s just bad photography. Best taken in daylight as otherwise the glass can look odd. Here’s onesold on SGL.
  8. Do your research on Cloudy Nights Questar section. Good place to ask questions abourt Questar. https://www.cloudynights.com/forum/92-questar-forum/ The market for a Questar is pretty limited in the UK so not many around. Questars are much more popular in the US.
  9. Re: Bresser availability. A few weeks ago I asked Bresser aboit availability of stock and received this reply. “The latest information from the factory is that we will get a new delivery around November to December.But there are still some problems with international supply chains because of the Corona crisis. Therefore, unexpected delays can unfortunately still occur. Freundliche Grüße · Kind regards Your Bresser service team Checked Telescope Express and they are saying mid November now.
  10. Hi Would suggest reading this thread as it will answer some of your questions. The 6SE is an alt az mount which is fine for visual but not for astrophotography. Can be used for some lunar or planetary photography but not for DSOs.
  11. Have you checked out the prices being asked for Questars on Astromart? Also includes wanted ads. https://astromart.com/classifieds/search?q=questar&category_id=15
  12. Spot on when received and still spot on. BTW the better the focuser the more accurate the laser. The Revelation has a reasonable quality focuser so shouldn’t be a problem.
  13. Re: old Celestron SCTs came across this old ad the other day. Bit irrelevant to the thread perhaps but why not.
  14. Maybe we should be following the various weather station threads? Not seen anyone complaining about the lack of weather.
  15. Yes think that’s the one. He just wasn’t SGL material and best forgotten about.
  16. Can’t find it now. Perhaps been removed by a mod. It was about they had ordered thousands of £ worth of goods and not received anything and you weren’t replying to their emails etc. Obvious nonsense.
  17. Bit of a problem. News from NASA Ai Nasa probe sent to collect rock from an asteroid several hundred million kilometres from Earth has grabbed so much that samples are spilling out. Officials behind the Osiris-Rex probe, which landed on Bennu earlier this week, say the collection operation may have performed too well. Pictures beamed back to Earth show a rock has wedged open the door of a container and a fraction of the sample is leaking, Nasa says. "A substantial fraction of the required collected mass is seen escaping," head of mission Dante Lauretta said. "Time is of the essence," Thomas Zurbuchen, Nasa's associate administrator for science, told reporters as the space agency focuses on making sure no more is lost.
  18. A success that is fully deserved. As an aside to this have noticed a couple of very negative posts about FLO from new members. Oddly enough those new members quickly disappeared never to be heard from again. Just a bit suspicious.
  19. The Hotech is a great laser collimator. Been using one for years. Love the crosshair which is much better than a simple dot. Comes properly collimated itself which is often a problem with cheaper lasers. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/hotech-collimation-tools/hotech-sca-laser-collimator-with-cross-hair.html I also use a TS Concenter for setting up the secondary mirror. No other bit of kit does the job as well. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p5506_TS-Optics-Concenter-2--Collimation-Eyepiece-for-Newtonian-Telescopes.html The two make a great combination.
  20. Has anyone tried a Baader prism in the 90? Should work well bit a bit expensive for a liitle mak though.
  21. The Skymax90 has vignetting problems with wider 1.25” eyepieces let alone 2” eyepieces. Fitting a better 1.25” diagonal is good upgrade though.
  22. Interesting read on the subject of making your own testing setup. https://stellafane.org/tm/atm/test/tester-1.html
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