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  1. Nice teport. Pity the weather last night wasn’t good where I am. So much haze couldn’t even see Mars at all. Hopefully will be better tonight. But despite the weather the moon was impressive particularly with the Vixen HR 3.4mm eyepiece. Was reading a German report on the scope that pointed out one interesting characteristic. Apparently these doublet optics are designed to optimise the green and blue wavelengths rather than the red as the eye is least sensative to red. However this can cause minor red fringing on bright stars and reduce contrast on Mars. Testing showed th
  2. The scope isn’t heavy for a 125mm APO really. Only 7.6 kg without diag so easy to carry and fit to the mount. Easy to balance the scope on the AZ100 mount which is capable of handling a far bigger scope than the 125. Fitting a carry handle is a good idea though. All scopes should come with a handle.
  3. Why not? FPL53 doiblets in general it is then .
  4. So much for the clear skies. Lots of cloud around earlier but now just very hazy so not much to look at except for the moon. Had chance to try a variety of eyepiecehs and a Baader prism and a WO diagonal. Seemed to be a tie between the diagonals. However views of the moon were very impressive. Very sharp and contrasty images and showed a lot of detail. Tried the Vixen HR 3.4 and and very impressed. Definitely the most detail and contrast compared to the other eyepieces thatI tried. Think I could do with the 2.4 HR. With the 3.4 floaters were a slight problem but not a big deal.
  5. So much for the clear skies tonight. Lots of cloud earlier but now moved away but very hazy so not much to see except the moon.
  6. Waiting for the moon to clear the big tree at the end of the garden.
  7. The new 125 frac is waiting for the moon to clear the big tree at the bottom of the garden.
  8. Sunspot group is fairly good today. Here’s an image taken from my Solar Monitor app. Must say visualy looked better and had a chance to try my Vixen HR 3.4 eyepiece.
  9. OK maybe the BBC needs a full moon icon.
  10. Hopefully will get a look tonight. One of my favourites Schiller as well.
  11. A Vixen HR 3.4mm eyepiece. Been curious about the Vixen HR eyepieces so when I saw this one decided to get it. As it was second hand if I don’t get on with it could easily sell it on for what I paid for it. So zero risk.
  12. First light Put in the Lacerta wedge for a bit of solar white light observing. Best white light solar views I’ve ever had. WOW !!!!!! Can’t believe how sharp and clear the views were of the sunspot group. And it reached focus without having to remove the focuser extension. The old A&E solar shield did it’s job. Also impressed with how well the Svbony 10 - 30 zoom worked. Surprisingly good. Gone a bit cloudy now.
  13. Somehow I really like this scope. Wonder why? And clear skies forecast tonight..
  14. Yes that’s fine. Want this thread to be about the 125 in particular whatever the brand name. The Tecnosky is bench tested by Tecnosky before shipping then Astrograph here in the UK checks it again and makes sure the collimation is perfect.
  15. I’ve started a new thread for the scope now and changed the name of this thread to cater to a more general discussion of these FPL53 doublets of various apertures. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/372610-tecnosky-125975-f78-fpl-53-doublet-apo-first-look/
  16. Yes have heard they aren’t very nice to use without the 1.25” nosepiece.
  17. No it’s a 2” Lacerta wedge. Lack of infocus travel can be a problem with some scopes with a 2” wedge but as the focuser has a 60mm long extension that can be removed if you need more infocus travel. will be no problem with this scope. Intended mainly for use with binoviewers with this scope.
  18. Should have sent it to ES Reid for a checkover. It just didn’t impress me and the person that bought it thought it was OK. Maybe I was being over critical.
  19. Yes I am indeed looking forward to trying the new scope out. Gave razor sharp views of lamposts this afternoon while aligning the finder. Not too heavy either. Easy to fit to the AZ100 and after playing about with positioning now balances perfectly at any angle.
  20. Reviews I’ve read praise the consistency of the optics so sorry if I dissagree with you. I had an Equinox 120 and the optics were disappointing. and so I sold it. Apparently I had a poor example.
  21. With the weather looking like it will cooperate on Thurs / Fri hoping that I won’t have to wait very long for a first light. Yes the focuser travel is 95mm. Being able to remove the 60mm focuser extension will suit those that use binoviewers or use a Herschel wedge. No problems with extra infocus if needed.
  22. Tecnosky 125 and friend. The 125 and CC8” should make a nice pair. And the Lacerta wedge for white light solar.
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